Sleaze Bag Bishop Freddie Marshall Arrested For Check Fraud And A Failure To Appear!

Bishop Freddie Marshall Arrested and in jail on over a $20,000 Bond.  It seems he was arrested for five counts of bad checks a failure to appear cash bond of close to $12,000 Dollars!

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Sleaze Bag Bishop Freddie B. Marshall Revealed–Sex And BASTARD Children By Two Sisters, Homosexual Relationships Discovered, ALLEGATIONS Of Fraud, Rape, And Child MOLESTATION

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has conducted an investigation on Bishop Freddibe B. Marshall and the results of our findings is worst then a movie plot or a soap opera.  The things that this man has done on the Name of Christ is actually mind blowing.  Form having sexual affairs with an entire family to having four bastard children while married and had three with his wife that he recently divorced.  Not to mention the number of fraud and illegal activity to keep his operation afloat.  However, to his credit he always lands on his feet and manage to keep his church and organization in operation.  Now do not take it form me but read the notes form members of my Obnoxious Street Committee that are members of the Marshall’s  church and family that all were willing to share the reality of what is really gong on with this man that is nothing more then a sleaze bag let alone a bishop.  There is more honor among thieves and criminals then this so called Man of God.  Now get to reading our detailed repot below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious,

At first like most people I was very upset with your first report on my pastor, Bishop Freddie B. Marshall.  The things you alleaged was shocking and hurtful about this man I loved and supported ministry.  However, thanks to you my eyes became open and I began to realize it was some fact to the allegations and I began to look into them more closely.  When I finally could get past that old idea of “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” I could see Freedie for the dirty dog he really was.  

Freddie B. Marshall, Jr. is his name cause his father is Freddie Marshall and his son is Freddie A. Marshall, III (third).

This nigga uses his fathers and sons name when he gets legal trouble! But that aint the juicy stuff cause he been doing that for years. So he

Baby Mama#1-Sherri Marshall

Baby Mama#2-Unknown -he has a male son that is in between his oldest son by sheri and his 2nd son by sheri

Baby Mama#3-Tonya Thomas-she lived with Sheri and Freddie since she was 18 until about 10 yrs ago (she is about 35/36)

Baby Mama#4-Cassandra Jessup (Tonya Thomas is her Aunt)

He just had a new baby with baby mama #4 her name is Cassandra Jessup new baby is Ashton he is only 3 months old born June 15, 2015.He has been sleeping with Cassandra who is know by red since she was in her teens but she is in love with him. Now the first child is 5 or 6 who she had when he was still married to Sheri but with the baby he made Cassandra move to Flordia when she started showing in her pregnancy the end of last yr. Her mother is Sharon Covington-who Freddie made a Bishop in 2013 when you put the first blog up because she found out that he was sleeping with Red, this is after he had already had been sleeping with her sister Tonya Thomas who he fathered Taylor Thomas with, Taylor is in middle school. Tonya Thomas is who your blog about his live-in whore was really about. He moved tonya in his home back in 1998 when she was in high school and got her pregnant. She is in the leopard dress with blue shoes. Now look at the family picture where Tonya’s head is is Sharon Covington, they are sisters ( so she knew about him getting Tonya pregnant and having sex with her when she was 18/19 up until now-everyone did) But Sharon is also Cassandra’s mother so this nigga had kids by Sharon’s sister and daughter!!!! Which is why he made her a Bishop 
 Sharon Covington when he made her a bishop

Tonya Thomas currently

Cassandra Jessup with the baby boy Ashton

Austin his first child with Cassandra Jessup he just started kindergarden

Family picture of Cassandra with all of her children 2 boys by Freddie one she had by someone else

Freddie B. Marshall ‏@BishopFBM Sep 3 Tweeted!

Custom closets are being installed today…..and the installers were on time!


He started dating his fiancee when he was still married to Sheri Marshall, they sent out wedding invitations for November

Sheri filed for divorce 2013 and of course it was finalized a few months ago, but this girl is 30-Azaviea Brown, his fiance has great credit that he has now put all his stuff in her name and she comes from money, which is is using all up.

