Rumor Has It That Bishop Marvin Sapp Will Be Named Senior Pastor Of New Birth Tomorrow!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee that are close to the situation at New Birth things are looking good for Bishop Marvin Sapp to be the next senior pastor of the late Disgraced Bishop Eddie Lee Long’s church.  Sapp preached last Sunday and Bible Study this past Wednesday night and the members loved him.  Insiders say it was down to five men that would get the church:  Jamal Harrison Bryant, Marvin Sapp, Charles Jenkins, John Gray, and George Bloomer.  Now Jamal they liked but he seemed to have had to much scandal and after things with Eddie Long and all the drama around Stephen Davis leaving they did not need Jamal and his sleeping around and Bastard Babies.  Charles Jenkins is having some serious martial issues that he was honest about and he is living in Atlanta and focused on his music career.  Plus he has a naked photo of him on the Internet and scandal with his wife and girlfriend, who’s tell all book will be out soon.  So Jenkins was out of the running before he could get his foot in good.  Now John Gray would have been excellent and is a son of New Birth and has that teach flow that they like, but he just took a church in South Carolina.  The Board Of Directors At New Birth tried to work it out to get John, but they just could not make it happen and the money is not what it was back in the day and has not been for some time.  George Bloomer is their go to guy when they need to be bailed out financially each and every time.  Now Bloomer has said he did not want the church and rumor has it that Jamal and Marvin did not give him a favorable review during their interviews.  It will be interesting to see is Marvin can to pay the mortgage each month.

Talking about a hunk and a chunk of money each month to stay in that coliseum they call a church.  Say what you want they have managed to survive since the and now almost two years after his death and they are still standing.  Marvin Sapp is a Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist and a dynamic preacher that will be able to fill the empty seats since Atlanta loves hype, but it just might play out after awhile.  Additionally, Marvin is in Bishop Neil Ellis’ start up Fellowship and he was a good friend of Bishop Long and preached his funeral.  Wonder if New Birth will join the Fellowship or will it just be something that Marvin will remain an individual member.  Ellis has attempted to build a Mickey Mouse Donald Duck organization with a bunch or rejects and wannabes.  At first we did not know why Paul Morton over looked him,  it we have found he and his so called publicist, Michelle Duffy have questionable integrity that would not allow you to follow him across the street.  Now back to Marvin and New Birth, it looks like this might just happen and that an announcement will be made this Sunday.  It remains to be seen if Marvin will be able to handle the challenge, but if he does not ,are it he will always have his church back in Grand Rapids to fall back on so he has nothing to loose and it is a positive move for him at this point in his ministry.

Since Marvin’s wife is deceased Vanessa will be able to maintain her position as First Lady, which is a safe move.  She still has a great deal of influence at the church and will most likely be the one to make the announcement of the new pastor tomorrow as she did when Stephen Davis was named the senior pastor last year.  Now one thing we do know is Marvin is definitely not going to pastor the church without a salary and it is said that he has negotiated a handsome compensation package that is better than he will ever have at his church.  New Birth will certainly be back on the map and just might have people running to get in there like the did back during the hay day when Eddie Long was raising so much money that armored trucks pulled up to the Lithonia church twice on Sunday to pick up the millions he was racking in.

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  1. What happened to the son? Wasn’t he taking over the church?

  2. When I say you know how to deliver with a a cup a tea on the side. I hollered at the Neil Ellis slide in😂😂😂

  3. Congratulations Bishop Marvin Sapp…this will be a grea fit! Smile Bitch!

  4. Not so sure. Bishop Liston Page Jr. preached there today and he was on fire!

    • Bishop Page Jr. Would be the best fit for this position truly a holiness preacher with out comprise. But the body wants a watered down gospel to stay in their mess woe until the church.

  5. Never seen so many errors by a journalist before. Goodness!

  6. Marvin Sapp is a better singer than preacher, and that’s not saying much. Bishop Long may have had a sketchy past, but he COULD preach. Best of luck to the congregation.

  7. It’s so sad that so called Bishops and so called Gospel Celebrities are selling their souls out for filthy lucre… “ God is not please”

  8. Bishop Liston Page Jr. Would have been the best fit as Senior Pastor of New Birth. But the Saints don’t want holiness preaching, and Kingdom teaching. Saints chasing after a watered down gospel because they want to stay in their “MESS”. I love Marvin Sapp but Liston is a preaching machine without Compromise.

  9. Bishop Liston Page Jr. would have been the best selection for New Birth. He is a holiness preacher without compromise and teaching the Kingdom of God. But the saints don’t want that they love watered down gospel so they can stay in their mess.

  10. Bishop Liston Page,????? Smh. Wonder why he felt compelled to jump at something Bishop Eddie Long had instead of starting his own church in Atlanta? The same thing with Bryant Jenkins, Sapp.

  11. They already had the fake, hopefully they are ready for what is real

  12. Sapp is Not a dynamic preacher and he also was in a scandal with a young black doctor that showed up dead in his city Dr. Teleka Patrick. I worked on this missing Persons case personally with Kalamazoo authorities. She was a member of his church and reported having a relationship with him. She was ejected from the ministry but there was years of online conversations with a anonymous person she insisted was him. It was the only way he would talk to her online.
    He is also the sam dude that takes his children to Beyoncé concerts when we all know she’s one of the biggest witches in the industry. Really? They should have just asked Byron cage, his favorite lover, while they were at it.

  13. I am so glad he did not get this position. He is one of the most arrogant men of God . I have ever seen.
    He has no personality, no warmth. He cannot deliver a message and he fancies himself above other people.

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