Pastor Patrick R. Rucker Vandalize Church After Being Evicted For Not Paying Rent For Over A Year

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Pastor Patrick A. Rucker of Koinonia M.B. Church has established himself as one of the sleaziest and amoral pastors in the Dallas area. Aside from his blatant hypocrisy and whore mongering propensities, Rucker is outright scandalous with absolutely no integrity whatsoever.

Pastor Rucker and his relatively small church congregation once rented space from mega-church pastor Frederick D. Haynes of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas.

After a barrage of contrived excuses, Rucker managed to get out of paying rent for over a year.

Dr Claude Williams is a wonderful man and a great public servant. What Rucker did to Dr Williams is unacceptable and disgusting. We originally leased our facility on Kiest with the intent of helping churches get started. That intent was taken advantage of by Rucker. He would ask for time to come up with the money. We gave him more than enough time. After a number of efforts to settle what was owed to us, we decided to terminate the lease” said Pastor Haynes.

A short time later, Rucker started renting a property owned by Dr. Claude Willams, a highly respected retired dentist in the Oak Cliff community of Dallas.

Dr. Claude Williams was inducted into the Dallas Educator’s Hall of Fame and highly regarded as a pioneer in dentistry. Legend has it that when he applied for a post at Baylor School of Dentistry decades ago he was told, ” We do not hire niggers.” Years later, he was a professor on the staff.

Much like the subterfuge Pastor Rucker used on Friendship West, he again conned his way out of paying rent to Dr. Willaims for well over a year.

Dr. Williams ran out of patience and had Rucker and his church congregation evicted and locked off of the property. A few days later, Rucker ran a truck through a locked gate on the property and vindictively vandalized the church building, which left the landlord with thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

“I’ve rented property to unsavory people who never damaged my property, but soon as I rent to this nigga preacher, I get screwed” say the despondent Dr. Williams.

When Pastor Rucker was asked about the vandalism of the property, he offered up an outlandish notion that the accusations against him is all apart of a scheme devised by a local female politician he was once involved with.

“I’m single…let’s just say it was workings of “a woman scorned”. That’s why I can’t name names until we can price everything. Then, I’ll be publicly vindicated. There will be unfortunate consequences for them once the investigation is completed” said Rucker.

After further research, members of our Obnoxious Media Street Committee spoke to several pastors in the Dallas area who were very familiar with Rucker. One well-known pastor described Rucker response as “a bunch of malarkey” The source also described Rucker as a “mega pastor wanna-be” who uses profanity on a regular basis, with no compunction whatsoever. “His lifestyle is more consistent with a street hoodlum than a church pastor” said one pastor.

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  1. This man is pure greedy pure thirsty & broke!

    • Greedy and thirsty is so true. A friend of mine came ans spoke at his church and at the end of it he raised a nice little love offering that was supposed to go to her. But at the end of the service all she got was a Thank you! That man pocketed all of that money. But what really gets me is during the process of raising the money he said “God” told him to give a certain amount I guess that was to get the people to dig a little deeper in their pockets to give more. And it worked the people gave alot more trying to follow his lead. He played with the minds of Gods people to get more money out of them and these people (no shade) didn’t really look like they had it to give but because he said “God said” they gave more thinking they were blessing the speaker. This man didn’t give my friend one penny that belonged to her. I’m not surprised at all that he is finally exposed.

  2. Now he doing all this cutting up & ain’t paid the rent in OVER A YEAR…I thought he was a man of the cloth just bow out gracefully 😛

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