Prophetess Juanita Bynum Openly Rebukes Pastor John Moore!

Photo courtesy of Juanita Bynum

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Dr. Juanita Bynum is speaking out after canceling a preaching engagement in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Dr. Bynum ultimately decided not to preach at The Experience Church after she felt violated by Pastor John Moore’s actions. She actually took to Facebook to explain the situation in detail.

You can watch her Facebook live below.

Church after she felt violated by the actions. She actually took to Facebook to explain the situation in detail.

John Moore is a good guy and actually grew up in St. John Church Of God In Christ, where the late Bishop Samuel Green was the pastor and a member of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Board.  John worked and served the national church in the tape ministry for years.  Hopefully this was just a misunderstanding.

The Holy Bible says open rebuke is better than private love and just might have been one of those cases.

Juanita has been on a major come back and preached for TD Jakes after Twenty years.  Major doors have began to open for the Prophetess that she has not seen in years since her unfortunate divorce.

More details……

Prophetess Juanita Bynum broke down in tears as she explained Sunday night how she had to cancel a preaching assignment in Chesapeake, Virginia, because the pastor who was hosting her at a conference in that city entered her hotel room uninvited and saw her underwear.

“The fact that I’m getting ready to go and stand in somebody’s pulpit who’s seen my underwear, I’m sorry people, I just felt naked and I still do and just felt so violated. And what he said was he came in my room to put something in my room. But then his assistant produces drinks at the front desk for [my assistant] to take to my room,” Bynum explained in a Facebook Live broadcast shortly after midnight.

“As a male, why would you come into my room? Why didn’t you send your wife into my room? And his wife has profusely apologized to me but people of God this, some things are just distasteful. Some things you just don’t cross the lines for,” she said.

The pastor Bynum called out was the Rev. John A. Moore, lead pastor of Experience Church who was hosting both Bynum and Pastor Jamal Bryant at a two-day conference, which ends tonight, called Breaking the Rules.

Obnoxious Media reached out to Experience Church regarding Bynum’s claim on Monday but they did not immediately respond.

Bynum explained that she discovered that Moore had entered her room and saw her underwear from her assistant who had traveled ahead of her to prepare her room at an unspecified Hilton hotel.

“They (assistants) always come into my hotel rooms before me. They pray before I come in. They cover furniture with white sheets. That’s just me because I don’t like to contend with a lot of stuff and people sitting on the furniture, having sex on the furniture and that’s just the sensitivity that I have. So they cover the chairs and the white sheets and they pray in the room and prepare the room for me,” Bynum explained.

“And somewhere on the bureau, this is so embarrassing, they would have on the bed, I travel with a blanket that says ‘be still and know that I am God.’ And they put that blanket on the bed, and my pajamas are laid down on the bed. And then on top of the bureau is all of my underwear,” she continued. “My panties, my stockings, my bra, whatever else I put on, is laid out on the bureau for when I get ready to minister. At that point I was told that the pastor had entered my room without me being aware that he had been in my room.”

Bynum said she was shocked by the invasion of privacy.

“I said to my assistant ‘what do you mean he’s been in my room? …you mean like been in my room and saw all my underwear?’ And she said ‘Yes ma’am.’ And I said ‘well, how do you know that?’ And she said because the secretary called upstairs,” Bynum said.

She then explained that the hotel’s manager had called her assistant to ask why she had two rooms booked in her name.  Bynum said her assistant told the manager that she did not have two rooms in her name but checked in with Bynum’s credentials as she is accustomed to do which gave her permission to prepare the room.

The manager then asked if all of Bynum’s “stuff, her underwear laid out over everything like the pastor said it is?”

The assistant, Bynum said, later went down to the manager and asked why the pastor was given access to Bynum’s room and she was told that because the room was paid for by the pastor he was given access.

Bynum, however, did not think it was acceptable for the hotel to allow that to happen.

“I would not have ever known that he had a key to my room had this lady not been so rude to inform us that she knew all of my garments were spread about my room. And so at that point, that was the end of the rope for me,” she said, explaining that was the reason she was forced to not show up at the conference.

“I can tolerate a lot, so no, it wasn’t Juanita Bynum … as for the reason I did not show up at the church tonight. It’s like I’m standing up there preaching knowing that you know what I have on underneath my dress. I don’t know, maybe we’re living in this modern day of Christendom, maybe the millennials are on some kinda drugs but where I come from, and the way I was raised, that’s just too private,” she said.

