Watch! Two Men Having Sex In The Sanctuary One Of The Guy On His Knees Father’s Church!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……So this is what we have come to now?  Two men having sex in the statuary of a church.  Obviously the guy that is down on his knees servicing a man is saying how he is belittling the son to do such an act in his father’s church.  It is sad they did not have anywhere else to go and it would have been bad but why they did not use a office but in the actual sanctuary!

Obnoxious Media has obtained photos of the man allegedly being serviced in the pastor’s chair.  It seems this Facebook Profile has been deleted, but the guy’s name is allegedly Dothan Frazier.

This is the pastor son on his knees performing oral sex on the man above.  Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee Are reporting the name of the guy on his knees is Dakota Pea.  We are working to confirm.

Update from a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Can you believe the pastor son give Oral sex in the pastors chair is COGIC the dad has been at this church for one year serves under Supt. Jerry Reese new sweet home church Tatum Texas and district missionary Jesse Johnson I believe they are in Texas East Bishop R.L. Nichols Transferred from David Houston jurisdiction but was originally from Texas East


Obnoxious Street Committee can you identify these two fools?

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  1. Missionary Pratt

    My God. this would be a good time to end one life. I would have to close the curtain and take my punishment from God. Or move to Africa, or go to insane house forever:

    You know : The Devil/Satan ain’t playing with you so called falseprophets. THIS IS WARNING!!!!!!!!
    there is more that will be UNCOVERED

    I REMEMBER in Dallas two Wellknown Preacher got HUNGINCHURCH.BACK TOFRONT
    In most be from the rowing 1930 because, I dont think so

  2. Missionary Pratt


  3. Okay who was the son and what church is it? We need to know

  4. I really don’t know why so many people are surprised. Especially so-called SAVED folks. This kind of activity has been going on in the church for years. And what’s more shocking is the FACT that even so called PASTORS be doing the same thing in their offices and other parts of the church. I was on Facebook a few minutes ago, and these so called SPIRITUAL folks were talking about the video and how shameful it was. But wait a minute, you suppose to be SAVED but watched a video of a guy sucking someone in church. Then, they had the never to say, they wasn’t going to comment because it was WISE! You lame, deplorable, gross, nasty, trifling, ignorant and foolish NUT CASE! Many of the folks that were commenting, I know for a fact they are gay, mess around, drink liquor, go to bathhouses, are on gay chat sites, mess around with all kinds of men, participate in threesomes, have boyfriends, lovers, and are abusive! I am sick of these so called SAVED folks. You are a disgrace tot he Kingdom of God. I feel sorry for the young guy that giving the oral sex, although he knows better, the devil sure is making a MOCKERY of him that can cause him to take his own life or worse. God forbid. The guy recording doesn’t care and his purpose was to make a mockery of the guy. I still can’t understand why so many people are AMAZED. Pastors molesting kids and teens, choir members selling drugs, ushers engage in prostitution, Deacons stealing church money, Priests sexually abusing little kids, Choir directors sleeping with church members and the list goes on. All of these prophets of BAAL has went out into the world and they are active, nasty, deceitful, gross, spreading lies about the Gospel, misleading people, money hungry, and the list goes on. Is it God’s fault, hell no! I still trust, believe in, and depend on the TRUE and LIVING God. And no matter what the devil does, God will always be God and will always EXPOSE the devil and his cohorts. One thing my SAVED grandmother told me years and years ago was “If you’re not going to live right, then sit your behind down somewhere!!!” I have no respect for these new AGED saints who commit all kinds of ungodly sins and will say “Not to Judge, or We all have sinned, or We are human.” If the SPIRIT of the living God is not POWERFUL enough to help us LIVE right, then we are ALL in trouble, being deceived and are doomed!!! Hey, you so-called SAVED folks, why are you int he church making a MOCKERY of the word and kingdom of God. Sit your nasty, deplorable, gross, messy, perverted, and trashy self down, until REAL deliverance come in your life by the REAL spirit of God!!!!

    • But not inside the sanctuary!! I mean I some sort of respect. I know he paid that guy with his fat ugly self

    • Please excuse the spelling errors in my post above!

      * Meant to say “They said they would not comment about the video because it WASN’T wise to do so.”

      * They had the NERVE to say.
      * New Age
      * in the

      By the way, I am in no way proclaiming to be SAVED!!! I know exactly what condition I am in spiritually!

    • This way to much writing lol

    • Missionary Pratt

      I would be mortified

    • I just posted a similar statement on fb, THESE ACTIONS AREN’T NEW TO US THAT KNOW THE BIBLE, and the stories of the OLD SAINTS AND SOME PEOPLE KNOW OF THESE CYRRENT ACTS IN CHURCH, some are involved etc

    • Who are you to pass judgement, and call people names. Everyone in the church is not saved.. but you… are no better with your words.. When people are sick they go to hospitals, when they need healing they go to God/church for healing, AND IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS VIDEO..
      If you’re so sanctified, then try praying for them.

