Ronzell Pretlow Set To Be The Next Senior Pastor Marvin Sapp’s Church Lighthouse!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The Word is out that Ronzell Pretlow is set to be the next pastor of Marvin Sapp’s church Lighthouse Full Life Center.  Seems to be a great fit since both men are singers and preachers.  Sources close to the situation say Ronzell is asking for a contract with a five to seven year annual salary and some additional incentives as well.  Six figures will be nice in comparison to what he is getting now from the church he preached out.  Perhaps he will not have to travel as much anymore and will have more time to spend at home with his wife and family.

However, it is very interesting that Gary Sprewell is not getting the church since he is such good friends with Marvin.  In fact Gary at one time was booking Marvin before his preaching took off and he started traveling all over the country to various COGIC churches.  Gary has preached for a number of COGIC Bishops’ Jurisdictional meetings.  The young single preacher seems to be well liked in the organization and hop scotch across the country to preach.  Obnoxious Media has reached out to Gary for comment prior to posting this story, but have not heard back prior to our deadline.

Church is big business and these guys are using words like retiring and taking on churches with a corporate America approach.  Contracts, salary, and housing allowance seems to be the order of the day.  Hopefully these guys are saved and love God and will not bring a reproach on the name of God and the congregations.  Lighthouse is familiar with scandal when Marvin was named a person of interest in the investigation of the death of the woman that claimed she was pregnant by him and in a relationship with the Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist.  The Lord surly was on his side because he “Never Would Have Made It” out of that if it was or for God.

Read our original story on Marvin Sapp’s announcement that he was leaving Lighthouse below:

Marvin L. Sapp Announces He Is Leaving Lighthouse Full Life Center in Grand Rapids


Marvin L. Sapp Announces He Is Leaving Lighthouse Full Life Center in Grand Rapids

marvin sapp1


Bishop Marvin L. Sapp today announced to his congregation that he is retiring as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center.  He would have been the Senior Pastor of Bishop Eddie Lee Long’s New Birth in Atlanta, But rumor has it he could not get a Keyman Insurance Policy due to a preexisting condition.  It is surprising he as stayed as long as he has at his church.  Marvin will be sure to give Jackass Jakes a serious run for his money.  Big Boy is going to have to put Dr. Cynthia James and others to work overtime to keep Potters House full.  Jakes is going to be barking and spitting a lot more to keep his folks from running to join Marvin church.

He has accepted the personal request of Bishop Richard E. Young to assume the role of Senior Pastor of Chosen Vessel Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas. Bishop Young is a close family friend who is like an Uncle to Marvin Sapp.

Bishop Young has been the pastor of Chosen Vessel since 1985. In April he announced that he will retire to Emeritus status effective September 14th, 2019.

“When I began considering retirement, it was the Spirit of the Lord that prompted me to call Marvin,” says Bishop Young. “Not only is there a relationship rooted in mutual respect, but Marvin has proven himself to be extremely loyal. This ministry is one that I have spent the majority of my life building, and I want it to go to the next level. I know that Bishop Marvin Sapp will be committed and will lead Chosen Vessel to new levels, and that is why I asked him to be my successor.”

Marvin Sapp’s last day as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center will be the first Sunday in September. He will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lighthouse Full Life Center and will continue to provide spiritual oversight. Sapp will preach his first sermon as Senior Pastor of Chosen Vessel on September 15th. The date of Bishop Sapp’s installation will be announced in the near future.

Unfortunately, Marvin Sapp is Metropolitan Bishop within the Global United Fellowship, under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis, where he oversees more than 100 churches in 19 states, which is about all of the churches in the Mickey Mouse organization.  Ellis stated this foolishness after he was rejected by the Bishops in Full Gospel Baptist.  They had no problem letting him know we do not want you.  Plus Debra Morton hates him and somewhat blames Ellis for the nervous breakdown Paul had in Ellis’ Pulpit.  Paul totally lost his mind and crawled on the floor in front of a packed church.  In addition to being a gifted preacher, he is an author, radio show host and internationally renowned singer who has enjoyed a decorated 30 year music career, receiving 24 Stellar Awards, 2 Soul Train Music Awards, 2 BET Awards, 2 Dove Awards and 8 BMI Songwriter’s Awards for sales along with many other accolades and honors from national, regional and local institutions.  He is a multiple Grammy and Billboard Award nominee and, in 2015, was named Billboard’s Top Male Gospel Artist.

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  1. Maybe they didn’t want this Queen Gary Sprewell to be the face of the church…I’m sure of it 😛

  2. This company is pure trash! You post things without accurate facts and wonder why your barely popular. I sense a few lawsuits on your hands in the near future but keep doing whatever it is your doing

    • Well John,

      Your dumb ass is here and making comments somwe are doing something right. Now prove what I have said is wrong or shut your stupid ass up. Lawsuit is not our concern period.

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