She explained that she learned that the pastor told the church that he didn’t know why she wasn’t at the conference and she found that offensive and it’s part of the reason why she chose to speak out.

“I’m leaving Virginia heartbroken that I wasn’t able to deliver the word that God gave me to deliver,” she said.

“And I’m not going to not deal with the Hilton on this either. Just because a person put a credit card to pay for your room doesn’t give them right to have access to your life, into your privacy, into your personals, compromise your personal life behind your garments,” she added.

Bynum shot to fame after her 1997 “No More Sheets” sermon at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ “Woman Thou Art Loosed” Conference.

In that sermon, she discussed her battle with her sexuality and her longing for a husband. She described the bedsheets as all the empty sex she’d had with men.

“Why am I not married?” she asked the women at the conference. “But I find it very difficult to listen to anybody preach to me about being single when they got a pair of thighs in [their] bed every night … and you keep telling me to ‘Hold on, honey, stay there by yourself’ … and you goin’ home to big old muscles and thighs? … I wanna hear ‘hold on’ from somebody that knows my struggle!”

By about 2002, the year she got married to Rev. Thomas W. Weeks, Bynum was no longer a featured speaker at the conference, after discord strained her relationship with Bishop Jakes.

Five years later, Bynum and Weeks headed for divorce court after a very public beating in an Atlanta parking lot. She later confessed in 2012 to using drugs and engaging in same-sex relationships.

“I’ve been there and I’ve done it all. I did the drugs, I’ve been with men, I’ve been with women. All of it,” she said on the “Frank & Wanda in the Morning” radio program. “I took full responsibility in every area because every choice that I made, nobody put a gun to my head. I made those choices due to a lack of wisdom.”

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  1. As regards to Juanita Bynum’s post – it is wholly inappropriate for ANY person other than the person who is supposed to be in the hotel room, to be in that room.

    The fact that this pastor had something for Juanita – he should have contacted her or one of her assistants and given them whatever it was. Better yet, he could have left a message for her at the front desk with the hotel staff for her or one of her assistants to get in touch with him when they were settled in or whatever and he could have provided whatever it was that he had for her at that time.

    If Ms. Bynum is this upset, than this is real to her and that needs to be respected. However, we also have to be professional. If she did not do a job for which she was contracted, then that is a breach of contract and that needs to be addressed too.

    I understand the personal violation that she felt. However, if there was a congregation there that was waiting for her, that should have been the focus. She could have prayed herself through this, and then given that pastor a piece of her mind and the back of her hand if she wanted to.

    This is just my opinion. Ms. Bynum has to live her life the way she needs to, and has to do what makes her feel comfortable. It is sad that she was unable to preach behind this.

    • Monica, well said. Based on another post about this situation, the Pastor was noted as saying that he wanted to be the first millennium to host Dr. Bynum which seems to infer that his motives for the conference and pursuit of her participation was not totally pure and there was some self-seeking, pride and starry-eyed motives that seemed to cause some of the lack of boundaries, common sense and good judgment on his part. I wonder if they heard from God about the purpose and who God wanted to speak at the conference? Was his focus on man, money, self-glory/admiration, bragging rights or God? At the end of the day remember that it was their free-will choice to bring Dr. Bynum in. I thought it was interesting that he was quoted as saying that his “lawyer” told him not to bring her in? People we to keep our eyes on Jesus and not man. Hopefully this is a teachable moment for all of us. I know Dr. Bynum is sensitive to wanting people to keep their focus on God and the word and not what she has on or her, so she wears her robes. So I can understand her sensitivity in this situation, beyond what may be considered the norm. My prayers go out to all of them and hope that they will be reconciled.

    • Minister Flowers

      I will be praying for Jaunuta Bynum and her heart issues. To be a Pastor she knows the correct way to handle problems, and trying to destroy someone else to elevate yourself is not it. I see no reason that She wouldn’t fulfill a commitment that she made. The bible teaches us let your yes be yes and your no be no. When Christian’s handle things the way the world does, we can’t think the world see us any different then them. Dr. Bynum is a seasoned Minister, and could pour into this young pastor and his wife’s ministry, the bible calls us be a blessing as we’re being blessed. In watching Dr. Bynum’s video she talked about her, saying me, me me too much, this seems to be all about her. Actually it appears she had problems before she got there, and I know about pass incidents with Dr. Bynum, her pass says alot. My prayer is that Dr. Bynum has a change of heart and not seek to tarnish the reputation of someone else’s ministry, for she might be opening the door for self destruction.

