This Troll Posted My Picture So I Thought I Return The Favor!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, I did a live on the last night of the Church Of God In Christ AIM Convention and it seems to have gotten a huge response.  However, the trash pictured above has taken still photos of various facial expressions and posted on his Social Media with negative comments.  Now no one and I repeat no one out dresses me in style and they certainly do not rock designers like I do, but constantly have something negative to say.  This man has the nerve to post my photo and say cancer.  Now I went through his entire page and there is a great deal I can say about him and those things that should be in cages that he calls family.

The fat trash actually wants to call himself a chef, which I hear is more like a short order cook that does not even do that well.  The trash is from Philadelphia and seems to have a lot more cooking behind closed doors than food.  If you are going to insult someone at least have your basic stuff together before you do.  Obnoxious Street Committee Get all the dirt you can on this troll so I can gladly report it since he wants to get in a fight and he knows not who or what he is dealing with at all!

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  1. Flatlined LMAO🤣

  2. “Those things that should be in cages he call family” took me out !😂😂😂😂

  3. Well maybe if you weren’t such a messy queen and bitch… wouldn’t have these problems. And you do look hideous with that hair a fragile face.

    • Sarah,

      Thanks so much! It must be for that reason you are here on my platform and I am not on yours!

    • Sarah, I have a number for you to dial. Would you? It is the FBI so they can track all your statements for future reference. I’m kinda pissed, because I’m the BITCH here-not Sir. William. It’s my name, crown me!!! LOL!!!!! #daBaddestBITCH!

  4. See? Has he not seen? Has he not heard? How did Kevin Hart say it: He’s gonna learn taDAY! HAAAAH?

  5. He’s actually kinda cute. I would take him way before you Sus 😐😐😐

  6. “She” probably attends Ford Memorial in Philly; they messy like dat dere.

  7. “He says he’s a chef…more like a short order cook” #FINISHHIM 😛

  8. What’s his name lol

  9. Kenneth J McDuffie

  10. Kenneth J. McDuffie, a fat messy church queen from philly thats always in some drama.

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