Tasha Page Lockhart’s Manager Larry Howard, Jr. Is A Theif And Ran Off With Deposits For Performances That Never Happen!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has been contacted for some time now about Larry Howard, Jr. being a THIEF!  While representing Tasha Page Lockhart he collected a deposit on a concert she was never planning to attend or perform.  It has been close to there years and still nothing but the run around and excuses.  Tasha contacted the promoter directly and said Larry had falsely booked her for several events and took deposits he never gave her or informed her about the commitments.
The event was halted and never recovered his money or reputation to effectively book other artist.  The emails provided clearly state that he was in direct communication with Larry and had taken the necessary steps to book Tasha to sing at his event.  However, it must have been an easy way for Larry to pocket cash and never go through with the event.  It was not until Tasha caught her name being advisertised to perform she reached out herself.  Well this was not Larry’s first time lying and taking money.
Since Larry has deactivated his Twitter account after he posted that he was standing with Kirk Franklin on his boycott of TBN and the Dove Awards for editing his comments about police brutality and racism.  Cory Montell Scott confronted Larry on Instagram in a screenshot Obnoxious Media obtained below; prior to Larry blocking him.  Tasha reached out to Cory and told him he would have sue Larry and pay her directly plus an additional $2,000 for her to come and perform.  Unfortunately, I has taken Cory three years to recover and plan to host his event this year.
Read the email Cory sent Obnoxious Media below:

Hi William, I don’t know how interested you would be in this news but I know that I’ve had enough of being silent and this should be exposed.

In March 2016, I reached out to Larry Howard Jr. who at the time was Tasha Page Lockhart’s manager. He’s currently the Director of Marketing for Urban One. I emailed him about booking Tasha for an event in June 2017 which was more than a year out. I asked him if they were accepting bookings that early and he said yes they were but I needed to act quickly with sending the deposit as someone else was wanting the date.

I transferred him almost $2000 immediately to his bank and signed a contract that stated that Tasha would sing at my event in June 2017.

Well July 2016, I get a direct call from Tasha Page Lockhart herself stating that Larry Howard had falsely booked her for multiple events that she knew nothing about and also took the deposits and never gave them to her. I had already started advertising Tasha for my particular event and she mentioned that she saw my advertisements and asked Larry if I had reached out to him about even booking her. She says that he told her that I reached out but he turned me down because it was too far out. She said when she asked him why was I advertising her when I hadn’t signed a contract, he said he didn’t know why. She then told him to contact me and tell me to stop advertising her which he told her he did but of course he didn’t. Tasha told me that she couldn’t do my event until I got the money back from him and gave it to her directly.

I emailed Larry directly after the phone call with Tasha (as you can see in the screenshots below) and he told me that he would send me the money. He never sent me a dime. This put my annual event on an indefinite hiatus because I had already been accepting pre orders for tickets which I ended up having to give back and it put the event as whole in the negative. Dealing with this in court wasn’t working because he lives in Detroit and I love in Columbia, SC. The courts couldn’t decide what state this should be handled in so that was a dead end.

I saw that he posted something under Kirk Franklin’s Dove Awards boycott post and I took the opportunity to @ him about how I felt. He since then has blocked me and has still not offered to give me any of my money back. He needs to be exposed because he is still very active in the gospel music management scene and for sure has the money. He’s just choosing not to give me back what’s rightfully mine.

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  1. This is a no-brainer. Have Larry Howard Jr. arrested for fraud, false and misleading advertising, theft, and theft of services to begin with. I’m not an attorney, but these are just basics that lay people know about. They oughta sue him, stop trying to be all quiet and behind the scenes whispering, while he keeps running around ruining people’s good reputations. Ridiculousness.

    Second, and really first, contact Urban One – human resources, the Vice President of Marketing (this guy is the director of marketing – he has to report to somebody), the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Chief Operating Officer and let them know that Larry Howard Jr. is a thief before he figures out a way to get into Urban One’s bank accounts and rob them blind too.

    A thief is a thief is a thief.

  2. This is why the “church” gets drug thru the mud. Ya’ll are sick—or, they are sick. Pretenders. Perpetrating frauds like common criminals. How dare they come into the House of God with game?! Is anybody sane? Seriously, the righteous of GOD shall fall like bricks upon a unrighteous nation. Beware and stop buying clothes… Ya’ll look like a circus. I only said that because the church attire is become ghastly. Some of these women look demonic in all that hair those AND big Pacohantas chapeas. Yikes!

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