Watch! Minister Of Music Tyrus Russell At Love Fellowship Sex Tape Leaked!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The boy’s have gone wild!  Everyday this week it has been another man in ministry who’s sex tape has been leaked.  The whole thing is rather interesting that people that say they are called to ministry choose to make such poor decisions.  The latest one brings us to Atlanta, Georgia.  The latest video is of a man by the name of Tyrus Russell, who is said to be a Gospel Recording Artist.  He is also the minister of music at Love Fellowship where Overseer Ed Thomas is the pastor.

Rumor has it that Tyrus was pleasuring himself for someone that he is involved with that is a long distance from him and they make viedos when they cannot be together in person.  Not sure how it got leaked but it is out.  Looking directly into the camera and smiling we are certain he never thought it would be in the has of someone that would send it to a blogger.  Although, we do not know him we have reached out to him via his Facebook Page to get comment, but there has been no response.  Not sure why the sex tapes are a new trend among church leadership, but they keep pouring in and we will keep writing and posting!

Seems a fellow artist, who’s life is not clean did a live saying that we should not share these type of infractions and people are wrong to share it.  It is through exposeing it the behavior can stop.  A number of artist and ministers find church to be nothing, but a hustle and a quick check so they want to operate and keep their mess hidden.  Time out for that foolishness we will cry loud and spear not.

Click the link to see Tyrus Russell in action below:


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  1. I wonder how many SAVED folks watched this video? LMMFAO!

  2. A Concerned Christian

    Not another one! What’s up with all these so called “ministers of the Gospel” doing more sinning than the people in the pews? Stuff like this makes a lot of people think the church is a joke. That God is not real. That Jesus is make believe. That the Holy Ghost doesn’t exist at all. This is why people are turning their backs on the church because a lot of these preachers and Gospel artists are too fake, and don’t live the life they proclaim to live. I agree Sir William, a lot of these people think church is a quick way to get a check. A quick way to get a dignified title. That’s crazy to record yourself. We are human, and we got emotions every one of us, but dang! Recording yourself is just stupid. This man here is doing more than just recording music. Just stupid! He is somewhere probably looking stupid. Proclaiming to love and live for God, and then recording music to make people think you are encouraging them when you are living a sinful life will have its repercussions. I don’t think he will be minister of music at that church for too much longer, or recording for a label because he has brought shame on himself, and seen as an embarrassment to people who employ him. Sex recordings are not worth it!

    • It is sad what church has become!

      • I’m 35 Sir William and I remember when I was like 16 & was dating this much older guy he wanted a threesome…he then invited this Pastor/Elder I can’t remember but he was a man of the cloth.

      • so this been going on in the church I believe!

      • Good Dr., somehow I believe the real church is still pressing onward!!!!! But, those only wanting the “gifts” and not the giver (Jesus) shall continue to modify the adjective and the clause that states that GOD Can use an ass to deliver His choice doctrine. #inThe-meantimeWe-Dance

    • Didn’t hurt Charles Jenkins!

  3. Aquanetta DaVinci

    Where’s the sex tape beloved? He’s just beating his meat in this video.

    • He is beating his meat to someone he is sleeping with!
      thats the sex tape. and he is cursing, i thought he was married

      • Aquanetta DaVinci

        The last post on here was an actual sex tape because baby boy was getting pounded.
        This here is just a grown man beating his meat. We don’t know who he is sleeping with to be honest. Nothing to see here folks.

  4. As humans AND Christians, we will have normal urges. However, the “mandate” to live chaste and beyond reproach inclines ALL of us to monitor ourselves first. Before we snatch a title-run to a ministry to “serve”-proclaim “pure hands and a pure heart” it may incline some of us to do as the older saints said… Welp! If you have them in your life! However, many of us surround ourselves with dubious friends-silly pals-immature besties-crazed church buddies-ignorant home boys, etc., etc., etc. … Until these dressed up chirren’ realize that the cut of one’s suit makes no difference in heavenly matters they will forever be found wanting of a “good look”! Catch it! It is piss poor-ignorant-stupid and almost a grounds for wondering if mental illness runs rampant as much as they run to the convocations!!!!! Yikes!!!!

  5. He’s just jagging off. How many of us do this daily? Lol.

  6. The6thClarkSister

    How is this hurting anyone? He was pleasuring himself in private. We don’t even know whom he sent the video to and it’s hardly any of our concern. At this point, people are being exposed just for the heck of it.

  7. Am I hallucinating or something? No one is perfect, of course, not one of us. But there seems to be some disconnect between what serving and ministering is in the church and what “serving” and “ministering” is out in the world “of sin” so to speak. No judgment — people can do whatever they think they are big and bad enough to do. But however, it’s totally inappropriate and just plain wrong as 2 left shoes to stand in a pulpit and preach, call themselves a healer, take the money, and then engage in extremely dubious behavior caught on tape. Outrageousness. It is hypocritical, dangerous, and deceitful, and it will not stand. Certainly, it will not stand.

  8. Big meat let’s sing a song lmboooo 😂😂😂

  9. I would have no problem with him beating his meat for me

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