      • I have no doubt this was meant to be a room check. She was not expected at that time, and his concern lead him to question the readiness of his guest’s room. How would he know requirements of pre Juanita’s arrival. Surely he did not make a beeline to her underwear. If this bothered her, she had every opportunity to speak about the situation with all involved. Now, having hundreds brought into this, will make people view her in a different light, rather than, intelligent, mature, teacher, Gospel Deliverer.

  2. That’s some hoe ass shit Pastor Moore….you MF panty sniffer!!!

  3. To be honest, this could have been dealt with privately. I do understand her point and I think the Pastor could have sent his wife or another female to deliver the gift to the room or whatever it was. However it seems as if he was not aware of the fact that her adjutants were going to be in the room prior to her arrival doing their job. It looks as if he wanted to leave a gift like most ministries do for their guest before they arrive. So I personally didn’t read anything ill or disrespectful about it, expect for the fact he has to be a bit more careful next time and exercise more wisdom. I love Juanita, but I didn’t like the drama that was being created over something that I perceive to be innocent. If the Pastor’s wife apologized for the misunderstanding it should have said something about their character. Just my thoughts on it!!

    • Agreed James – but it wasn’t the pastor’s wife, it was the pastor. Her whole issue was that the pastor saw her undergarments laid out on the bureau and she was deeply offended, embarrassed, and felt that the pastor would be knowing what she had on under her clothing.

      My two issues are, firstly: The hotel is at fault. No one should have EVER given anyone other than Juanita and her staff keys to her room, no matter who paid for the room.

      Secondly: If the pastor wanted to leave something for Juanita in her room, this should have been prior arranged by the hotel staff – hello – before her scheduled arrival time. If that didn’t happen, again, he could have told the front desk to inform him when Juanita checked in to her room. At that time, he could have gone up and knocked on her door – whereby her secretary or personal assistant would have answered and taken whatever it was that he had for Juanita. Easy peasy.

      That’s my opinion.

    • I agreed..She Came to our church to speak and just like this Pastor , Before her arrival, we were asked to inspect the room and we also left a gift 🎁.I really think he wasn’t aware of what was in the room,just trying to make sure everything was in place. people you have to understand when mega pastor are speaking, so much is going on. Checklist was being check and sometimes you just not thinking, just trying to make sure all is in order. now with that being said … she need to return that money they paid her in advance..mighty funny she isn’t that disturbed that she kept the money …ijs

  4. This matter should have been handled between the host pastor and Bynum. According to Bynum, the Pastor and his wife apologized profusely. If she accepted their apology, why did she do the FB Live? The Pastor was simply trying to make sure her room was right; that all the i’s were dotted, t’s crossed and that her booking requirements and demands were met.

    I didn’t have but an ounce of respect for Bynum, but now that ounce has been depleted due this situation. She behaves like a diva and a drama queen, not like someone who says God commissioned her with a message for Chesapeake, Virginia. What about that word from God? Did it fall to the wayside because someone saw your underwear? A true solider in the army of the Lord would not have let something like this cause them to renege and breach their contract.

    If the Pastor paid a booking deposit, I hope Bynum returns the deposit $ to the pastor.

    It appears Bynum needs professional help and/or spiritual counseling so that she can be delivered from and overcome the triggers that cause her to have emotional breakdowns.

    • Hi Justsaying – everything you said I ditto. There is no reason whatsoever not to preach.

      She has a right to feel how she feels – we cannot know what is in her mind or her spirit.

      BUT HOWEVER, why not just pray? Why not just say Lord, I feel sort of violated here, but there are some people who are waiting on a word from you. Anoint me Lord, and pour your holy spirit into me to calm me down and show me the best way to deal with this pastor later on. In Jesus’ name.

      Simple. I personally think Juanita took this entirely too far. Just my opinion.

    • You said it all in a nut shell. She is a drama queen and looking for attention. I’m sure this hurt the Pastor and affected his credibility deeply. It all seemed to be an honest mistake that’s all. My opinion.

  5. Did you all see/hear LRL’s 7/24/19 “Pastor John Moore SPEAKS concerning Juanita Bynum”.

    It’s always in order to hear both sides of the story.

