Obnoxious Breaking News! Andrew Caldwell “Mr. I Am Delivert” Arrested!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Breaking News Andrew Caldwell, Mr. I Am Delivert is in jail.  Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee tell me last night he was at a bar and approached a man by the name of Michael Lawrence.  Seems he has interacted with him before and has come on to him often.  Micheal told Andrew the retard his advances were unwanted and eventually left.  Seems Andrew followed him and to get him to stop Michael stopped his car and got out to approach Andrew.  Some how he got a hold of a three foot pipe and began to swing it at Andrew.  Instead of bashing him in his head and beating his brains out he punched him in his face and head.  Andrew bit Michael (he better get tested) and cool got the pipe from Micheal and bashed out his back windshield.  Can you hear Jasmine Sullivan “I bust the windows out your car!”  Andrew wanted Michael bad well the police came and took both of them to jail.  Andrew works at CVS and gave 404-293-8431 as his number!  He wants to be Sir William so bad he got a 404 number!  Dumb Dumb is still bing process and currently has no bond!  As soon as we have the details we will post them all.




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  1. OMG !!!!

  2. Sir William, I don’t even know how you get ahold of your info, but I do know two things.

    One, you’re always on point.

    Two, you’re always funny the way you set it up and tell it!

    Some folks are just so so sad with their stuff. Wanna do things in the dark like they done forgot everything done in darkness must come to the light!


    • I hope it’s more to that Story. I am never happy bout anyone getti g arrested even my worst enemy. However its seems like the OueWebunch is elated.

      I am retired from District Attorney’s Office 33 years. U see it’s easy getting into it hell getting out.

      A 24 years old man thrown in the Public light and love it. I do believe he slept with every name he provided but didn’t have a good legal team to fight for him.

      I want everylasted one of You/Y’all to be careful because that THUMB is poking right back at you.

      I admire him being 24 or 25 providing his Point with OUT FILTHY CURSE WORDS some you blogging curse so hard and goofy in TONGUE inahardbeat. THAT MOCKERY,YOUR ARE MOCKING GOD now you so smart and he is so dumb so you say and said.
      The BIBLE SPEAKS:BECAREFUL FOR NOTHING.if he slip and go back to MENS,its on him not in noone else

    • The Usher Board had the tea first

  3. William you are the Man! Caldwell needed help a long time ago.You warned ppl about him now maybe something can be done even others on UTUBE have tried.William
    Just so you know we save your SNls
    William they Make us laugh ater a good or bad day we love them ,frankly we rather watch you than tv/cable You should see us we holler and scream.I have a? For you
    You have the most beautiful eyes do they run in your family?Next l love the way you dress you are a trend setter.Please wear blue Iris this winter she is beautiful and looks so good with those eyes.and l want you to know l am learning things about the
    Bible and enjoy listening to you.lm sure you
    we’re a EXCELLENT teacher.l never had teachers that looked as good as you.Please keep teaching the word we need it.and YOU PEACE AND BLESSINGS

  4. karma is a b*&%^#

  5. That mugshot is old his hair is currently blond

  6. Ok. Ok. But please get the details on Henderson and that tea! It will be Winter soon and I need to get my fur out of layaway for the wedding SOMEONE will be having to discredit all this alleged _ay tea!!!

    Please post a blurb-update-somethin’ so I can know if this fur is worth flying to Chi’ for this wedding!!!!

  7. Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!

    So, does this mean Andrew isn’t really delivert?
    What about all his speaking in tongues, worship songs, shouting and dancing?
    What about all the scripture quoting and preaching he does on social media?
    What about his testimony, “I’m saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost and that with a might burning fire and do speak with tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. Sha-na-na, ba-ba-sha. Glory!”

    Andrew at a bar?! Trying to approach a man?!

    In the words of Andrew “who are me to judge.”

    Andrew: I’m not judging, just looking at the fruit that came from the root.

  8. Wait…hol up! I thought dude was DELIVERT?

  9. Andrew Caldwell  is in the news again after having been “delivert” to jail. He was arrested on Thursday after causing a scene on a university campus in downtown St. Louis .

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