Should Bishop Charles BLAKE Run For Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ Again?

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

                                                Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.  Bishop

Should Bishop BLAKE Run Again??  What Member Of The General Board Is Capable Of Running The Church??


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The Church of God in Christ voted on the role of presiding bishop.
The Church of God in Christ voted on the role of presiding bishop. (Facebook)
Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Since we are about fifteen months out from the meeting of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Assembly at the 112th Holy Convocation it is only fitting for me, Mr. Obnoxious start some fireworks of my own.  Should Bishop BLAKE run again or is it time for him to call it quiets?  Traditionally COGIC Presiding Bishops die in office.  However, has Bishop BLAKE taken the church to the next level or has too many Mickey Mouse Donald Duck men been Consecrated to the office of Bishop to just generate revenue to keep the National Church afloat.

One of the good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee that just so happens to be an official in the Church Of God In Christ sent the official list of all the individuals approved and saying they plan to run for various offices in COGIC by the church’s screening committee. This is the official list so if a person that you thought was running and might have even seen their printed campaign material, but their name does not appear below they are not able to run for office in the church. This is election year and it is going to be a tight race for President  and the same will be mirrored in the church. November 2020 promises to be one of the toughest elections in the history of the church. Washington,D.C. has nothing on the politics being played in COGIC. A number of private alliances are beginning to be revealed of people that most folks would be surprised were even friends that are running in packs.  Four years ago my poll was 85% percent accurate and I am confident the results will be the same if not better this election.
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Mr. Obnoxious is going to keep it 100% percent real that some of these folks running should just focus all their time, attention, and money on their local church especially if it is a store front with fifty or less members. Not to mention the Bishops that are attempting to run for the General Board and they are barely oversee a good district. The next few days leading up to convocation will prove to get tighter and tighter as those seeking office take their marks, get set, and run for office in the largest Black Pentecostal Denomination in the world. The following list will leave a number of folks shocked and speechless at who actually made it and did not make it considering everyone must pass a mandatory background check to get approval by the screening committee, but by the Grace of God a few slipped through the cracks or was powerful enough to get a nod to move forward. There is one open seat since Bishop Roy LH Winbush will not seek reelection. It is rumored that at least on man will run aganist Bishop Blake for Presiding Bishop if he gets back on the General Board plus it might just be one more that is brave enough to seek the coveted post as the head of the entire church world wide.
Text COGICElect to 797979 for upto the minute live updates!
Since we are close to the Holy Convocation I, Mr. Obnoxious have launched an online and mobile app that is a voting poll plus a slate of worthy individuals that I have endorsed and encouraging  members of the General Assembly to bless with their vote. Now get to reading the jaw dropping official list of candidates  right now below:

