Watch! Darrell Djay Perkins Musician At Greater Harvest Where Eric Thomas Is Pastor Busted Having Sex With A Man!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……While at a church convention last week a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent me a video clip of two men in a sexual act.  Not sure if this is a new trend or what is actually going on, but the Boyz Have Gone Wild!  Almost daily there is a new sex tape surfacing of what is supposed to be saved church going Men.  However, based upon their performances for the camera it is nothing save about them at all.  These guys are having Triple X sex on camera while going and working in church as if it is alright.


We live in a day and time where people Busted are to bumb to be ashamed of being busted in some dreadful behavior.  Obnoxious Media has to take you to Greater Harvest Baptist Church located in Chicago, Illinois where Eric Thomas is the pastor.  A musician on staff at the church sex tape with another man has surfaced.  Darrell “Djay” Perkins is a married father of two that seems to enjoy sexual encounters with men.  The shocking thing about this coming out is that Djay is know to be extremely homophobic and known to post many ugly comments on Social Media about gay men.  Perhaps he did not realize that he is very much what he despises so greatly and even likes to record his sex acts.

According to our sources Jakob Henderson was so fed up with Djay’s negative comments that he sacrificed himself to release the tape of him having sex with him.  The Devil is so bold now that no one cares when they get busted and they continue with this demonic attitude that no one is to say anything or correct them, but sin is a reproach and Eric Thomas should sit him down and no longer pay Djay with the church’s money.  Now he posted a clip of him running to the alter and shouting as if that is a response and Eric Thomas patting that demon instead of shouting he should have thrown him in the floor and called the foul demonic spirit out of him.

The father of two kids married busted with a man and they are acting as if it is alright and nothing should be said.  It is terrible that one day his kids will come of age and will see their father laid back getting his dick sucked by a man.  Oh what will he say to his son when that great day of calamity comes.  So he must have given his wife some nice excuse as to how it happened and they will continue on in life as if nothing never happened until he gets busted again.  The Bible says bodily exercise profits little and all that damn shouting at the alter is not going to take away from that fact that he is gay and been bust in the very act.  Instead of shouting and jumping up and down like a fool he should been repenting and asking for forgiveness!

Click the link to see Darrell Djay Perkins having sex with Jakub Henderson below:


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  1. I can’t wait until someone find a sex tape of you (William McCray) and post it on a blog.

    • Mark,

      I am sure you would love to see me in action and I promise you I am good. However, I am not that stupid to be on camera during sexual activity!

      • SirWilliams won’t be that crazy to leave receipts. Any fool that’s recording need be caught, that’s just stupid!

        • True . Real dumb . You have to pat people down… check under beds… check dresser draws… and behind shower curtains! I’m to believe that these videos are deliberately leaked!!!

      • Something tells me he didn’t know he was being recorded. Never meet some random person at they house or on their terms. # Set Up

    • They were a video of William mccray fucking himself with a pink and red dildo

      • Do you think I would have a video like that all you have to do is look at the hands and face and know it is not me.
        So many haters want to believe that was me when you can clearly look at it and tell it is not me. Wishful thinking but I wou,d never be that stupid. Next time you see me say it to my face so you can get your ass beat down!

        • William… You don’t have to respond to these protests. Your telling the truth. They just don’t like the delivery and that’s their problem. Again… if they don’t like you … they shouldn’t watch your show or read anything you have to say. Its not rocket science. In addition… i believe you are a fairly intelligent person and would not be stupid enough to be tapped having any type of sexual contact. Is 2019 . Only stupid and plain ole crazy people do stuff like that. I beginning to think that the participants are doing the leaking. ( maybe one of the two) Why take that chance. Keep doing you Sir William.

  2. Some people think that their alternative lifestyle exempts them from having to follow the Bible. If pastors sit down heterosexual couples for having sex outside of marriage, then they need to do the same for LGBTQIAPK.

