Roderick Rodell Murray Arrested For Beating Up His Sister-In-Law Christina Murray!!!

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Roderick Rodell Murray Arrested For Beating Up His Sister-In-Law Christina Murray!!!

Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Well, we told you that the Murray Brothers married two sisters and both of the couples have split.  Seems this has been going on for awhile and Antony and Christina might have been divorced as of October of last year.  It seems Christina went to see her sister and got into it with her brother-in-law, Roderick Rodell Murray when things got heated and he jumped Christina and his wife tried to stop him and got so upset she had a seizure and landed the two sisters in the emergency room.  Roderick was arrested and bonded out and is awaiting trial, but has no date to appear before the judge yet.  According to the Douglass County Superior Court Clearks office this will not be on the court calendar this year.

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Rumor has it that Anthony and Christina Murray of Oasis Church in Dallas, Georgia are divorced!

Seems the couple parted ways not long ago and have been keeping quite until recently.  According to members of our Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation.  The very good friend of Keion Henderson is rumored to have a double life that is getting the best of him.  He like his good friend put his now ex-wife on a gag order to keep her from discussing the ugly split.  However, we are getting reports that Christina was jumped by her brother in law.  Anthony and his brother married two sisters, but it is serious trouble in paradise.

Christina is said to have been the backbone of the ministry and the reason Oasis is a multicultural church.

This story is yet developing……

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  1. No respect for a NIGGA that beat a woman. He’s worse than that pantie sniffing mf John Moore…Hope they keep Murray BITCH ass in there for a minute. See if he’ll fight a man. Most NIGGAS that hit a woman won’t fight a man. Hey Murray don’t drop the soap BITCH!!!

    • I agree Blu22. Most of them are angry with their own mothers (or women that SHOULD’VE reared them!!!) and this is the thanks decent women get for loving them!!

      This should be a warning to all sweetly saved princesses who are waiting on a real man: vet them-watch their behavior-check their past-date wayyyyyy before considering marriage-vet them again-check out their family dynamics-then vet them again!!!! LOL

      This “Church” (emphasis on big “C”-the small “c” is GOD’s bride) is twisted and vain. Whose praying for communication and restitution and order?! Who wants what GOD wants? Chile, these chirren’ want second-hand Chanel suits and 3-hand Bentley’s with oil leaks just to say they’ve arrived!!!! B*tch!!! get life-check in with a real therapist-pray and then maybe GOD will let them teach Sunday School at the local YMCA!!! LOL

    • Yep a little jail time will help him!!!

  2. U posted the address too Sir William u give all the tea lmao….the house is nice too I wonder if that’s Antony’s home too????

  3. The church is starting to make the secular world look tamed..

  4. This is just sad. SMH

  5. William you have a picture of you 😍 on UTUBE. Called
    FACTS !!!!!

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