Matthew Stevenson Practically Comes Out Of The Closet Over The Pulpit!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……So called Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Apostle Matthew Stevenson has come under  fire for an online rant for checking another preacher who posted on  one his Instagram posts. Apostle Stevenson was celebrating a remodeled section in the church and the person who designed it posted that Dr. Stevenson was not an Apostle, but an entertainer. It went down hill from there.

Apostle Stevenson responded to the comment by exposing the person sins and calling the person ugly because they had a dog as their profile pic. Then he told the person that the Lord told him that the person has a 20 year porn addiction and he needs to get well.

He has been bashed for it and above is the response to that bashing. To be honest I understand some folks are offended that he would comment like that, but some folks sit themselves up by saying any and everything on people Facebook pages.

There was no need for that person to even comment on his page 🤷🏾‍. I do agree his response was not “ Christ Like” but I found the “First Of All you’re Ugly” Hilarious 😂… now he might not be talking about that person physical appearance but their inside is messed up for them just to stir up something because it didn’t need to be said.

Well, Matthew Stevenson is at it again!  His last outburst was in response to someone insulting him on social media, but this latest one calls into question his sexuality and some very misogynistic statements about women.  He says why are you worried about his fitted clothes and that women are complaining about gay men, but they are not going to be able to convert him with their belly looking like that almost admitting something about himself.  He goes on to say take your grandma hair off and he is standing their with his colored blonde.

Church folks are so conditioned to say Hallelujah or Parise the Lord even with they hear an off message such as this one.  It is a Down right Disgraced some of the things that are done and said in church as of late.  This idea of keeping it real has just become a front and excuse for ratchet behavior.  Clearly Matthew Stevenson is a loose cannon operating under the front of church and the Lord.  Now this Baptist guy that later went to John Hannah’s church and just seemed to pop up out of no where. Judith Christie McAllister appeared on his album in turn invited him or recommended him to preach at the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) AIM Convention.  His appearance at the largest black pentecostal organization in the world seems to have given this out of control no name jackleg preacher some legitimacy.  His presence on the lineup caused outrage and a great deal of discussion.  He appeared with a blonde Mohawk and fitted clothing.

Whole at AIM Matthew Stevenson sexual preference became the subject of a great deal of conversation.  Plus his having called out a number of attractive guys to prophesy to after he preached and one in particular that he whispered in his ear a come on line to whole in the the service.  The guy did not want to come forward and expose him and he refused to talk to me to tell me in detail what exactly was said to him.  Not long ago a picture surfaced on social media of Matthew Stevenson hugging an alleged son of his ministry and it had a caption “I love hard.”  Well the photo looked like a gay advertisement at best.  As a result, of it going viral he for his wedding, now here we are again whit him and more photos of him in compromising positions with men.  More photos as of late have been posted on Social Media Of Matthew Stevenson in some compromising positions with an obviously gay man by the name of Jose A. Amaro, who he has put out of his ministry.

It has been said that he and his wife attend events like Pornography Conventions and know a number of people in the adult entertainment industry personally.  He is said to be gay and his wife is Rumored to be a lesbian, which might make for them a good marriage.  So you tell us what you think of this man and if he and his wife are a new age bisexual couple?

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  1. Well. Shut yo mouth honey child. Somebody better send a link to this hot sizzling tea over to Miss Ann@theoldblackchurchblogspot. She just posted that he “Is the most prophetic preacher of our time”
    Hahahaha. Yes she did.
    Lordt. Come on out of here devil. Your sins shall surely find you OUT!


    • Have Mercy, you right about O RAGGEDY Ann over there at THEBLACKCHURCH. She is the devil. Ann called this sissy the most prophetic preacher of our time. It’s obvious this woman is IGNORANT. I’m convinced she is not a Christian.

      Someone asked her about a husband having a baby while on break from his wife. Here response was the people in the world has been doing it, the church is now catching up. She puts the S in Stupid. She puts the S in SHALLOW too. She hates TRUMP and tries to rally her simpletons along. Thank God there are some over there to add some balance and Bible to her messy poo.

      Glad you back William. I was beginning to wonder if the MAFIA cut off all your fingers. I think they may have given you some extra ones though. You writing on this article is not so good! LOL…

      • Put the S in bullshit lol. She a mess. Be bashing COGIC and Bishop Blake. How you copy and paste an orginizations events releases and make up stories? She does that with all her posts and deletes all the posts she dont agree with that differ in opinon from her posts.
        The devil stay lying. She tried to help ol boy. But here readers be bringing truth.

        • Amen. She just reposted calling folks haters because she still supports this effeminate. In all her efforts, the saints are tearing her a new one. She is as DUMB as a box of rocks.