1. Bishop George Adebanjo

2. Bishop Charles Blake – Incumbent

3. Bishop P. A. Brooks – Incumbent

4. Bishop Charles Brown

5. Bishop Prince Bryant, Sr.

6. Bishop Corby Bush

7. Bishop Charles Connor

8. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels – Incumbent

9. Bishop Ronnie Gibson

10. Bishop David Allen Hall, Sr.

11. Bishop G. Wesley Hardy

12. Bishop Michael Eugene Hill

13. Bishop Darrel Hines – Incumbent

14. Bishop Jerry Macklin – Incumbent

15. Bishop Loran Mann

16. Bishop Willie Matheney

17. Bishop Charles McClelland

18. Bishop George McKinney – Incumbent

19. Bishop Michael Paden

20. Bishop Sam Ram Paul

21. Bishop Brandon Porter – Incumbent

22. Bishop J. Drew Sheard – Incumbent

23. Bishop A. LaDell Thomas, Jr.

24. Bishop Ted Thomas – Incumbent

25. Bishop Nathaniel Wells – Incumbent

27. Bishop Matthew Williams – Incumbent

28. Bishop Lawrence Wooten – Incumbent

29. Bishop William Wright

1. Supervisor Diana Banks

2. Bishop-Designate Derrick Hutchins

3. Bishop Joel Lyles – Incumbent

4. Bishop Dickerson Wells

1. Elder Charles Hill

2. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson – Incumbent

1. Bishop Frank A. White – Incumbent


1. Evangelist Cari Barnes -Incumbent

2. Elder Darin Burns – Incumbent

3. Minister Marlon Bush

4. Pastor Joseph Chase – Incumbent

5. Pastor Michael Golden – Incumbent

6. Elder David Hall, Jr. – Incumbent

7. Evangelist Sandra Jones – Incumbent

8. Evangelist Sylvia Law – Incumbent

9. Supervisor Mildred Linzy – Incumbent

10. Mother Georgia Macklin-Lowe – Incumbent

11. Elder Kale Mann

12. Superintendent Christopher Martin

13. Evangelist Lanelle Perry

14. Elder Josephus Shepherd – Incumbent

15. Elder Amos Smith – Incumbent

16. Evangelist T. Lynn Smith – Incumbent

17. Dr. Ailean Stingley – Incumbent

18. Superintendent Jerome Strickland, Sr.

19. Superintendent Melton Timmons – Incumbent

20. Bishop Dwight Walls – Incumbent

21. Elder Kenneth Williams

22. Superintendent Kevin Williams

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  1. Bishop Blake should retire and endorse Drew Sheard. Sheard will be the next presiding Bishop.

  2. Bishop J Drew Sheard should be the next Presiding Bishop. Blake is a good Bishop, took us far as he could but now it’s time to sit yo ass down Bishop, and let someone else take the church to the next level.

  3. Bishop Blake should retire and pass the torch to whomever the people select as the next P.B. Bishop Blake has made major contributions to the COGIC that cannot be denied or overlooked. I am not criticizing, but it seems that Bishop’s preaching is not at the level it once was. Sometimes it seems that people are just sitting there listening to him out of respect for the office of P.B., but that he is not really connecting or inspiring them until he tunes up at the close of his message. I don’t know if he is still mentally as sharp as he once was, but we all know that as we age, we lose acumen.

    Why do some preachers feel they have to die in office? I guess that’s called Staying on the Battlefield For the Lord? Uh, ok. I have heard stories of some of the unusual things Bishop Mason did when he was elderly. Immediately I recognized it as dementia/Alzheimer’s. This puts people in the position of having to constantly watch you, cover for you and sometimes cleanup/explain things you say or do. I guess if you have a system in place the church machine will keep running even if the leader is not as capable as he once was. Sometimes people want the current leader to stay in place because it benefits them.

    In my opinion, it’s selfish to remain in a spot if you know you are not at 100 (and if it is apparent to others) and if there are others that could effectively take the work to the next level. Every true Elijah has a Elisha.

  4. I thought Bishop Matthew Williams was on the General Board.

    INCUMBENT is not listed next to his name.

  5. The6thClarkSister

    Sir McCray for Bishop!

  6. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, for Presiding Prelate of the COGIC.

    • Bishop Daniels has very poor health. Yes, I like him a lot, but the office of the Presiding Bishop is very demanding. I don’t he has the stamina for it.

  7. Anybody but Bishop Sheards dry ass! He is still eating off of the Clark name! People attend his church for KAREN & DORINDA.

  8. Bishop Frank O. White is with the Lord and is no longer on the G.B.

  9. Man please😒. I’m soooooo tired of hearing that mess. Bishop Sheard has built that church/ ministry into what it is. Nobody attends GEI to see the Clark Sisters😒. Bishop Sheard has a stellar reputation and a great business mind…college educated. He has worked his way through cogic and has excelled at every assignment. If elected, Bishop Sheard will be an outstanding Presding Bishop.

  10. I thought Bishop Blake said he was stepping down after 2020?

  11. COGIC Constitutionalist

    Great Sir William. However I think The question is not really should Bishop Blake run for Presiding Bishop, since No One truly runs for Presiding Bishop, which of course you know.
    Question is, should he run for the General Board and the answer is No. But if he does he should not accept the Presiding Bishop position if selected by the General Assembly. I think if selected for the good of the church he should immediately take Emeritus status and defer to the next man selected. And for those who are not COGIC and confused by my comments. Quick lesson on Constitution of COGIC. No one runs for Presiding Bishop, everyone runs to be on the General Board and from those who make the General Board a Presiding Bishop is selected. So no one really runs for Presiding Bishop. Now it is true a Board memeber can choose to not be considered for Presiding Bishop but the vote is the Board memebr with the highest number of votes on this second vote becomes Presiding Bishop.

