Kathy Taylor Of The Kurt Carr Singers Throws Shade On Duranice Pace’s Apperance On Steve Harvey!!!

Evangelist Duranice Pace 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I said I was not going to tell nobody, but so just know not keep this to myself.  This Monday I was moved to tears as I watched a mighty Woman Of God that many many might have counted out voice go throughout the nations.  Most likely you know by now that I am talking about Duranice Pace, the oldest Pace Sister that name is just know being recognized as it should have been years ago.  Due to many challenges with health, failed marriage, and simply always putting family, church and others before herself, her life and ministry never excelled as it should have long ago.  However, Duranice’s latter days shall be grater than he former.  Monday the show air featuring Duranice on Steve Harvey Show in the Steve Get Me On segment.  In the most moving interview that we have ever seen Steve attempt to conduct he had to breakdown by the very anointing over her life.  The old fashion down home Duranice was her authentic Save, Santified, Holy Ghost filled self.  Not in anyway ashamed or trying to front for the television cameras, Duranice just same as if you ran into her at church in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, everyone was not happy for Evangelist Duranice Pace.  It is sad to say that there is more honor among thieves then the so-called people of God.  The behind closed door things that take place in the Gospel Music Industry would put that of Secular Artist to shame.  You would expect Gospel Artists to half way believe what they are singing about or at least the Lord that is the center of their message is not the case.  The majority of these people should be cussing, rapping, and drinking and probably do more drugs and participate in more sexual misconduct then a R&B, Hip Hop, or any other artist.  Constantly we are notified at Obnoxious Media of the Bastard Babies, Affairs, Homosexuality, Drugs, and the list goes on and on.  Plus they can be so caddy and jealous of each other until it is pathetic.  Which brings me to the reason for this post today.  Wednesday of this week a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee informed me of Kathy Taylor’s Instagram post.  Kathy in a nice nasty way is very shady to Duranice and tried to rain on her moment by posting a clip for her singing the V Micheal McKay, who wrote the song that she recorded it.  Now Kathy is good, but it made her appear so jealous and small to tag Steve Harvey on her post.

Kathy is a soloist and sings with Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers to make up for those dates she goes unbooked in her own.  Sad that she felt it was necessary to publicly respond in such a fashion and such a poor testimony for the Gospel Industry and the Church.  Wonder if Kathy has gotten a call from Steve yet?

Lena Martin, Mother Pace, and June Pace Martin

Now this was not the only drama centered around Duranice’s appearance on Steve’s show.  Due to Duranice traveling in ministry she is often called to preach and sing in the Carolinas.  It was there she encountered this man by the name of Cornelius Coakley, who is misrepresenting himself as Duranice manager.  In fact when he learned that she was invited to appear on the show and offered two tickets and accommodations she invited, her youngest sister Lydia to accompany her to assist in many needs she may have.  Obnoxious Street Committee members discovered Cornelius contacted the producer and demanded a third airline ticket and hotel room for himself as her manager.  Now at first the answer was a no and Duranice came close to being totally cut from making the appearance all together due to his insisting he attend.  The person that is single handedly resonsable for the Pace Sisters Social Media presence is Lena Martin, the daughter of June Pace Martin.  Lena reminded the world of her aunts and mother, The Anointed Pace Sisters.  If your are connected to Lena on any of her Social Media profiles you know she is always sharing clips of family and the Pace Sisters almost in a reality show fashion.  In no Way was it this Cornelius person who trying to use Duranice and her special moment as a way to et more clients leading them to believe he can make the same happen for them.

Steve Harvey is said to have warned Duranice that she needed to cut ties with Cornelius or seriously get him to pull back on his demanding to not cause her to miss a number of upcoming opportunities due to his being a fool.  Hopefully it was not the combination of Cornelius and Kathy Taylor that caused Steve to cut the clip of Duranice singing from his Social Media pages. But last we checked you cannot find it on his anymore at this point.  At the end of the day with opposition and all Duranice Pace made the show and nothing, but bigger and better is in store for this Woman Of God!

Duranice’s mother is Mother Betty Ann Pace, who recently made national headlines when Tyler Perry purchased her a new home.


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  1. imtellinuthetruthforreal


  2. Michelle R Peele

    Wonder did Steve follow thru and purchase the car for Duraneice as promised on the show…

  3. Suck my dick Kathy you hating ass bitch!!!!!

  4. As a resident of Houston, Texas, who is an aspiring Gospel Artist and has some knowledge of the Gospel Music scene, I can attest to Houston being a cut-throat Gospel music scene culture. There is a clique of certain people who are always called upon and no one else can get a foot in edgewise. There are talented individuals in Houston, who if those that have ascended from the local culture to national notoriety, like Kathy Taylor would only reach back and grab someone, maybe, just maybe their reputation of selfishness would not precede them. I can name those from here who have risen to national status who I have not heard their names attached to any proteges.

    But she (Kathy) is a millionaire with a lifelong gig at one of the most prominent UMC churches in the country. What more can anyone want? When I saw Duranice’s presentation on Steve Harvey, I was honored to have been one of the people to witness through the portal of YouTube what the live audience experienced in person. I had critiqued Duranice’s presentation as having exceeded that of the Kathy Taylor rendition. Duranice’s tone and enunciation was clean and perfect, whereas Kathy comes across a bit rough and unpolished in her rendition. But she’s still Kathy Taylor. If her intent was to somehow upstage Duranice’s fulfillment of scripture when it reads in Hebrews 11:6 KJV “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”, then shame on her.

    Duranice’s commitment to family and God, made it easy for Him to set her up for national exposure. Unfortunately, the devil knows the Word too and will use anyone to manipulate and quote the Word for their own selfish agenda. Thankfully discernment does exist. There will be Kathy fans and there are newly cemented Duranice Pace fans. We have a right to opt for whosever presentation we want to be blessed by. But one person should not hoard the spotlight. There’s enough room for everyone. But Ms. Duranice Pace’s time on Steve Harvey is a result of no one reaching back to grab her and allowing her to share the stage with them. So you make your own opportunities. I pray God continues to expand her territory that she may bless with Word and music the people who come to assemble.

    Apostle Woods

  5. You really should have someone to proofread each post before hitting submit.

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