          • Ann Brock is a Man a married to a man thats what it looks like. Scary old thang wearing them wigs and heavy makeup

            This is why he/she go all out for gay clergy

        • No, you’re right. There is no way she believes in God. About a year or two ago, she said as much. And I give no credit to those who post on her anti-Christian blog. She refers to the hatred as her ‘on-line church’. Meaning she sees them (those she doesn’t block) as her online members.

          It makes perfectly good sense why she hates on Bishop Blake but celebrates the above memtioned entertainer.

          And she reads this blog and steals, too!

          • Amen. This Stevenson idiot has major issues. But the things that gets me is the people who support him. You said “She refers to the hatred as her ‘on-line church” had me rolling.

            This woman is so full in her stupid ways. All the mess surrounding the “apostle”, her problem is him not having no women on the platform. I just can’t see any sane man being married to this woman.

            She know better than to come this way. I’ll rip her to pieces and spit her in the dirt.

      • So, you think Trump is great, Cash Cow

  2. Dr Stevenson get you some dick and SMILE BITCH!

  3. Why this fake ass Apostle so mf angry? Get you some dick and SMILE BITCH!

  4. What does him being Baptist have to do with him sinning? COGIC full of sissies too! More sissies come to that COGIC convocation than a drag show. They need to shut it down, and make it a group orgy. I am sure the lube and condom companies thank you all for providing a surge in business for one week, if the COGIC saint boys believe in that. Other than that, you could tell Matthew Stevenson was queening. He is one of those types who is gay, but denying it to the end. He knew about Jack’d because he is on it. What I am trippin on is why are more of these pastors coming out as gay? We definitely live in a different time…

    • There is nothing newcunder the sun. It was sin way back when and still sin. For the wages of sin is death. #daddyLongstroke. They wiil be dealt with for perverting the Gospel. Reprobates love they sin.

    • They BEEN gay. This is nothing new. But social media is allowing the exposure. There are plenty of OLDDD bishops and pastors who have passed on who were DL and carrying on. I’ve known a few personally.

    • Why can’t the Pastors be gay? And I know about jack’d and I’m not on it. I know about OK Cupid – never been on it. I know India exists and I’ve never been there. I don’t think Matthew Stephenson is one way or the other (he is fine though). I do believe we need to stop bashing Black men. He also in that sermon appeared to address the men first. So, what’s not cool is how taking one part of this man’s sermon and only dealing with it. Sermons should be delivered and taken in context. (I’m no Christian — but I played one for 40 years). And it doesn’t matter what you think of Matthew – it matters what people who are with him think. And we need to stop being on the outside throwing rocks at people.

  5. First and foremost, clearly the young man is openly gay and in knowing that, why is a “straight” man laying on him that way? I wasn’t ready for this🤦🏾‍♂️. Even if this is “a son”, he’s too old to be cuddled up like this. I’m not going to lie, THIS has caught me off guard and I need to go to work out to rest my nerves.

    • Are you suggesting that a gay man and heterosexual man can’t show affection to each other? We need to address some of the foolishness we have been conditioned to expect. This is why some of these boys are so unnecessarily aggressive and end up in jail for violent crimes. People don’t know what being a man mean.

  6. Chile, we been knew he was a church sissy from his blonde ombre, to his arched eyebrows, & his feisty come backs I just want a piece 😛

  7. I’m sorry but you twisted a few things he said just to fit your narrative. Also Jose explained how relationship with Matthew and his wife. He says it was strictly about God and fatherhood. I don’t like Matthew’s arrogance, however I’m not going to just go along with someone twisting a few words to create a more devious story line. That’s just wrong. If you’re gonna report truth then report accurately. Ijs

    • Thank you. Our thoughts are twisted in general on how men should interact with each other. Why are some so hypersexual? Everything they see and hear is about sex. You can’t chew gum without someone thinking it sexual.

  8. He has always looked zesty — so no surprise here. How long has his ministry existed? It seems to be thriving, but came out of nowhere. I wouldn’t sit under his pastorate by any means. His pants are always tighter than mine…

  9. LOL AAALL is inquorate. LOL But you know what I am learning that social media is a band wagon. The Young man he hugged had just gotten engaged to a young lady at the church and he hugged her too BUT they chose to post this picture smh . I am learning the bigger the plat form the bigger the storm! That no one prays anymore they PREY! IT is like 99% of the people reporting this lunacy are in a Alternative life style and that makes me question more! Is the research due to having a crush on this man? What is the reason behind the writings? How is the benefiting YOUR soul and wellbeing? Does anyone know he has children that use the internet and see you bashing their parents? (They have 3 biological Grade School Children) Can you imagine if you have a real relationship with your parents how you would feel seeing people have joy ripping your parents apart for social media status? Very sad and disheartening but in the end I pray for Everyone ! Bless you all.