    In my opinion, Bynum should have handled this matter with the pastors and not put it on FB.
    They apologized to her.
    She turned a small incident into a big one.

  6. Sorry ass you is a good little girl and a faggy fag faggetry
    Sister sir William mccray

  7. Juanita Bynum is a stupid mess! Reckless in EVERY way! Here she goes lying again. Why not call the pastor to try to gain an understanding as to what exactly occurred? Youd think the “Prophetess” would know how to better handle simple misunderstandings. I just watched the pastor’s response to this whole mix up and I hope Juanita watches as well. My prayer is that she’ll learn something from it because it was polite, articulate, Godly and respectful. Pretty much everything Juanita Bynum isn’t. Watch out folks, Juanita is a dangerous, backstabbing liar. There is nothing she won’t do for money or for attention. I can’t with this witch. Smh

  8. That pantie sniffing mf had no business in her room period! Fuck you in there looking around for bro? That’s some creepy ass shit!

    • He didn’t sniff her panties tho!!!!!!! He simply went in the room to leave the gift..If you ever had to deal with celebrity pastors..all churches do this .Make sure everything is clear before the first arrived..The man probably didn’t even realized it was laid out..She need to return that money if she was so disrespectful!!!PERIOD!!!

  9. Juanita wasn’t prepared to preach, that is all.
    She never states that she shared that her assistant was going to arrive ahead of her and lay out her drawers…under garments.
    I’m sure Pastor Moore was going to ensure everything was acceptable, he knew she didn’t land for a few more hours and was shocked when there was luggage and items around the room. Notice he did not leave unaware, he went to inquire as to why the room had not been cleaned and occupied. If he wanted to see something he would have gone after she checked in…

  10. A bunch of mess! I love Juanita, but o real. This is not biblical behavior of some1 who grace and mercy has been extended to by God and fans. If u get upset over this, then how do you deal with the things and persecution’s that the prophets had to endure. Jesus did died on the. Ross, disciples were boiled to death and u are upset because a man saw your panties. I thought he saw her in them, the. I could see her being embarrassed, but not lying on the bed. Wow. Grow up!

    • You said it Harold! This was nothing but foolishness! You would think that Bynum is spiritually mature enough to handle something so trivial. Obviously not! The Biblical prophets as well as current ministers/prophets have contended with much more and still fulfilled their commission to preach the word. What’s going to stop Byum next?

  11. She needs to stop her bull shit….
    With her con ass

  12. Ok. If anyone in this post-Biblical era can honestly claim to be a prophet, then they should’ve seen this coming!!!

    Firstly, public pronouncements will be the undoing of an already challenged church-as most of us understand “church” to be. Secondly, the pretension is beyond belief; who else saw the underwear unbeknownst to the owner? Who else touched them?!!

    Again, IF ANYONE can truly claim to be a prophet, then THEY ought to warn the rest of us—or edify the Body or reveal a Truth. Sadly, the “prophets” seem angry enough to ruin another person’s ministry because of one error!

    But, who am I otherthan a lowly cleric-so here’s THE WORD: “If what is being said contradicts the Bible, throw it out. If what is being said is in agreement with the Bible, pray for wisdom and discernment as to how to apply the message. Don’t be deceived.”

  13. I feel with 2 bad apples both with initial J.B. you can expect any good to come. That all I’m saying.

  14. So I just watched Larry Reid Live…I’ve seen the Juanita Bynum live Facebook post to where she had humiliated this Pastor J Moore. I’ve seen the Pastor J. Moore videoclip where he apologize to the congregation. I’ve seen a the the live video with Pastor J. Moore including Mrs. Moore to tell his side, along with Pastor Juanita Bynum Assistant. Then we have video of Larry Reid Live again with the hotel manager this time, she stated that none of this never happened it all was an miss communication. Pastor Juanita Bynum owes this man, his congregation, & do another Facebook live to #APOLOGIZE. I’m sorry but this so call woman of God is just #moneyhungry

  15. Cliff Notes – No Names

    An itinerant preacher was Invited to preach at a church. Whenever she is invited to preach, she brings an assistant. That assistant arrives at the hotel prior to the preacher and among other duties, is responsible for laying out the preacher’s underwear. In this particular instance, the assistant arrived early and checked in to both her room and into the preacher’s room. The assistant’s arrival occurred prior to the preacher’s scheduled arrival.