But his fiancee called Cassandra cussing and fussing at her and told her to leave her man alone, etc. He moved Cassandra to Florida and is supposed to be taking care of her but of course he didn’t so in July she started posting stuff about him on facebook calling him a sorry baby daddy, etc. But then she apologized to him and took the posts down after everyone saw them. But her mother dated a guy named Frederick Allen who is also a minster or whatever and he ripped Freddie a new on facebook:

Fredrick Allen Ministries
April 17 · Edited ·
This is Bishop Freddie B Marshall. He is a pervert a rapist you can Google him and see for yourself. Why do he still carry the title bishop. Wow

These are Cassandra Jessup words!!!!

I’m really not a bible reader but i do know ………..

Timothy 5:8

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever…….

With that being said its sad you wont man up to your responsibilities to your kids i used to feel sorry for you now i feel more sorry for Austin and Ashton(otw)

this is the rapist Bishop Freddie Mashall

Freddie and Austin

Now when the man posted all this on facebook all of Freddie’s sheeps starting attacking him, they threatened him and put up a fake video that they put his face on a man getting fucked in the ass by another man. Now the guy is not homosexual but they made the video and then joked on facebook about doing it.
This is what he shared on facebook from Cassandra’s sister who sent him messages on facebook after the above post
Fredrick Allen Ministries

April 27 ·
Question : Is it right to let a wolf in sheep clothing live amongst the Christians and not expose him?

Well Crystal Jessup think i should not open my mouth about the so call Bishop Freddie Marshall the one who has cause horrific sins in people and family lives. He rape children that was attending his church. However here are her words behind closed doors

Okay this is Crystal, I do not what is going on , but you really need to take this crap down because now you putting my nephew in harms way!!!! This situation is getting out of hand and NOBODY has the right to judge… We all are gonna have to answer to God. So way are putting my nephew on blast like that it is nobody’s mess and you have no right to say anything because…. not your concern NOW take it DOWN or I am reporting it to the police… for Slaunder on behalf of my nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Am not NOT Playing!!!!

Fredrick Allen found out about everything because he was dating Sharon Covington-Cassandra’s mother.
You can see he keeps it in the family with all of this mess and people know but continue to go to his church, now Freddie made his son Justin Marshall a pastor and only preaches 2 sundays out of the month because he thinks he can move to South Carolina and get a clean slate. But he gone do the same stuff no matter where he go
Oh and some stuff on Freddie’s brother who is Overseer Alvin Marshall, who has to stand on guard during services to watch his brothers back. Now he is a open homosexual who has been one all his life. But if you seen Sunday’s Best last season and you saw Brandon Gaines on the show, he is Alvin’s “husband”. They have been together since 2008, living together and all. Alvin is in his 40’s and Brandon is in his 20’s he has always liked them young. See brandon in the family picture, taylor is in the picture also with the green head band on behind Freddie’s father.

His brother Alvin Marshall

 Now, Alvin is basically Brandon’s suga daddy he pay for all of his stuff, he lives with him and he don’t work no where.

He is over the praise team at the Church

Tiquila Wilson who was on Sunday Best the same season as Brandon and on Sunday Best Allstars also has bee a member of the church since 2009 and is also on the praise team, of course you saw her show her ass in a hotel during the filming of the allstar season this year

Brandon and Tiquila

Now I aint gonna get started on all the little girls and boys!!! yes I said boys, he like little boys too!! that Freddie has slept with but he is paying Alexis Morgan $1000 a month to keep quiet cause he started sleeping with her when she was 15 and her brother Alonzo he pay money too cause he slept with him too.

Alonzo has on the wife beater and Alexis is beside him, idk who the boy in the back is

Alexis with her new baby, now I wonder who the daddy is??? we can only guess

I will stop here cause I’m tired of writing, don’t put my name or info no where on anything!!!
These findings are absolutely shocking and not the character of an Elder let alone a Bishop!

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  1. Whoever sent this letter is out of order and dead wrong. Maybe God will I be day expose her dirt on your site. She sounds like a scorn woman.

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