    • Exactly. I don’t even like Matthew like that. I wouldn’t do this to my worse enemy. I guess this kind of stuff sells to someone.

    • Have u ever heard of men using women as beards & having open relationships??? Just because he’s married/engaged w/ children he can still like men & grade school children already know his tea if its true trust me 😛

  10. Gay Pastors have not business in the pulpit coming out. Sit your behind down somewhere but do not shame God by trying to convince folk that it’s ok to be yourself. No, be yourself and staying that closet if you call yourself an example to people. Should pedophiles come out? Should adulterers come out and say “I’m an adulterer and it’s ok. That’s the way God made me.” Bull! Get out of here with that nonsense!

    • So, speaking of nonsense — gay and pedophile are not in the same category. One is an actual crime. Two — you should have kept your comment in the closet. People are out here dying, because of your ignorance. How can God be loving and not love all of his creation? God created the homosexual. It’s not a choice — but you would need to read a book or two to understand that. And if you’re in a committed relationship and the other person expects you to be monogamous and you’re not that’s not love. That’s not cute. But guess what — yes it’s okay if the other person is okay with it. There is no hell like Carlton Pearson said — so do you. If people are hurt that’s the problem. Hurting others does not show love. Being gay doesn’t hurt anyone. Hurting kids not cute. Hurting your spouse because of infidelity not cute. Your comment even less cute.

  11. William…I think you need to double check on your interpretation of that instagram post. First you said “another preacher” posted something that caused the rant…but then you said it was the person who designed the addition to the church. It certainly wasn’t the designer who posted the derogatory comment, was it? Very confusing.

    Also, (and this is not a read) do you have an editor? I have noticed a lot of typos and incongruencies in your postings that make me cringe, as a fellow writer. And I do follow your postings and share them!

    • I see this comment a lot yet nothing changes. Doesn’t a writer cares how they write? It’s really painful to read an article (blog or not) with so many grammatical and syntax errors. As you said, cringeworthy!

  12. U can see it all over him!

  13. CHIiiiiiiLLLLLEEE! I Done TOLD YALL ABOUT THIS QUEEN HEEYA! He will SOON be gone just as fast as he showed up. Wait til Sir William find the SEXTAPE! LOLLLLL!!! It Never Fails! Everyone wants to be A Kardashian. Until You get exposed like O.J! LMBOOOO!!! TIME AINT LONG YALL!

  14. I’m dropping dick off!

  15. Y’all stupid

  16. All Nations is doing fine and our Apostle is THE REAL DEAL!!! Y’all sit behind these keyboards hating and throwing shade while your empty storefront churches are struggling. COGIC talks the most crap but has the most flaming homosexuals strutting around their convocations. Lmao y’all so pressed.

  17. Actually, if you’re a product of All Nations you just let us in on a secret — you’re not doing fine and your Apostle is Not the real deal. No group of true believers talk like that.

  18. No disrespect anybody that reads this, but there is more commentary and criticism than convictions of what YOU believe. I’m not saying that Dr. Matthew Stevenson hasn’t had that lifestyle in his life at one time, but if he did, why make the “black church” more worse than it is? I believe in deliverance and healing. I’m a prime example of it, because I don’t make jokes and mockery of something that should be taken serious. It’s not an easy walk to take but it is possible if you believe. Many people talk “church” themselves yet create blogs with their legs cross, make up on, mother hats and then criticize the ones trying to make a difference in their lives. Those who walk by the Spirit (the Spirit of Christ, not the spirit of religion) will understand this. It is a battle, but Christ died for the homosexual, while they were yet sinners, like he died for you. The part about you is that you choose to believe and keep walking in that direction. The love of God will draw man to repentance. Obviously some haven’t accepted the love, but accepted to be accepted of the world and that will result in no change. No hate… Just needed to set the record straight. As long as he keeps preaching his convictions through the thorough use of the Bible, let Christ draw all men unto Himself, not to Dr. Matthew Stevenson or any other vessel regardless of their past. “Everything going down, except the Word of God.” Hmmm. Don’t be a product of your own demise. GRACE!

  19. I mean look at you… are you really in the position to make a whole article about anyone?? Everything you have is rumors … not stone facts. Also since when can’t preachers come out of “nowhere”? If thet didnt come up under your eye they arent called of God?? You surely didnt give the man a chance even. Its sad. He actually has a great movement that is super biblical and prophetic. Hush

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