Nude Photos Surface Of Damion And Kenya Archat Bisexual Escapes Prior To His Affair With Regina Martin!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Just in the story of the alleaged affair between Regina Martin and Damion Archat is getting really deep very fast and the details are unfolding rapidly.  Embassy Church and Jesus Experience congregations may not be able to survive this scandal.  Since our first post we have learned so much new information that makes this far more messy and complicated.  Damion and his wife Kenya have allegedly been involved with a number of sexual escapades with men and women together and separately.  The entire situation was exposed as a result of Regina Martin going Live on Facebook the day before Thanksgiving.  The so called Apostle shared that she had a blended family and how her ex-husband and new boyfriend were getting along and had been out together when they happened to appear while she was live.  It was no mystery who her ex-husband was, but Southern Florida was shocked to see and hear Damionwas the new boyfriend.  The cat was out of the bag before Regina could explain or end her live.

In effort to save face Damion went live and revealed a number of personal details that no husband should reveal about his wife and mother of his children.  A picture surfaced of Damion soon to be ex-wife Kenya in the bed with her adjutant or church administrator.  It reveals Kenya laying cuddling with the woman and her hands between the legs of the woman.  However, it appears that it is an elbow of a third person that is cut off in the picture but it has to be a third person if you count the two arms you see on the two women visible.  Seems this was some wild sexual escapades in the zoo of a household they had and who was the fourth person taking the picture.  Since this has been revealed even more freaky dirt of the couple has come out.

Obnoxious Media has obtained more details that Damion and Kenya have participated in some serious illicit behavior that is not Christlike.  In effort to save face Damion uses the alleaged discovery of his wife Kenya being bi-sexual as his excuse for wanting to terminate his marriage.  The problem is that he has been exposed to possibly be bisexual as well and rumors are out that the woman Kenya is in the bed cuddling with has a sex tape of him and a man.  Kenya missed church for two or three weeks, but showed up and is said to have disrupted service and exposed her husband and his affair with Regina Martin.  Now it is just starting to get interesting!  Damion was arrested on a domestic violence charge when he jumped on Kenyaand tried to choke her to death during a fight at their house.  It was supposed to be a discussion of the troubled couple to try and work things out that went totally wrong.  Damion is so dirty that he shared all of the things Kenya revealed to the man Michael D. McClure, Jr., from Birmingham that was trying to counsel them to save their marriage, but may have gotten a little to close to Kenya to have been a counselor.

Allegedly Kenya and Damion are bisexual and above are pictures of them engaging in sexual activities with the same sex.

Obnoxious Media has discovered Regina has been leaking all of the information shared with her by her boyfriend Damion on Facebook.  Now Damion really needs to be quite and try to focus on fighting this criminal charge and let this whole mess go.  The pastor is in to deep and it is far to messy for it to be that easy.

Click the link below to hear Regina Martin speak negatively about her boyfriend’s wife:


Alleaged sex tape of Damion Archat and a male member of his church, Southern Florida do you think this is the troubled pastor below:


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  1. The6thClarkSister

    SPIRIT OF CONFUSION & PERVERSION. My heart is heavy for the kingdom.

  2. This website has to check their resources before they step out to ruin people’s lives. THAT IS NOT PASTOR DAMION ARCHAT having intercourse with another man. Jesus. Check your sources!

  3. I do not think that is my pastor.

  4. That’s not him, none of those men have any of his features nor a beard . He was also known for his hair and they don’t have that. It’s not him

  5. While the writing of this blog has improved, there are still grammatical errors that the hired editor needs to correct before posting. Perhaps a third eye is needed.

  6. That is definitely not Archat in the video.

  7. Idk who worst, the person giving the one info or the person posting. Too much time on y’all hands. Anybody with sense can see that isn’t that man!

  8. Fake news at its finest! None of this information is accurate; not even the pics are true! Even The Enquirer does a better job than this! If you’re going to attack people’s character, you have to come up with better material than this! Looks like someone needs to go back to Journalism 101 news reporting and English 101 for proper grammar writing.

  9. You and every cheap writer involved in spreading these stories are going to hell.



  12. Mr. Obnoxious, you are so right. There are times that I hv, but I’m very upset that u would post all of this knowing that it’s going to destroy them as well as their children. I apologize for my last post. It was very harsh. I rarely apologize, but I will do what most ppl won’t do. My only question is, Do you not care at all about ppl being able to hv an opportunity to rebound in grace and mercy? Would u report on your mom or dad, siblings, children, and post intimate and baked pictures if you found them? Of course not. I’m just asking you to have a heart in some cases. Yes, blast pedophiles and pastors who sleep with boys in the church and those who steal from the church. However, u are intelligent enough to not put everyone on blast for everything. Bless you my brother.

    • Yo,I don’t see how this Dude fluffs His pillow and Sleeps At Night. The Pastor even went on Record as saying this Blogger tried 2 Extort Money from Him not to Post additional Info abt Him. This not the first time this has been Alleged. Vengeance belongs to God but This Blogger is headed for a Rough Road. I read where he was Borderline Suicidal because He was under Fire. Isn’t is Amazing how Nuccas can pour it out but can’t take it comn Back. Sleep well Blogger,U succeeded in Causing Turmoil and Calamity in many Ppl’s Lives. I can’t wait till I hear the News abt This Blogger finally being rewarded for all the Reporting He has done,it won’t go unpunished!!! U hv to Block Me,I’m Out!!!

  13. I have never commented and don’t have a bias one way or the other regarding the thoroughness of this blogger’s reporting but I will say that video of those 2 men is video that can be found posted on a website called pornhub.

  14. This is not Damion Archat. He has a lot of tattoos on his body. Truth will always prevailed but this is not truth.

  15. If you have any Jesus in you – take this down! This is not that man and you know it girl. Take it down!

  16. This is not the man! He should have a big law suit!

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