Juanita Bynum Reunites With The Black Pope, TD Jakes Includes Her On His Woman Thou Art Loosed Line Up Next Month!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, we told you first on Facebook Live that Juanita Bynum and TD Jakes had reunited.  Although, most of you did not believe us we always get the news first even if we choose not to report it.  The interesting thing is that Jakes and Juanita have been quite about the two of them coming back together again.  Perhaps it was Jakes way of being careful with Juanita in case she did something strange on social Media and he would have to cancel her.  So far she seems to have been on her best behavior and looking forward to the Black Pope giving her a platform again.  She was on top when her ex-husband jumped on her and made the world think she deserved that vicious ass whipping he administered on her.  Thomas Wesley Weeks is a liar and a Sleaze Bag for what he did.

It has been so long that many of you might have forgotten that Juanita was going to sue Jakes for royalties she felt she was due for the sells of No More Sheets.  Things got heated and the two parted ways and with Jakes hand of blessing gone and her being dragged in the Media it almost shut Juanita totally down.  JB seems to have out lived her storm and will be back on top of she mounts Jakes Platform and killls it like only she knows how and does it like she did back in the day.  Juanita was packing out the Georgia Dome when the Falcons could not.  During her Thrashing Floor conference Mariah Carey attended as a follower of her ministry and not to perform.  It was on that day she dollars and they were running to give it and have her lay hands on them.

Nearly 20 years after her controversial exit from the lineup of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ popular “Woman Thou Art Loosed” annual conference, televangelist Juanita Bynum is set to return to the stage of the event that made her a household name this fall.

About two weeks ago, Bynum teased a one-minute promotional clip on Facebook of her pending appearance at Jakes’ “Woman Thou Art Loosed: Master Class” set for Oct. 18-20, sparking excitement among her supporters.

The event, which will be held in Dallas, Texas, promises an “unforgettable weekend” to women who will be attending from around the world.

“Trust us, when we say this conference is not only going to impact you spiritually but catapult you to a level of success making you the master of your journey! So prepare yourself for Woman Thou Art Loosed Master Class!” the Potter’s House said.

Along with Bynum, the event will feature Bishop Jakes, his daughter, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Pastor Sheryl Brady.

Bynum shot to fame after her 1997 “No More Sheets” sermon at the “Woman Thou Art Loosed” Conference.

In that sermon, she discussed her battle with her sexuality and her longing for a husband. She described the bedsheets as all the empty sex she’d had with men.

“Why am I not married?” she asked the women at the conference. “But I find it very difficult to listen to anybody preach to me about being single when they got a pair of thighs in [their] bed every night … and you keep telling me to ‘Hold on, honey, stay there by yourself’ … and you goin’ home to big old muscles and thighs? … I wanna hear ‘hold on’ from somebody that knows my struggle!”

We love Juanita Bynum and so happy for her and this second opportunity!

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  1. Well, considering that he was responsible for propelling that piece of Trump loving, trying-to-act black, racist white trash Paula White into church stardom – I’m good with “I broke up Bishop Weeks marriage to the first wife and then let him whip my sorry ass Juanita Bynum back into the fold.

  2. I don’t agree that Dr. Juanita Bynum and TD Fakes should reunite. TD Fakes is an antichrist and a false prophet. She is playing with fire when aligning herself with him. She should be very careful that she doesn’t get burnt for eternity.

    As far as Paula White is concerned. Paula White isn’t at fault here. TD Fakes is at fault. You wanna know why Trump is President? TD Fakes disobeyed God and harassed God’s Presidential candidate, who is Dr. Kris Lord.

    But I’m running again, with or without Dr. Juanita Bynum.

  3. Congratulations Dr.Bynum…Smile Bitch!

  4. This is a money move for both of them. She just finished her studio after building a large following with Facebook lives, initiated he International offices in Ghana and many of her Facebook lives with the bumblebees (smart marketing move to name your followers sonthey feel like they apart of a special club) has went viral. Trust and believe what don’t make cents don’t get entertained. If she was somewhere not being noticed, with a base that fell off, she would have never got this call. They mutually benefit each other because megafest sales were down last year and She is running after this prophecy some spoke over her so she can use the publicity. I remember it from the Women on the frontline conference I was flown out to. Some told her she will be the Oprah of the church. Then they said 5 people had $10,00 they were suppose to sow into to that weekend. By the time it was over 2 people showed up in a service with 10k still didn’t see the other 3. Time willl expose people. Discernment will expose their hearts. Many of these preachers are so money hungry it’s absolutely sickening. You can’t take it WITH YOU!!!!

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