Ricky Dillard New G Lead Singer Lillian Lloyd Leaves Her Husband And Leaves For A Month!!!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……One more chance lead singer with Ricky Dilliard and New G, Evangelist Lillian Lloyd is divorcing her husband Nealon Graham.  Cardi B announced of Instagram she was leaving Offset and it looks like the Hip Hop Gospel Vocalist is following her lead.  Many of us that have known Lillian for years were shocked three years ago when she eloped and all of a sudden married to Nealon.  It seemed that he appeared out of nowhere and the two were married.  Perhaps Lillian felt the pressure Juanita Bynum did as a female in the male dominated Gospel Industry.  Rumors have been flying for years how women get mistreated by men on the Evangelist Field.  Often they do not pay them properly and walk over them, but when they are married and have recourse to get their husband involved it changes the dynamic.  Whatever the case was Lillian was married to a man she reunited with from 30 years ago.

According to Nealon while he was visiting his children in Georgia, Lillian cleared out their apartment in Chicago.  A friend Rosalind from Dallas flew to Chicago and rented a moving truck and helped Lillian moved the entire house including food and all.  She only returned with his medication once he flew back to Chicago after receiving Lillian’s Dear John letter (you can read it below) to Nealon.  She picked the perfect time to cut him just before she went to Germany on a month tour and will not ship his things to him until she returns in the new year!

This tumultuous marriage is playing out like a movie.  More details are coming in that are jaw dropping on each side that we are working on as we speak.  Obnoxious Media has reached out to Lillian, but have not been able to reach her largely to her being out of the country, to get her account of what happened and why she decided to leave her husband.

Read the email Evangelist Lillian Lloyd sent he soon to be ex-husband Nealon Graham below:


Let me start by saying that I love you very much I always have I always will nothing will ever change that. I must also say that I love me I love my life I love what God has called me to do. One of my greatest faults is putting other people before me. Being more concerned about everybody else’s happiness and comfort rather than my own. For the last two years I have put you in a place where you didn’t deserve to be. Against my better judgment I allowed you to come into my home into my life and into my world. You never belonged here you didn’t earn this life you never worked for these surroundings. I spent 30 years of my life studying rehearsing traveling serving in music and theater work to prepare for this part of my life. You have spent the last 30 years partying doing drugs getting in and out of trouble in and out of marriages and relationships and going back-and-forth to jail. How then do you figure that you deserve to sit on the same row with me just on the strength of being my husband.

Anyway I told you when you came up here two years ago that you needed to go back home to give me time to process all of this and you refused because you knew if I had a moment to myself that I would never go forward with this relationship you forced your way the entire time but it ends here. There is no need for you to come home because if you return there will be nothing here for you to return to. All of my things have been placed in storage everything else I will be throwing away. Don’t worry all of your things have been boxed and will be shipped to your parents or wherever you decide. U don’t owe me anything and I don’t owe you anything . I have tried to help but I have failed I have toiled but to no avail.

I should have thrown you out of here that day but I chose to let you stay I wasn’t even married to you then but I held onto you trying to love you and show you care and support and you violated every time.

Whenever we have a bad day I go out of town and come back and you go into this long speech about how God has been dealing with you about first one thing and then another and that we’re going to pray every day and we are going to read our Bible every day we never do that together you never stick to that but guess what I read my word and I prayed with or without you and I know that the things you say and do are not of God.

You say whatever you have to say in order to keep me hanging on. I’m tired of just hanging on I deserve better! You should get tired of just going through the motions you should just get tired.!!!

I have been going crazy the last few days trying to put all of this stuff together without you being aware of what was going on around you. I have asked you to leave repeatedly you refused so now I’m leaving. There is no coming back. You will not be allowed to contact me your phone will be disconnected you have to get service some other way. I will be leaving for Europe on Monday that’s right I’m going to Germany on tour. I’ll be there until next year. I have known about the tour since August it has been driving me nuts trying to do all of this stuff in secret sneaking around learning the music preparing for the concerts making arrangements. Standing outside in the cold talking to promoters to keep you from hearing my conversations.Nealon you had to know that this wasn’t going to last. I am asking you to respect my wishes and please do not try to contact anyone in my family nor my Choir nobody is going to talk to you nobody is going to listen to you just leave it alone and move on with your life. My prayers for you were sincere. I want you to do well I want your ministry to flourish I want you to be all God has called you to be but you must get delivered and get delivered for real. I will keep our personal business away from social media and I would ask that you do the same. My publicist has advised me not to even speak on our marriage. This situation is between me and you. At least give me that respect.

