Super Soul Sunday With Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley Was A Powerful Life Changing Spiritual Encounter

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Dr. Brian Jefferson Mosley is one of the most prolific preachers of this time. His ministry reaches all people and he apostates the Gospel to a child’s understanding. Mosley has an incredible able to relate to the people in his services. The perfect combination of old school church with a new age touch captivates those he ministers to where he is invited. This petencostal evangelist has traveled preaching the Gospel for over forty years. Know in years past for his crusades that would pack out arenas all over the nation.
Mosley often tries to shy away from being called a prophet due to so much prostitution of the gift in the church today. However, Mosley has a God-given gift to see accurately in to the lives of the people God tells him to call out. A profound teacher, talented singer, pianist, and flat footed preacher Mosley’s ministry is most needed in the church today. Known to demand folks that he calls out to dance and shot on the Word God has given him for their life.
After the service I had the distinct honor and privilege to speak with Dr. Mosley. Now just the night before I had interviewed Jammie Foxx and many other stars at the Trumpet Awards and was not as nervous as I was to speak to such a profound Man of God. Mosley epitomizes style and class seated behind a desk in monochromatic black with a very serious look on his face that was most intimidating. He must of know that I was nervous because he broke the ice with a smile and asked me how did I enjoy his service.
Smiling while the butterflies in my stomach began to settle I found strength to respond. “Dr. Mosley you are like fine wine and seem to get better and better with time,” I replied. He laughed and said what am I going to do with you. I reminded him of the first time I heard him preach was my freshmen year at Morehouse and he came to Powerhouse of Deliverance Church Of God In Christ where the Late Murphy Pace was the pastor and I was there under watch care. This man appeared in the pulpit impeccably dressed looking like he could have been the brother of Minister Louis Farrakhan, but was full of the Holy Ghost. His command of the service was something that I had never seen and to this day I have not encountered another preacher that posses that level of POWER!
“I am that his humbled that The Lord would me and my ministry to be a refreshing to the Saints,” Mosley explained. He went on to share that he did not need to tell me how many of his collogues have been caught in moral failure or have hurt people until they need a refreshing. To be revived and confidence in God renewed.
Mosley says that The Lord said “Low I will be with you always” so he does not fly and feels that his ministry may have suffered for that reason since he is know mostly in the East Coast and South. However, he has preached all over the nation, but not as much out West as he would like.

I had to share a little of Super Soul Sunday with Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley!

Posted by William G. McCray III on Sunday, January 25, 2015

It felt good to be back in Atlanta! This city needs a revival and I would love to come and spend a week in old fashion revival in Atlanta,” Mosley said. It is something special about this city, but it is drifting away form God.
Having pastored at one time for twelve years he thought seriously at one time of planting a ministry in Atlanta, but knew his true call was to evangelism. He was so glad to have attended the Church Of God In Christ Holy Convocation this past November. Smiling he shared that he was home and finally after some years his schedule permitted him to come. Other times he is trusted to conduct revival and preach the Sunday services when Bishops and Pastors are away at the national meeting. Attending Convocation permitted him the opportunity to reconnect with friends from years ago.

Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley calling the Saints out and giving them a word!

Posted by William G. McCray III on Sunday, January 25, 2015

While deliberately choosing his words, Mosley emphasized, “I am profoundly happy that this year I will come out of my comfort zone and do more that would give him greater visibility to the Body of Christ. I know that God has blessed us with global reach. Considering a television broadcast and a crusade the Saints will definitely be hearing from Brian Jefferson Mosley.
I decided to deal with the “elephant in the room” about his sitting down with me and the incorrect reputation that I have for killing preachers.
“I don’t mind me being interviewed by you and yes your name and blog comes up often, but I have always said that if these horrible things were not happening he would not have anything to report,” Mosley said about me.
Brian Jefferson Mosley is the man to invite to your ministry! My spirit was so uplifted from having attended his service yesterday. It was truly Super Soul Sunday. Now most of you know that I report on a number of scandals that should not be named among the brothern Mosley was used by to renew my confidence in him. In the mist of all this sin and evil running ramped in the church their are still some people that really love God for real. While church has become commercialized and most pastors act like club and concert promoters inviting preachers and prophets to draw a big crowd and raise a lot of money. Invite a man that is sincere with a true gift from God. Mosley will not come and cause you shame and problems after he is gone like a lot of this trash running all over the country. Brian Jefferson Mosley is man of the hour and that is without debate!

More of Super Soul Sunday with Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley today!

Posted by William G. McCray III on Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley shares a testimony of how God has recently blessed him!

Posted by William G. McCray III on Sunday, January 25, 2015

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  1. Jerry D. Edwards III

    It was a great word spoken on Super Sunday.
    Dr. Brian J. Mosley is a phenomenal prognosticator.

  2. Wellingsley Jackson, Jr

    Are you in love? This is the first nice thing I have heard you say about any preaching peson.

  3. Man I should have gone to get the lottery numbers from the great Rev. There use to be a man that came on a small cable TV program that gave you the numbers by using the Scriptures . How much was the Profit charging for the number on this Sunday ?

  4. Honestly I can not think of any Christian Preachers or Pastor that can tell me any useful information since I know that the Bible and Christianity are forgeries . The preachers may be sincere, but I think they are sincerely wrong.

    In order to enjoy the service you must accept what he said by faith . I require facts. I know that he can not produce any credible facts if he is preaching about the invented Jesus . I try to avoid churches any chance I get. I only attend funerals to pay my last respects and I am about to puke all the while I am there. Churches reminds me of a pagan temple with all of the crosses and alters and rituals.

    I believe that no one has an annointing or a special position with the Almighty. I have seen too many preachers in it for personal gain. Let me put it to you this way. A Revelation is heresay information. As a matter of fact Sir William , the Lord told me to send you $100,000.00 dollars. I will send it tonight . Just wait on it . If you do not recieve it , it must have been hearsay information.

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