  12. Way too many church Sissies in COGIC especially on the leadership boards

  13. Bogus List!! Supt. Michael Golden is constitutionally prohibited from election to the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. He is the National Men’s Conference Director. He resigned his seat on the Trustee Board after he was elected and seated in 2016

  14. Bogus information!!! Bishop Winbush is not currently on the GENERAL BOARD. The distinguished gentleman and there are no “OPEN” spots/slots! Even the photo posted is erroneous. Bishop Frank Otha White is deceased and Bishop Roy L.H. Winbush no longer serves.
    This is the current GENERAL BOARD elected in 2016

    Charles Blake
    P.A. Brooks
    J.W. Macklin
    Sedgwick Daniels
    Nathiel Wells
    Lawrence Wooten
    George D. McKinney
    Nathaniel Wells
    J. Drew Sheard
    Brandon Porter
    Ted Thomas
    Darrell Hines
    Matthew Williams

    • Thanks for your In site and detailed response. The list provided was I. Line with last election and will include more as we move closer to the election. Seems you should start your own blow but if you choose to stay heart watch your mouth because it does not take much to piss me off and you might find yourself a subject of one of my post!

      How you are clear!

    • The top picture is old and was one I choose to use due them all being in their vestments. The picture below is current. Do not ever come for me unless I send for you!

  15. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site! Hope all is well with everyone!! Man do I miss those good covos with David and KC. Are they still around?
    LOL @ folk that are still associated with COGIC. I’ve been saying it for 10 years and I’ll say it again, COGIC = pyramid scheme!

    • @B. I miss David too!

      You are positively, absolutely correct. COGIC is set up like a PYRAMID SCHEME. I’m pretty sure that was not the original intent when the denomination was established, but that is the current state of affairs and has been for quite a while.

      The money flows from those on the bottom to the top! Congregants are asked and expected to give to their local pastor, 1st lady, district missionary, minister of this, that and the other/other office holders. Then, these SAME congregants are expected to give to their jurisdictional bishop, 1st lady, supervisor of women, minister of this, that and the other. Then, when at the Holy Convocation, these SAME congregants are expected to give to the P.B., the General Mother, and the heads of every department.

      They also have “send away” services in order to raise money for someone from the local church that is going to a state or national meeting so they can “represent us well.” What exactly does that mean? Buy new outfits? Travel first class? Use money from the offering that was collected for them so they will have money to give in the state/national offerings so they won’t have to use their own money?

      Many of the people they are repeatedly asking to give in these offerings are going to these same meetings and need their funds for their own travel/food expenses! They usually say, “let’s show so-and-so some love by giving $XX.” Why doesn’t the church show some love to the congregants and stop using them to fund the upper echelon of the church? Tell the upper echelon travelers to save their money and fund their own travel like everybody else does.

  16. Still wearing my cord

    I would have loved to see Bishop George McKinney get a term in office as PB. However, the ship has probably sailed on that possibility. Bishop J. Drew Sheard is probably the “next man up,” as they say. However, Bishop Brandon Porter of Memphis is someone who has a wide appeal and would be a generation-bridge between the Patterson/Blake era and the new generation. (Bishop Sheard would be a solid choice, and a good transitional figure as well, I believe)
    For the future, looking at 2024 and 2028, at some point, the name Linwood Dillard will come into the conversation. It’s very clear that the sky is the limit for him.

  17. Bishop McKinney, Bishop Brandon Porter, Bishop DarylHines, Bishop Sedwick
    This are my . Please do t say anything
    A person without Sins or a passed. You Run

    We need to go up not back. BISHOP MASON was one of a kind, we need to go up holiness, not only was bishop Mason great but his followers had his back. They did speak negative about him the ones that did,he send them on their way, I have a book, I purchased in the 80

  18. Do any one know how to get in to Vote,I wouldlove to know. What credentials are needed. I will pay to vote

    • You have to be selected by your local jurisdiction to be a delegate. All Bishops, Supervisors, Jurisdictional First Ladies, Pastors and Elders are automatic delegates. Each Jurisdiction selects 4 District Missionarys and 6 lay delegates for the General Assembly

