Tyler Perry Buys Mother Of Gospel Group The Anointed Pace Sisters A Brand New House!!!

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Obnoxious Report!  Tyler Perry buys Mother Bettie Ann Pace a house.  The mother of the Anointed Pace Sisters, a Gospel group from back in the day,  Shun Pace.  It was sometime last year Shun Pace went live on Facebook and revealed that she was broke and homeless living in a small storage room at her mother’s church.  It is not certain, but we think Mother Pace was living in the church as well.  Needless to say some how Tyler Perry found out about and did something very special for Shun.  He got her a Mercedes Benz and a three bedroom place for Shun, her daughter, Mother Pace to stay.  Doctors gave up on Mother Pace about a month ago, but she is still living and a number of people have stepped in to come to their aid.  Tyler Perry along with a number of his staff and the Mayor of Atlanta’s mother was there this morning to cut the ribbon and welcome Mother Pace to her new house.

Shun Pace admitted she was broke due to bad marriages and poor health the Steller Award Winning Gospel Singer was in financial ruins.  At one point Mother Pace was taking care of Shun and her Son Pastor Pace, who later died.  The two of them had serious heart challenges and suffered from kidney failure.  It is said that Shun just could not go and perform and was not making any money and lost everything.  The artist that was known for her incredible vocal range that was put on the map by Edwin Hawkins and her song “I Know I Been Changed” has no recording contract and no longer pulling in the big dollars.

At one time the Pace Family was on their way to the top in the Gospel Industry,  it failed to make it happen.  Their older brother Pastor Murphy Pace was a dynamic preacher and had a recording choir, The Voices Of Power, Eight of the nine girls comprised the group The Anonited Pace Sisters, and Shun was a solo artist.  Great talent and potential, but they could not get a grip on family hurts and pains that made them totally dysfunctional and unable to concour their past to make it to the top.  The Sisters appeared on Layalia Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” where a number of horrible family secrets like child molestation and alcoholism that was not in line with the heavy Pentecostal image.

Tyler Perry is helping give Mother Pace a second chance and the ability to live out her last days stress free and able to focus on her health and getting well.  As long as anyone can remember Mother Pace has been a prayer warrior and a champion for holiness.  At times in her younger years she was rough and hard and was known to say somethings over the mic and in the pulpit that would cut you to the core.  At the funeral of her granddaughter she said “Some of you need to learn how to keep Peter in the gate!”  You could hear the entire church gasp,  it that was Mother Bettie Ann Pace at her best.  She was rough and might hurt your feelings but she was going to tell you the truth no matter what!  This is extremely touching and personal for me due to having been a member of their church and being very close to Pastor Pace and the sisters at one time.  Now Tyler Perry has stepped in right on time to Bless this Atlanta Gospel Icon.

Watch Mother Bettie Ann Pace arrive at her new house for the first time:

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  1. Good job Tyler…awesome!!!!

  2. That was a wonderful thing Tyler Perry did for this family. That’s why God has continued to bless him in his endeavors.

  3. Great thing he did indeed. BUT why all the ceremonial stuff? Why must they be put on blast like that…all in the public eye. Who are we supposed to be happy for–him or them? He could’ve done this privately to spare humiliation and eliminate gossip. Glad for them, but damn, broadcasting this was not neccessary.

    • Well, Shun is the one who went on FB and made it public that they were broke so why not do the “pump and circumstance”……let the world know that God is still answering prayers!

  4. Wonderful gesture, Mr. Perry! He is truly an amazing and selfless man. The Pace Family is so talented and underrated. All of them can SANG.

    Sidenote: Please work on your grammar sir. Some of your articles are hard to read. MMMmkay.

  5. Tyler does is very giving to people in ATL. Great to have him as an ATalien.

  6. I’m confused….none of them in that big Brady Bunch family have jobs? I mean I admire him wanting to do this, but if they are broke the house has taxes, maintenance etc how are they going to maintain that?

  7. I admire Tyler for doing this, but I am confused… None of them in that big Brady Bunch family have jobs? Not only that, the house still has taxes, maintenance etc how will they maintain it if they’re “broke”? Folks have to understand you cannot depend on the music business have a different stream of income

  8. I think this is beau what Mr. Perry did it’s a blessing I look forward to the day when I can give someone a home, I’ve only been able to give pre-owned cars and private school tuition.
    However I’m a bit surprised that with all the children she has, they weren’t able to provide their own mother with a home??? Wow! So they spent their lives going to church, singing and obviously eating fattening foods but never really became true income earners, that’s sad.

  9. So beautiful!

  10. So besutiful

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