Watch! Part 2 Two Men Having Sex In The Pulpit Of The Church Where The Guy On His Knees Father Is The Pastor!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, the guys moved from the front row of the church to the pulpit.  Seems to be far more to this story than just sex.  In the first video you can hear the man being serviced say he is in the guys father’s church and in his chair now he is in his pulpit.  The person recording seems to be the man being serviced and he is going out of his way to make it abundantly clear and obvious that he is with the pastor’s son and in his church.  Rumors are that this is coming out of Marshall, Texas and a small holiness church.  The two men that we believe are in the sex tapes have taken all their social media pages down.

Obnoxious Media has serious questions and we need answers:  The boy on his knees in his father’s church seems to be special needs.  Although, he is overweight and out of breath due to the hard work he is putting in to please his man he seems to not be well.   His responses sounds as if he is developmentally delayed.  The man getting serviced is going out of his way to make a point that he is in the church and belittling the pastor’s son.  Obviously this is personal and deliberate based upon the commentary alone. Proverbs 14:34, we read, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”  These men have brought a reproach to the church.  Well, at least it happened during PRIDE month, but they should be ashamed.  This is a damnation to the church.  It is not funny, it is not a joke, and it is not something to be proud of one bit.

There is no standard!  Anything goes now.  The come as you are, do not judge me has brought us to this point!

Obnoxious Media has obtained photos of the man being serviced by the pastor’s son is allegedly Dothan Frazier photographed below:

The pastor’s son that is clearly mentally challenged and on his knees performing oral sex much longer than he has ever been on his knees praying is allegedly named Dakota Pea.  He should have been on his knees crying and begging God to take this foul demonic spirit from him rather than submitting whole heartedly to it.

Obnoxious Media would like your assistance in finding out every detail on the tow of these men.  We need details on the church, the pastor, and all there is to know of the two men that would be this bold.

Update from a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Can you believe the pastor’s son giving Oral sex in the pastors chair is COGIC?  The dad has been at this church for one year serves under Supt. Jerry Reese New Sweet Home church Tatum Texas and District Missionary Jesse Johnson.  I believe they are in Texas East Bishop R.L. Nichols Transferred from David Houston jurisdiction but was originally from Texas East.

Watch the two men have sex in the pulpit of the church below:

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Watch the two men have sex in the pastor’s chair below:

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  2. Look at these fags. Fat boy was going to work.

    • Y’all need to stop. Isn’t god about love? Isn’t that what his bible teaches you? You fake Christian’s stand on a high pedestal thinking it’s ok to bring down others. Watch as one day you might meet that same fate that you want others to take

      • Put some respect on His name. God.

      • So supposedly having sex in the church on sacred ground is ok 👍🏾 and that’s god showing his way of love hell naw that shit is unbalanced man should be with a woman and a woman should be with a man other things after that is unbalanced pay attention to the ancient kemet The Ankh is pure Feminine Energy! Ankh is an ancient amulet, wand and hieroglyph that symbolizes life, creation and eternity. In Kemet, the Queen Mothers, Sun gods and Kings are shown carrying it in each hand or by its loop, to demonstrate her command over nature energy and the power over life and death.
        ANKH is the 2 dimensional slice of the 3 dimensional Immaculate Conception of the Queen Mother’s womb, pregnant with the egg of a KRST soul. Her sacred sphere/loop represents the pregnant fertile womb of mankind which contains the developing fetus of KRST Heru.The lower shaft represents the cosmic vortex of the life canal for the seed of Ra-Heru to be born. Queen Mother Goddess Auset is the first to immaculately conceive a child. She represents the first Icon of the Mother and Child= Ma-Sun (Mason) and Ma-Re (Mary). The ancient societies believed that children were conceived by the Sun. So all births were immaculately conceived. So being Homosexual was forbidden only ones who was openly homosexual was the Greeks and Roman’s

    • The6thClarkSister

      Quit it with the homophobic slurs. Sir William – I am surprised that you allow this.


    • They mad because he suck dick better than them 😭😭😭😭

  3. Now I know of the Foot washing services, But this is to Much. Now pastor has to explain the
    Oral SEX DEMEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who next?

  4. I am so disgusted and disappointed right now. Please dont say the boy on his knees has special needs cause my son has special needs and I damn sure wouldn’t want anyone to exploit and abuse him like this. Like someone else said this is what you get when the church started letting people stretch and twist Gods word for their own selfish ideals and not obeying Gods commandments. Look at what that come as you are shit and be who are shit has brought us. Satan knew his glory day was gonna come, it was just a matter of patience for him.

