New Birth’s New Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant Seems To Be Reunited With His Ex-Wife Gizelle!!!


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God.…..Well it seems that New Birth might have a new First Lady soon.  Newly installed Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant might be getting back with his ex-wife, Gizelle.  The beautiful ex has been present in his life and extremely visible as of late.  The former First Lady Of Empowerment Temple attended the father of her three children last service at the church he founded in Baltimore and had words.  It is no secret the two of them, have remained good friends and really look like they are on a road to be reunited.
Now Obnoxious Media has learned that Jamal and Gizelle just went on vacation together in California.  Seems these two are a little more than good friends especially with Gizelle front and center at Jamal’s Installation Service back in March.  Sitting with their children as if she was the First Lady of the mega church.  Move over Vanessa Long there is a new chick in town.  It would be a good look if Jamal were to be married since he is the new pastor of New Birth and would certainly cut down on the possibility of scandal if he were to start dating.  He did not have a successful run with R&B singer Tweet.  It would be safe and nice for him to reconnect with his ex-wife rather than trying to find someone new and having to learn the responsibility of being a First Lady of a church as large as New Birth.
Gizelle Bryant is on Real Housewives Of the Potomac and could easily move to the cast of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta since it is rumored there will be a vacancy on the show.  Gizelle would have a hot storyline moving to Atlanta, reuniting with her ex-husband, Megachurch pastor and activist, Jamal Harrison Bryant would make them a must watch for the new season.  Sounds like the ideal situation that would be a win win for all parties involved.  Plus it is said they were roommates at one time and never stopped having sex even after their divorce.  The ideal couple Jamal a Morehouse grad and Gizelle a Hampton alum makes them perfect.   Can you hear the violins playing and the rose petals falling?  Remember when it happens that you heard it here First!
Checkout a email sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation below:
Hello. Jamal Bryant and ex-wife was on vacation in CA last week. Yesterday during service he mentioned he did something that he “never thought” or had “gotten over” which means they screwed. She was asked on the House wives of Potomac reunion was she dating anyone else, she didn’t say anything. They never stopped sleeping together after the divorce. Matter of fact, they LIVED together for awhile before she moved into the last house. Besides, what’s the real reason Jamal moved to ATLANTA in the first place???? Nobody never found out. Please keep me anonymous. Thanks

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  1. Deloris Taylor

    Omg… now this explains what she said at his final service…SHE WANTS TO BE THE FOREVER FIRST LADY. I’m having mixed feelings on this because when she made that bold statement….Jamal was quiet with his head down.
    I could be wrong but I believe she seduced him. She looked and seemed a bit thirsty. Jamal doesn’t seem shy to Express his feelings. I’m from the old school women should let the man make the first move.
    If they marry again it can only work with continued counseling and much prayer.

    • Mother in all due respect that nigga ain’t the prize. He’s been passing out that chocolate 🍫 penis like it was trick or. Treat candy 🍬since way back in the day. Hitting most of the (P) raw making babies wanting women to have abortions. An stoking females and being slow on child support payments.

    • YOU ARE ON IT! Experienced lady
      AND I KNOW!!

  2. She wants that status and money! Smgdmfh

  3. If they are in love and are committed to each other, I say GO FOR IT! REMARRY!! Gizelle was a pastor’s wife before so she knows what the role entails. I’m sure Pastor and First Lady,— er, I mean Pastor Bryant and Gizelle have matured since their first marriage and divorce and are better equipped to not repeat past mistakes and are able to handle the challenges that will arise.

    Their children would be overjoyed if this happens!!

    Like you said Sir William, this would be a WIN-WIN on many levels (except silly women who may be hoping to become the First Lady).

    It would be good for the Pastor Bryant, Lady Gizelle and their children and extended families.
    It would be good for New Birth MBC.
    It would be good for Housewives of Potomac or RHOA (weddings always get the ratings up)!

    Hey, Pastor Bryant and Gizelle,: He/She was THE one and you know in your heart HE/SHE is STILL the one!
    Let the Lord lead you!

  4. Dr. Bryant…Congratulations my NIGGA don’t fuck it up this go round… Wit yo trifling ASS habits!

  5. She’s not first lady material! She is NOT saved and likely he’ll cheat on her again.

  6. Gather the coins Gizelle!

  7. How do you choose who to run stories on? Interesting all the good things Jamal is doing and you post this messy stuff? What about the stories on E Dewey, John Gray, and William Murphy?!?!?

    • Boyd,

      I have run stories on all of the names you mentioned. This is not a messy story it is actually a very nice story hopefully he will get back with his wife. What is wrong with that sir?

      Last I checked this is my blog and I run what I want when I want and how I want. You got that!

      Mr. Obnoxious

      • Did I miss your story on E Dewey’s side baby? Murphy’s side baby? John Grays’s affair?

        • I think Sir William and his committee are silently working behind the scenes, gathering solid & concrete information on E. Dewey Smith’s & Bishop William Murphy’s children outside of their marriages

  8. Interesting, why is it that Jamal only public acknowledges these children. But, not Topza. Naomi, and John??

    • He acknowledges Topaz, he had her while a student at more house.

      • She wasn’t at his installation and she lives in Atlanta. You never see him posting about those other children.

      • Hey! My ears got hot reading about J’ and his old/new bride-to-be, but Ford (or Fort) Memorial in Philly has had some shake-ups. Ministers have left-Old Head Pasta got a *new* girlfriend (they allegedly claims she’s a transsexual going by the Gay House Mother name: Kazzi Kazzi-somebody stole (electronically) a major offering. What’s worse, Pasta shouted out ‘I live alone!” during a service—but he always boo’d up with this *new* chick. He never even did that with his legitimate wife of over 40 yrs. William, they say you are even in a pic. with Pasta and the “lady” taken @ GMWA!!! You were closest to the “hottest topic” and didn’t even know it. Philly is the new Atlanta!!!!! Word is the pasta hates strong-sane members and bashes anyone not under his spell due to their own “dysfunctions.” Allegedly, some of the former members have been spilling the beans since leaving the fold… Many married young to appear ‘straight” but divorced soon after. Prophet Brian will be there soon!!

  9. Chile Please

    Giselle maybe visiting, but that don’t mean they getting back together.

  10. She s just trying to find a story line to stay on Bravos payroll. She can’t hang with those AHW. I’m sure she don’t want to run up on Pheadra and I’m sure Jamal is keeping his distance now. Those girls look slapped together and like they have been drugged across state lines. Pull it together if you planning on coming to the ATL.

  11. What happened to Tweet being his ” Last Lady”?

  12. It’s strange he wished her happy Mother’s day but NOT the other mothers whom he had kids with. New birth don’t know what they gotten themselves into for the long haul!

  13. It’s strange how he wished Giselle happy Mother’s day and NOT the other mothers whom he had kids with.

  14. New Birth don’t know what they gotten themselves into

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