Rev. Jonteris Tate, Pastor Of Mount Moriah In Los Angeles Is Headed To Divorce Court!

Pastor Johnteris and Lady Crystal Tate (courtesy photo)

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Everything Is Going Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The Word we are getting here at Obnoxious Media is that Jonteris and his wife Crystal are not doing well and in fact will soon be getting a divorce.  Crystal has not been to church in months.  She was recently messaged on Facebook to ask if she will be returning.  She responded not as your First Lady.  Some insiders say he might have even raised his hand to he on a time or two.  Needless to say a very pregnant Crystal returned o her ho e in Alabama, where she had their baby and Jonteris was not present.

Crystal has been throwing shade on Jonteris and even did a questionnaire on Social Media here are the questions and her responses below:

Do you believe in divorce?  I believe in happiness.

Will you be coming back to LA?  No

What is up with you and Tate?  Seasons come, seasons go, are we still together you will soon know.

As you all know Jonteris is the 25 year old preacher from Memphis that was installed as the pastor of the Historic Mont Moriah Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California.  He is often seen among the elite preachers and pastors.  He rubs shoulders with the likes of Bishop Brandon Porter, Gary Sprewell, and Nathaniel Green just to name a few.

Checkout some of the things posted on Social Media below:

Quick Update sent to Obnoxious Media sent at 9:45pm (Eastern) below:

There may be more to the jonteris Tate situation than I originally thought. I don’t think the part about him beating her is true. Nor the part about him being gay. Apparently Chrystal doesn’t like L.A. she can’t get with the flavor of how L.A. is and how the people are. She was left alone with a baby while jontaris ran revivals every week and was probably a little depressed and home sick. She left and moved back to Alabama while jonteris was our running revivals. He has also since packed up the home they were renting in L.A. 3 months ago and has not taken his things out of storage in moths. He is rumored to be a strong contender for the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church of Dallas as their current pastor rev Wallace is about to retire. Rev Tate is not even living in L.A. he is said to be living back in Memphis and flies in every Saturday night to preach at the Sunday morning service at Mt Moriah. He doesn’t do any mid week service including funerals. In fact, priori to this past Sunday, he hasn’t been there for several weeks even for the Sunday service. It looks like rev Tate May be waiting on a call from the church in Dallas which is said to be a better fit for his southern style. He and Chrystal may not be completely done. She definitely isn’t moving back to L.A. but they may reunite as a family unit in Dallas which is much closer to home for both of them.

Video from Jonteris Tate’s Installation Service (Click the link) Below:


This is video I took at the installation service in 2017 at Mt Moriah. Chrystal is in the gold hat, former First Lady Jacquie wade to her right. You see Bishop ulmer on the platform standing next to former pastor rev wade. Margaret Pleasant Duroux singing the song she wrote l. Her father, the late rev E.A. Pleasant founded Mt. Moriah and built the current structure.

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Installs Tate as Pastor

Pastor Johnteris and Lady Crystal Tate (courtesy photo)

Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles will install the Rev. Johnteris Tate as senior pastor on Sunday, February 11, in the edifice located at 4269 South Figueroa St., in Los Angeles.

The featured speakers for the 9:15 a.m. service will be the Rev. Dr. Willie Jamison, Jr. of Greater Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee and the Rev. Dr. Roney Strong, Sr., pastor of the New Independence Missionary Baptist Church in Coldwater, Mississippi.

     Rev. Dr. Willie Jamison, Jr. (courtesy photo

     Rev. Dr. Roney Strong, Sr. (courtesy photo)

The installation week will begin with a one-night Installation Revival on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7 p.m. Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr., senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, will preach.

       Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr. (

On Saturday, February 10, at 11:30 a.m., an Installation Fellowship Luncheon will be held at the Proud Bird Event Center, 11022 Aviation Blvd., in Los Angeles. The Rev. Dr. R. A. Williams, senior pastor of McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, will be the keynote speaker.

Tate, age 24, was elected as senior pastor of Mount Moriah in August 2017 following the 42-year tenure and official retirement of the Rev. Dr. Melvin V. Wade, Sr. Previously, Tate was the spiritual leader of First Thessalonians Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.

Actively involved in denominational work, Tate is recognized as one of the youngest evangelist that is sought after around the nation. He is married to the former Crystal Smith of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

“This will be an historic event in the life of Mount Moriah. Rev. Tate will be the third senior pastor in the church’s 72-year history. Mount Moriah Baptist Church was organized by the late Dr. Earl A. Pleasant in 1946; and has been an anchor on the Figueroa Street corridor for more than 60 years,” said Quaford Coleman, church spokesperson.

“Many outstanding and distinguished Pastors from around the nation, denominational, political leaders and special guests, will participate in the formal service on Sunday, February 11, at 5 p.m. A warm welcome is extended to the church community and the community at-large to attend all of the Installation Celebration activities,” he added.

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  1. Is Crystal the popular singer on YouTube? He looks sweet. Run girl, and run fast!!!

  2. Awe, I hate to hear this I was rooting for Rev. Jonteris Tate he’s such a cutie & they look like brother/sister anywayz lol 😛

  3. I love them and I’m honestly sad by this if they are breaking up or just going through a rough patch. I love them together.

    Listen I need to work for one of these blogs because I honestly peep a lot of stuff that months before it gets published online. Just like I am still waiting on the tea about Lexi and this “wedding” she was supposed to have and why her engagement ring isn’t on her hand anymore. William if you get any info on that👀

  4. Idk. I get a little love for the peen from the good Rev. Tate. I hate to admit it, but I think he is too young for those size church’s he’s applying for. He can preach and sing very well, however, how can he rule over men old enough to be his father and grandfather? I can’t see it. I sense a little bi on him and it’s really leaning toward the gay side of the bi. Ok bye.

  5. Johnnteris is a controlling he loved to fit and fight I once dated him and he beat me I had to get away

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