    The host pastor (who happens to be male) dropped by the hotel to leave a gift basket in preacher’s room, knowing that the preacher was not scheduled to arrive for several hours. To his surprise, the assistant had checked the preacher in and had laid out the preacher’s underwear, as is her appointed duty. (The assistant also puts white sheets on all furniture, so that the preacher does not sit on furniture where prior hotel guests may have had sex. Also the assistant prays over the room and anoints it in preparation for the preacher’s arrival.)

    The preacher discovered that the (male) pastor had entered her room after the assistant’s prep work had been completed and the preacher felt violated because he (pastor) had seen her (preacher’s) underwear.
    Preacher subsequently took to social media to share her distress, whereupon we learned of the underwear incident.

    Oh…the pastor would have sent his wife to place the welcome basket, but she was indisposed. The hotel rooms (both the assistant’s and the preacher’s) were reserved by the host pastor/church – that’s how he (pastor) got a key to her (preacher’s) room. Upon arriving in the room assigned by the hotel to the preacher, the pastor entered to place the basket and was surprised that someone had checked in, as the preacher was not yet scheduled to arrive. He thought the hotel had made a mistake and put someone in the room reserved for the preacher. It turns out that the assistant travels ahead of the preacher, with the preacher’s luggage and sets up the room (to include the laying out of drawers, etc.).
    So…..there you have it.

    Of course, the preacher claimed to be too distressed to minister. And now there is the matter of recovery payments made to the preacher in advance, in anticipation of a ministry assignment that she did not complete.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂Stop, yes there are still a few real ones left in the land

      • Sorry this was for Cookies comment below regarding no prophets in these days.😂😂😂😂I accidently left my tablet to get me some popcorn and came back to read Sean’s fabulous comment and was getting ready to give Sean 5 Tip Jars when i hit the post button prematurely on ur post.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 You wrote a scripted movie because No one could make this up. You write so well💣💣💣💣💣💣Yaaasssssssss💣

      • How did assistants enter the room?

    • this was done out of SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS by Juanitum Bynum…I really feel she was put on the back burner cause she had internal issues that when she got high & mighty, she couldn’t deal with fame…she had a lot of women /assistants that she treated disrespectful like Minister Tonya Hall, Medina Pulling a, etc. they never invited her to preach at their church in years…I hope God hasn’t fired her…if my Pastor Taffi Dollar can sustain the fame of spreading the Gospel, she can do it too…this was a private issue which she talked about a Man of God that made an error of wantijng to check her room prior to her checkin…all I can say she better pray the VENGEANCE IF GOD don’t prevail cause of her disobedience she had to start over in Ministry… tyhe Anointijng is just not there anymore for she need lots of Prsyer

  16. False prophetess juanita need to have a seat put a head covering on and read and apply 1 Timothy 2:11-12 & 1 Corinthians 14:34.

  17. Wait…wait…hold on. She is worried about Rev. Moore viewing her undergarments and for that reason she couldnt preach? Well now that she went public…based on her reasoning for not being able to preach. She has now placed in the minds of every male pastor and cleric the vision of her undergarments and a vision of her IN her undergarments. So noooowwww whenever she preaches this vision will now be encrypted in the minds of men and women. So based on that she cant preach anywhere. She really didnt think this through.

  18. Fuck you William mccray

  19. The sooner pentecostalists realize that there are NO more prophets, the better they will be.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂Stop, yes there are still a few real ones left in the land

      • There are no humans who can give “words” that supercede what is already revealed in the written Word of God. NONE. And while we are at it, all these thousands of self-proclaimed “apostles’ need to take seats, as well. Most Christians in the world rightly reject both prophets and modern-day “apostles”.

  20. Ooh Chile, this is one Hot Mess… Lordt be, God we need to be healed from all the craziness of the church nowadays. The Delusions and the truth turned into lies and lies into truth are truly running rampant from the White House to the Church house…God is not pleased, we have to do better, please?

  21. She says, “I have a human side to me”. Woman, that is ALL you have . You are nothing but a human. There is no other “side” YEEEEESH!

  22. What a drama queen. Woman, you ain’t “special”. You are extra. FAKE AS YOUR HAIR AND PLASTIC SURGERY.

  23. If God really gave her a message for the people and she failed to deliver it,God will certainly whip her backside! What’s is the big deal with seeing here underwear? People are so petty!

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