Suge Knight gets his Ass Kicked!

Suge Knight, who is said to have fathered a small community, might be a daddy again soon.  Saaphyri, the winner of VH-1’s “Charm School” is pregnant.  And the word going around in Los Angeles is that the baby was fathered by Death Row Records’ boss Suge Knight.  As you well know Knight recently got his ass kicked and the world was able to see him fall like a huge red wood tree.  Seems he and his boys had jumped a guy when he came out of no where and knocked Knight out.  The word that I got from people that were actually at the club the other night is that the fight had been broken up and the guy came from out of no where and knocked Suge out because he got him off guard.  The saying is true, “The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

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