And even in all of this I still love you I always will but you are not good for me You are not good for me and you’re not good to me. You will be served divorce papers shortly. And for the record in the state of Illinois if you refuse to sign the papers they will still grant me divorce after a few weeks so just sign them and be done with it… Lillian J Lloyd

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  1. First off, that photo with her in all yellow and that white woman blond hair should never, ever be published anywhere. I cannot even describe what it looks like, but I keep thinking of the Abominable Snowman.

    This woman was wrong, wrong, wrong, no matter what went down between them. You don’t treat another human being like this. She may be singing Christian songs, and I have seen her dramatics on stage, but she has not been delivered. As a true Christian, she would have handled this breakup in an adult manner having several options to do so. God is not pleased with this foolery and I am not sure that anyone on earth would be either. She will have to pay the price for this.

    • Girl bye. The dude is mentally ill, can’t work and was living off of Lillian. He didn’t do anything ! She felt it necessary for her safety and had every right to leave his coocoo for coco puffs behind. When you go on Facebook and fake a suicide attempt you need help. She did the right thing and left him! Nobody should have to put up with any type of abuse.

    • She did the right thing! It sound like he wanted a mother and not a wife. Too many black women taking care of these sorry negros. Hooray Lillian, I will give you extra spins on my drive time Gospel Music show. Bishop Kenneth Wells KPR0. 1570AM

  2. She wears the worst wigs and make-up… and what tour is she on? I never knew she married, maybe because I don’t keep up with her enough. The only time I see her is when she’s rolling around on someones pulpit, hollering. How old is she?

  3. Damn are there any black women who still style their real hair – one hair that grows naturally out their scalps? These weaves are getting beyond ridiculous

  4. I think she did this in the most classy way possible! I would not have chosen such words! This letter proves that she lives the life she sings about. I wish her all the best!

  5. Why did she even marry him in the first place??

  6. He looks trifling! I peay she heals, finds real love, and quality wigs!

  7. you say your publicist says don’t talk about this on Social Media but then you send the Dear John letter to a website to do the work for you? people just can keep their private life private for nothing!

  8. Prayers up for Her.God keep her safe!!!Dude not gone give up that easy she’s gonna to protection when she comes back!!!She needs to get a GUN!!!

  9. This woman is not Christ-like in any manner. She is an entertainer, with a religious veneer, plain and simple. The scriptures say God HATES divorce. She does not hate what Gid hates

    • #THAT!!!!! Like a woman that attends Ford Memorial Temple-Philly that wears outrageous, tacky hats and nasty as a drunk snake… She is so miserable that she created a daughter who is her own silly “mini-me” and who will never get married. Welp! #witchesIn-cheapClothes

  10. I have tea about a pastor and I have receipts

  11. What is with black women’s fascination with these ugly lacefront wigs especially the blonde. Yall look like trannys with that crap on. Not becoming at all yuck

    • Correct! I think it starts with self-hate, or the lack of realizing that’s what it is. Then coupled with poor sight! They obviously can’t see and fail to use a mirror. Looking eccentric takes a darn good eye, but they look crazy and cheap!

  12. Please stop calling this woman of God names. She didn’t ask for this letter to be published. Think about it her ex-husband sent this letter. This woman is a very loving and kind person. Please grow up people. It not about the wigs or makeup it’s about two people who are getting a divorce. I wish people could be more classy and stop with the mess.

  13. Soooooo she didn’t know this before she married him?! It was only a few years ago. Heck, she’s known him for longer!

  14. Bob you are correct it is not about ones hair or cloths, however the blonde hair on AAW is not becoming to all AAW. In this gospel singer case if our president sees it he might ban us from wearing blond long silky pretty hair. Don’t worry I’m gonna pray that Trump don’t see this, cause I know some beautiful AAW are still gonna strunt your blonde hair, which belongs to Becky..

  15. Damn, I wanna fuck Lillian

  16. She owes him nothing but got what she asked for. A man that finds a wife finds a good things. From the sound of her letter she found him again. I doubt if she’s done because if she was reallty done she would have left his things behind. Better yet, tell him face to face (not a Dear John letter), give him his things, divorce , & move on.

    • You Need Jesus and you will Pay

      Not true, maybe in your experiences, but it is not always in ones benifit to have “face to face” confrontations or even to seek closure. Somethings are what they are and when we are aware of our life and what needs to be done to save it, we would be a fool not to choose that.

  17. He waa definitely a narcissist!

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