  19. COGIC has so much history. Every previous presiding Bishop were great for their time. For example, Bishop JO Patterson Sr. use his organizational strengths to help organize COGIC as a whole. Bishop LH Ford hit the ground running improving and updating Mason Temple saints academy and bringing the church back to its holliness roots. Bishop Chandler Owens strengthen the church fiscal affairs thus protecting the church from going bankrupt. Bishop GE Patterson placed COGIC on the map thus the church a greater global audience. Basically, COGIC became extremely popular doing his tenure. Bishop Blake used his influence to partner with corporations to assist the church on mamt levels such as Elly corporation. I personally believe that Bishop J Drew Sheard should be the next presiding Bishop. Additionally, I believe that Bishop Lynwood Dillard should be the First Assistant presiding Bishop. Although, Bishop Dillard just became jurisdictional Bishop he should run to become a General Board member. The youngest person that was elected to serve on the General Board was Bishop Jacob Cohen of Miami, FL (40) years old. Became jurisdictional bishop at the tender age of 38. Bishop Drew Sheard would be a great presiding Bishop, Bishop Lynwood would be a great first Assistant Presiding Bishop. These two men with their educational knowledge and gift for building and innovating change would grow this church to a level no one haa witnessed. As of now COGIC is stagnant with growth. The holy covocation has seen a drop in attendance however, the is ready for change I believe. Bishop Blake is a great man however, our church has been declining in membership. Bishop GE Patterson global audience was so large until COGIC was respected and loved by millions. Bishop was a marketing genius that utilized several mass communication mediums to reach millions such as BET and the word network. Let’s pray that God will be done. The average COGIC church has less them 150 members. Sadly the attendance in St. Louis has been declining. We need a youthful Presiding Bishop and General Board. The general board members that has over 2,000 members in their local church is Bishop Blake, Bishop Daniles, Bishop Hines, Bishop Porter, and Bishop Matthew Williams of Tampa, FL. In fact Bishop Hines founder his church from nothing addtional he has more world-wide influence then any general board member. He is a in demand evanglist preaching to a gloabal world wide audiences. Bishop Matthew Williams inherited a extremely Small church however, he built it into one of the largest Churches in Tampa and he has the largest COGIC membership in Florida. Bishop Daniles built a large church. However, Bishop Porter Father handed his son a well established wilth well over a 2,000 members. However, Blake and Williams basically built their churches from nothing! Lastly, Bishop Sheard built his church from nothing as well. Listed below is my take on the presiding Bishop and general board.

    Bishop J Drew Sheard- Presiding Bishop
    Bishop Lynwood Dillard- First Assistant
    Bishop Brandon Porter- Second Assistant.
    Bishop Matthew Williams
    Bishop Darly Hines
    Bishop Daniels
    Bishop William Watson
    Bishop Nathiel Wells
    Bishop George Mckinney

    • Bishop William’s does not have 2000 members. I’ve been to his church and it’s a big sanctuary but not a lot of people. I agree with you that Linwood should run for GB. He’s the future presiding bishop.

      These are the bishops who should retire

      Bishop Blake
      Bishop Brooks
      Bishop Mckinney
      Bishop Wells
      Bishop Wooten
      Bishop Thomas

      These are the Bishops who should replace them:
      Bishop Dillard
      Bishop Shelby
      Bishop FA White
      Bishop Patrick Wooden
      Bishop Elijah Hankerson
      Bishop Destry Bell

      The church’s leadership needs to get younger and this would be a start.

      How would anyone feel about Bishop Macklin being presiding bishop?

  20. I think They Should Elect Bishop Drew Sheard As Presidng Bishop Of The COGIC
    I Like Bishop Blake But He needs To step down but stay On The General board

  21. i think they should elect bishop drew sheard as next presidng bishop
    bishop blake should step down

  22. I don’t know if the Grand Ole Church Of God In Christ is ready to deal with Drew Sheard becoming Presiding Bishop and all that would come along with that…I really don’t see any competition and I think the seats will stay the same.Voting members should really ask the question to those that are running wit have you contributed to the national church since the last election?

  23. When Bishop Sheard gets elected
    then elevate Mother MCooo when Mother Rivers has done her works.

    • Mother Rivers had to be removed because of the millions that were stolen from the Women’s Department. The church have done a great job in protecting Mother Rivers and her family. But only a few know what really went down.

  24. Bishop Blake is not seeking reelection in 2020. He didn’t want to run in 2016, but leadership wanted him to serve one more term. I believe he did his job by taking the church out of major financial debt when Bishop G.E. Patterson died.

  25. Bishop J Drew Sheard should be the next Presiding Bishop, to take the church to the next level as far as women in leadership. Mother Rivers should return to her position with Administrative Support from Mother McGoo-Lewis, Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole & Supervisor Diane Bogan. Dr. Judith Mcallister needs to go and bring back the real gospel music of the church.


    1. Bishop J Drew Sheard- Presiding Bishop
    2. Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr – First Assistant
    3. Bishop Brandon Porter-Second Assistant
    4. Bishop Frank A. White -Third Assistant
    5. Bishop Matthew Williams
    6. Bishop Darly Hines
    7. Bishop Tyrone L. Butler
    8. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels
    9. Bishop Lynwood Dillard
    10. Bishop E. Robert Patterson, Jr
    11. Bishop Elijah H. Hankerson III
    12. Bishop William H. Watson, III

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