Kwame Kilpatrick, The Freaky Mayor Busted!


Many of you sent me countless e-mails asking me to comment on Kwame Kilpatrick and I responded that I wanted to see how things played out legally before I commented.  So now that the district attorney has handed down and indictment against the freaky mayor I will share with you my thoughts; finally the Hip Hop wanna-be mayor ways have caught up with him.  Kwame never seemed to have been clear that he was a mayor and not a rapper or football player.  The problem dates back to his out landish victory party at mayor’s mansion that include strippers that mysteriously died and the murders were never found.  He as asked for forgiveness in a speech not long ago.  His appearance along with his wife addressed the numerous text messages he sent and received for his Chief-of-Staff, Christine Beatty.  They lying mayor only pleaded for forgiveness because he got caught is in sexual transgressions and not because he is really sorrowful.  “I truly apologize to you,” Kilpatrick said, while turning to his wife, Carlita, who sat by her husband’s side, holding his hand, at their family church.  Looking like a fool to the world while he said he was sorry and the whole world has read a text he wrote to another woman that he loved her and could not wait to get some more of his good sex. 

Kwame is sorry alright and that is just what the would needs is another sorry black man, bet your were not sorry Kwame when you were screwing Christine!  The prosecutor has handed down an indictment that Kilpatrick, 37, and former chief of staff Christine Beatty lied under oath during a whistle-blower’s lawsuit last summer in which both denied having a physical relationship, he vowed to not leave his post as mayor.  “I remain in charge of the city,” he said during the speech delivered in front of a lone TV camera from Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God In Christ.  Carlita Kilpatrick also spoke, describing the pain her husband had caused, but urging the city to remain committed to him.  “I am angry, I am hurt I am disappointed,” she said.  “But there is no question I love my husband.”  She is just a fool that is in love with a man that is not in love nor committed to her.  How long is it going to take for Detroit to take him down and demand him to step down as mayor?  This fool had the temerity to say that he is still in charge of the city and he is not even in control of his on body.

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