Social Media Influencer Tyree Williams Commits Suicide

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Tai Couture Tyree Williams Death

Popular Youtuber, Tai Couture, Tyree Williams has died. He reportedly took his own life. Williams death news hit social media, shocking a lot of people that knew him.

Couture is an underwear designer, a hairstylist and a Youtube influencer, and even an amateur adult film star.  Obnoxious Media first learned of Tyree after he began to date a Openly Gay Pastor, Micheal Heard.  He attempted to start an inclusive church in Cincinnati, Ohio that never seemed to get off the ground well.  Micheal’s rumored criminal past and sex Tapes was said to keep him from the new start on life.  It was after a breakup and collapsed church that Micheal moved back to Atlanta and started dating the popular Social Media Influencer, Tyree Williams.  The popular gay couple often hosted parties and events and even had a short run of a talk show on their YouTube channel.  Tyree seemed to have it all a salon in New Jersey and the man of his dreams and new life in Atlanta.  Money, looks, great body, and popularity cannot always make you happy.

Depression is reall and at times will make the best of us think about ending it all.  Their has been an attack on me by Diemro Jives, Derrion, Seth Micheal Warrington, and a few other vloggers that made me consider ending my life.  The constant harassment on a daily basis and people thinking it is funny and a joke is no laughing matter.  Seth has crated multiple social media profiles with the sole purpose to harass and insult me.  As a result this story has touched our hearts in a very real way.

Listen, your mental & emotional health are always of the upmost importance. I generally stress to my friends & family the importance of taking care of their internal self and that at times means disconnecting from their phones and social media to tune in to self. #rip#taicouture

Obnoxious Media is not sure what could have made him to take his own life, but there are rumors he has made several attempts in the past and suffered from mental illness and contributed to an individual that seeemed to have it all to committing suicide.tai-couture-instagram

Jacen Bowman on Facebook shared below Tribute.

Wow !!! I am lost for words !!! R.I.P Tyree Williams (Tai) My Birthday Twin !!!!! Wow my prayers to his family and friends I will never forget when we met years ago when you were a prestige walking best dressed. Over the years we always had a great friendship and you was always super nice and just a good person. I am like stunned by this like wow !!


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  1. Sir Williams

    I am stunned and saddened by his death.

  2. This is absolutely sad but William you have made people feel the exact same way with what you either posted or blogged about them. This should make you think twice and reconsider blasting people.

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