Peggy Moales Has Died

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Obnoxious Media regreats to inform you the Peggy Moales has died.  According to close friends she found out she had cancer last November just before the Holy Convocation.  In addition, she was suffering  with congestive heart failure.  It seems that with these recent health challenges she was not strong enough to fight off pneumonia, which ultimately claimed her life.  Our prayers are with our friend and brother Kenneth Moales, Jr. and the entire family and church.


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  1. Awe she will be missed…she’s usually on your list of “best dressed” Sir William <3

  2. Thanks Sir William. That was a very nice post. Be blessed my brother.

  3. Wow this is sad she was on your Best Dressed last year. She always dressed beautiful. May God bless her and may she rejoice with God our father and rejoice because she’s in a better place!

  4. This information is not accurate.

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