  3. Everybody knows Greater Harvest is a Gay Church in Chicago just Like Sweet Holy Spirit, they all follow in the Vein Of Rev Clarence Cobbs with the Gay Church in Chicago 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Allegedly, these “type” of leaders use these “talented” artists to bring in the crowds knowing full well that their salvation and character is as upright and authentic as Louboutins purchased at the swap meet!! But, as long as there is a crowd and the offering is stellar, they settle for seat warmers (no pun intended) and we end up here. Let’s face it, non are perfect—-but atleast aim to appear to be. The chirren’ are watching us!!!!! Ugh!!!!

  4. The6thClarkSister

    And another one, and another one, and another one *Lil Kim voice* hehe.
    But on a serious note, why are people so stupid? I’m not condoning it, but BE WISE – especially these super horny church folk who have a little notoriety in the kingdom.
    GHBC is full of the gays, and I would not be surprised if their beloved pastor plays with the boys as well.
    How EMBARRASSING this has to be for his wife & family. Get right saints……

  5. GH, this is an embarrassing act. Nevertheless, it’s more humiliating to his family, than the church itself. Whomever his wife is, she has to live down the rumors, the true actions that’s now been exposed. I know quite a few people who attend this church, and it has become the matriarch of Homosexuals and Lesbians.

    What happened to the old drummer, the dark skinned brother who played there for years, even when I would visit. Where are theses guys coming from?

  6. Sir William… you speak the truth. Some people don’t like your delivery but your speaking the truth. If they don’t give you a reason to report these things, they’re will be nothing to report!!!!! How stupid can u be to make a sex video in this day and time. If u don’t want a video out of u having sex … pat your partner down , check bags, check under beds and dresser drawers . Etc etc etc!!!!!!!! These leaks are happening so often that I’m beginning to think that’s it’s deliberate. Keep doing you Sir William.

  7. GH is full of sissy that whole 1st row of ministers are homosexual all of them

  8. The video don’t show shit but his dick looks small in the pic

  9. The sad thing is all of you bloggers post this without even asking for the truth. Where has he ever blasted a gay?? Did you see a receipt of that?? Nope cause that’s not something he would ever do. Do you know how old the video is?? Probably not either. He don’t even have a son and that’s what you wrote in your article smh do you know the true current status and efforts he made to keep his family?? how are you exposing and letting ppl know current events without knowing the REAL truth. If you are going to talk about someone at least know wtf you are talking about. There is nothing wrong with doing your job if you’re doing it right

    • Tiff,

      It does not matter how old the viedo is it happened. Additionally, he does talk horribly about people that are same gender loving. What research is there to do on this low life that seems to think his running down to the alter and shouting like a fool is a sufficient response!

      • Your response shows you know nothing you’re talking about! If he did why would homosexuals be friends with him? If he felt so horribly about them why would some be apart of his family? Yes the video happened BUT your details are wrong. So if the truth doesn’t matter, just post that a man gave him head all the other shit you wrote are known LIES!

  10. I really hope you start doing research on your next “exposures”. It’s dumb to get info and report it because it’s “juicy” but ALL of your details are wrong lbs even more wrong seeing as though everybody is listening to Jacob Henderson who is a known pedophile and the one who leaked this old ass video and pretended that he didn’t until the underaged boy’s family members outted him on Facebook.

  11. What’s even worse is you bloggers want to expose him because you all were told he blasted gays. Was a receipt of that sent to you?? Probably not because djay would never do that. Ever! Who said he had a son??? He doesn’t! Why is it even important to you to blog about this act that’s older than his youngest child? You probably didn’t know that either. Do you even know the efforts made to keep his family?? I mean, is it not important for y’all to at least write the truth??

    • Girl bye. If you are a girl. Sit your rabbit ass down somewhere defending this bullshit. For you to be gong to great lengths to defend this POS, makes me think you fruckin him too. Stop committing and WMC WONT KEEP DRAGGING YOU! 🙄🙄🙄

  12. Coming to this site reminds me of all of the covert foolishness I had to endure in these churches.
    I am so very glad that I can see it all for what it truly is now.

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