Roy McClendon-Thompson, A High School Teacher Accused Of Killing Male Escort James Curtis Jones And Stealing Over $100,000 Dollars From Tabernacle Baptist Church!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Roy McClendon-Thompson, A Dekalb County Georgia high school teacher allegedly stole more than $100,000 from from Tabernacle Baptist Church, where Bishop Dennis Meredith is pastor, over a span of three plus years and was arrested on charges of embezzlement approximately two before he reportedly killed James Curtis Jones, known as Cody a rumored male escort that Roy frequently hired for his services and then died in a horrific car crash as he fled police.

According to reports, Roy McClendon-Thompson had a problematic past and was arrested on embezzlement charges just three weeks ago after Tabernacle Baptist Church on Moreland Drive filed a fraud report on April 26, 2018.

McClendon-Thompson, 42, was the chief financial officer for the church, and it is alleged that he transferred more than $100,000 from their accounts to his personal account.

A friend of McClendon-Thompson, Gerald Griggs, a fellow member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. along with Roy, told WSB radio that he didn’t believe that McClendon-Thompson stole the money.

However, the church secretary told police that McClendon-Thompson stole approximately $103,843.30, between November 2015 and last April. Police issued an arrest warrant for McClendon-Thompson who they allege had deposited church funds into personal accounts. Which is interesting due to his being a high school teacher and the Dekalb County Schools not suspending him pending his arrest.

McClendon-Thompson worked as a social studies teacher at McNair High School and was a suspect in killing a man, James Curtis Jones, who he had reportedly been dating.

McClendon-Thompson allegedly shot and killed Jones in the parking deck of a Dunwoody apartment complex where he resided.  His licence plate was recorded by the apartment surveillance camera.

When police pursued McClendon-Thompson in his Ellenwood home, he fled and was killed in a fatal car crash, investigators said.  Actually the police arrived at his home and was knocking on the door before the judge signed the arrest warrant.

He had been booked on the church theft charges and was released two days later on $15,000 bond. He had a court appearance scheduled for Friday.

Now the plot thickens……Rumor has it that the Bishop Dennis Meredith secretary, Corlus brought the charges to the City of Atlanta and Bishop Meredith did not want it to go public once he found out.  Tabernacle has been a place of controversy since the selling of the original building located on Boulevard.  Tabernacle at one time was a Pilar Church in Atlanta when Rev. Dorsey was pastor, the  was extremely active in the Civil Rights Movement.  The father of Hattie Dorsey a known leader in Atlanta Community and founder of Atlanta Development Authority has constantly been disappointed at the lack of leadership and what Tabernacle has become since Meredith has been pastor.

According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee, Roy McClendon-Thompson was in a long term relationship  to Maurice Derrco “Marcus” Thompson, 47 and lived together as a married couple for nearly twenty four years.  The two men shared a residence at 1879 Smith Grove Court In Ellenwood, Georgia. Tabernacle has been the center of rumors for years, from the pastor coming out of the closet, divorcing his wife, and finding love and marring one of her employees Lavar, that worked at a Beacon Of Hope School, founded Lydia Meredith.

Much of the family’s dirty laundry has been aired by Micah Meredith, Dennis’ middle son, on Social Media and Lydia in her self published book.  You name it from physical altercations of Micah jumping on Lavar to his father publicly declaring his son a drug addict over the pulpit, to Lydia withholding  a major donation to have the church’s family life center built.  The Meredith’s have lived through it.  According to Roy’s attorney and fraternity brother Roy was moving money at the instructions of Bishop Dennis Meredith.  Roy and Meredith’s live in boyfriend was said tohave been good friends and perhaps Roy was talking money to help cover debts from Lavar’s excessive gambling habit.  All of this will soon be brought to light with the dollars in funds.  Tabernacle has the making for a good soap opra or reality show.  In fact they were at one time the husband of one of the members of Excape was going to executive produce a reality show about the Meredith, But later it was thought to be bad idea and far to damaging to the church.

Read Micah’s Social Media Post below:


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  1. Do you happen to have any updates/funeral arrangements, and funeral home has his body…and how would one reach out to his family for condolances on James Curtis Jones…

    Thank you.

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