  5. I know the preachers son and this is totally out of character when it comes to him nobody should be even be worried about his dad they should be worried more about this Kang boy because he is very manipulative and when he doesn’t get his way about something he puts ppls business out there for one this is a child first nobody thought about that huh before they started with the comments huh if anything you need to be thinking about the reciever and how he got and talked him into doing that bc he sat the entire thing up triflin acting supposed to be church folks but yall doing exactly what yall are known to do in the black church that’s why nobody trying to step foot in the church no more

    • The6thClarkSister

      Wait, a child as in under the age of 18? He looks to be much older, but looks can be deceiving. IF he is a CHILD, these videos need to be removed pronto because they would be considered child pornography! The grown man should be in JAIL for engaging in such activities with a child.

    • A child?!?!🤣🤔 He look at least 33

  6. They are going straight to hell smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Hillary Marshall

    Isn’t church supposed to love someone for who they are? And not to speak foul of anyone? You fake Christian’s think that it is ok to bring someone down? Granted yes this is the house of the lord but as the Bible said for them to repent your sin and I shall forgive the. We are supposed to love one another not attack them for sexual preference but rather get and have a conversation about what happened to him. This by all means shouldn’t have been leaked. It’s damaging and it’s illegal

  8. Wait…he’s mentally challenged or are you just saying that because of the act? If you are just saying that, you may want to remove that statement.

  9. Kindbof adds new meaning to the phrase “CUM as you are….”

  10. Kindbof adds new meaning to the phrase “CUM as you are….”x

  11. At the end of thet day… know one can judge them but God.

    • Girl shut your mouth. I’m judging because they defied the house of God! That’s the problem today , you scary saints let everything slide worrying what the world will say. Bump that I’m on the lords side!!!

  12. The pastor’s son is of age (20/21) and is NOT developmentally challenged. Does he have poor judgement? Yes. Pray for him and his family.

  13. I’m sitting here really laughing. Some of you folks are all of a sudden DOCTORS! That fool isn’t mentally challenged. He knew exactly what he was doing. I can’t believe you folks are spreading that LIE and have others believing it! I’ve never known a mentally challenge person that suck d*ck so well. Girl, BYE! Both are trifling and a mess. Both CLOWNS knew exactly what they were doing. Now you folks want to blame one and defend the other. Some of you are nothing more than hypocrites!!! How many of you SAVED folks watched this video? Lame hypocrites!!

  14. I’m amazed that you post pictures of this young man with his friends and family. They are not the ones committing a sex act in the sanctuary. This is all on him, not his dad, not his friends. Also, more pictures of “Dothan” need to be posted. If you’re willing to put on blast the preacher’s son, then by God put this “Dothan” and his friends an family on Front Street, too.

  15. GlassHouseButRealAboutIt

    This is precisely why I stopped going years ago.
    I mean what’s the point?!

    It’s a circus, complete with animals.

  16. UnEffinBelievable

    Ok…I just watched 10 seconds of the video….i cant stomach no more than this.
    Ironically, it’s not the act itself, these are GROWN folks so ‘do you’…



  17. Its a dam shame that a son of a pastor would do such a thing in church. If I was the pastor; I would disown the bitch and never allow him to enter my home or have any connection with the family. If you are that disgusting to disrespect first your father and then his church; you deserve to be condemned from the family. Its gays like this who have no respect for themselves and give all gays a bad name and reputation. Its a total shame and his day of damnation will come. You never disrespect holy ground. Just listen out!

  18. This is no worse than the deacons and men in the church that are married and cheating on their wives with women in the church and others. Sin is just that, sin. No one is worse than the other

  19. Some of you Christians that keep talkin about love our misguided in the Bible it says during the last days men will become lovers of other men and that is an Abomination it was in the new testament old testament and God’s word stays the same love everybody but don’t condone sin

  20. I honestly think the dude being serviced only did it to expose the boy because he wanted to show people that all so called church boys are not without sin. The guy who is being serviced is an EXPOSER, and an EXPLOITER. He preys on people whose self esteem is very low and gets them to do things with him for money. I believe he was probably paid by the boy giving him head to suck him off like that. He won’t ask for forgiveness because he doesn’t believe in things like that. I have seen his app on Jackd and Grindr. Yes the guy getting serviced has APPS on Grindr and Jackd in that local area and he is probably still exploiting people and getting them disowned by their families because he is a very vengeful person. He even has a blog where he talks about Black Men and Christianity and how he feels they are just fools. This is a predatory person who doesn’t care how he treats most guys. He only gets with them to use them for the low self confidence they have and then he vanishes. He is originally from California but moved to the Marshall Texas area because I think he has family down there or was going to school down there. He is frequently in the Longview Texas area so if you have family who are gay who lives in any of those areas you need to tell them to be on the lookout. Also on his APPS he always says He tested Negative on a Test and that it was a Personality test. The guy is a con artist. That boy in the video paid him some money to get some head. Best believe that. Dothan don’t do nothing for free. but it will end up costing him.

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