Kirk Franklin Speaks Out Aganist Racism In The Church, Dove Awards, And TBN!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Kirk Franklin speaks out on the Dove Awards and TBN. It seems he addressed during his acceptance speech the in 2016 and this year about the violent killings of African Americans by the police. Obviously this was not a popular topic or a issue that the Dove Awards nor TBN wanted to take on so his comments were edited out of the broadcast. The Gospel Artist stood on his convections as a Black Man to address the ill of our society. Kirk has done more than TD Jakes and a number of Mega Church Pastors. One of the most segregated places in America is church on Sunday Morning. The artist has decided he will no longer associate with Dove Awards or TBN until this issue is addressed. Now he is not calling a boycott, but declaring the stance he is taking.

So has racism been resurrected form the dead and alive and well in the the church community or did it never die.  It seems that the real issues centered around race and race relations has never really died in the church or anywhere else for that matter.  However, we now living in a time when people feel they have a right to express themselves rather you like it or offended or not.  Kirk was brave to address the issue and has done far more than others with equal and larger platforms.  This issue has to be addressed along with why is it easy for blacks to follow white men, but very seldom do you see whites follow black leaders in the church.  Carlton Pearson had a very diverse church and a large number of white members far more than we had ever seen prior to his new thought that collapsed his ministry as we once knew it.  The true question is will this be addressed or ignored at the end of the day.

Far to often we say things that appear to be nice, politically correct, and the right thing to say if it is not really true.  However, President Trump has said say how you feel and not care who it offends.  In some ways this may be better to know the truth no matter how hurtful instead of a lie.  Racism will be forever embedded in the fabric of America and will never really die until John’s Revelation Of a New Heaven and a New Earth is realized.

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  1. Good for him to step up and call wrong wrong and right right. This has been a Sleeping Giant and it needs to be expose before deliverance . I stopped watching TBN years ago when I became awake.

  2. Ms. Frankie Mellon

    I wonder how he grows his hair!!! He style and look has changed though.

  3. Hey Kirk, when will you bring attention to the thousands of Black unborn babies, by abortion? And while you are at it, bring attention to the epidemic of out-of-wedlock births in the nation? THAT would be brave and stunning. You are irrelevant. You give yourself too much credit. Boy bye!

  4. Wow! I applaud him for stepping out there and speaking up.

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