      • Those of you who are being so judgemental, don’t be deceived your judgements will find you. Its funny, you say you are defending the faith or the word of God or God “as if you could” like most of the hypocritical Ministers that are out there. And even more sick the members sit their self righteous tails up there and cheer the minister on while he yell out FAGGOT, SISSY, PUNK, FUDGE PACKER, BULL DAGGER, CARPET MUNCHER and so on… Look what the church has manifested? The sins of the Christian Church has come upon you. And its not even the worst part it’s going to get even worst. All of you could have done something about this, open rebuke is better than secret love. The black church says black gay men are destroying the black community, YEAH RIGHT!!! You forgot about your bi straight acting black men whoring all over the Black Community. Oh! I forgot about the White community he’s done a lot of dysfunction over there too. Just think about it??? Instead of the Black Ministers and the Black Community being homophobic and prejudice, why not just be honest? You know damn well, that you are passing the buck just like White people do when they say all of our problems are because of the Blacks and Brown people. If you want to fix the over population problem of unwanted babies being born everyday without the contribution of their fathers, stop blaming gay people because its a lie from the pit of hell. Your ministers are lying to you. You know you are lying through your teeth and I mean all of you!!! You will put your sons and daughters on blast and throw them out of the house when they come out of the closet but, shout Amen when your hypocritical minister yell out over the microphone “faggot” then leave church and go off with his male lover. But you leave your gay sons and daughters out in the streets prostituting and drugs. I’m tired of typing I’m through! Repent! God knows your heart. You can’t clean a so called dirty heart with filthy words. I wish all of the down low men and women would band together of all races and leave these damn churches alone. Marvin Winans is known to be homophobic, my God the things I have heard him say about gay people. LOL!!! Forgive me for laughing but, I visited his church with a friend of mine who is a member. There were gay partners and families there with babies and little ones. How could they be members of that church?

    • I am a Pastors wife and I agree with everything you said it is sad but true these people don’t know God they have knowledge of Him but do not know Him The devil is a liar God is not a toy he is not a game that we can play with we will reap what we sow God is against those who do Evil the problem is nobody is applying the word of God to their life they are taking Gods kindness for weakness we are getting by but we will not get away!! We will stand before The Almighty and we will be held accountable you can’t live a sinful life knowing you doing wrong but do it anyway God is a deliverer!! From anything He can and He wants to help us Y’all we have Got to do better!! Only with his help we are being deceived by the devil your life is not changed by going to church alone it is changed by the word!! Stop walking out when it’s time for God’s word to be taught that’s where your life is there is where change takes place Hods word is alive!! It moves!! It’s sharp it cuts out what needs to be removed it’s quick come on y’all we are being tricked !! Don’t bring that crap into the church another problem the Spirit and true presence of God is not in the house!! Am sorry it is not if the Prescence of God comes into these scandalous churches the temple would be full of DEAD People!!! God is not a joke!!! Sin will not stand in his presence Yes He is a Loving and forgiving God but he also will turn you over to a reprobate mind!! Go join the YMCA if you want to play games go join a Club of some kind but don’t disrespect God!! Please don’t!!!

    • Amen gunny, amen

    • What exactly was your point? It is wrong on so many levels that’s not casting judgement on these guys it’s accepting that according to our beliefs this is wrong.

    • Theresa Robinson Brooks


    • Yesssssssss

    • So, you gave that long speech about everything that’s wrong with the church or going on in the church—and you ain’t saved yourself??? NIGGA SHUT THE F**K UP AND HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!!! You don’t have a license to talk about anyone when you ain’t saved yourself or showing us the way. Peter and Paul I Know, But who the f*** are you… 👿. Tired of sinners being hypocrites too!!! You know the Word, but too scared to live it.
      Don’t say sh** about the church if you ain’t trying to live right. I respect those who are at least trying. Nobody’s perfect and that’s what the church is all about. I’d rather see people in church with their struggles trying to get it together and hearing the word of God, than outside looking in—judging others and talkin mad sh**. This shyt has gotta stop. Not saved and complaining—BE THE EXAMPLE THEN. SHOW US HOW TO LIVE THEN.

  5. I don’t think it’s him for some reason …. that’s a wedding ring in that man finger

  6. Oh…my…God…… not in the church house . Have ye no shame? These faggots should be stoned!!!

  7. Evangelist Williams

    I’m saddened to see this video… My heart goes out to the young man who is giving his service…. Most homosexuals struggle with admitting their true desires for the same sex… But to have this displayed on the internet and to have the whole world to judge…. My heart goes out to that young man and his family. Instead of judging… Let’s pray for restoration and reconciliation!

    • Your comment just made me look at this differently…

    • Well said. I’m fearful of how the giver will handle the consequences in public and with his family. We all know that our black churches are some of the most judgmental places. I don’t agree with any of this however we must realize he has a loooonnnng road ahead of him. And I hope the person that “leaked “ this video realizes they took from this young man the choice to live his life how he chooses and I hope all can handle the consequences

    • Amen! People who don’t know the scriptures are skipping all over the Book of Revelations. It said these such things will happen in the last days. It’s sad. For it to be in church and recorded appears to be someone’s sick fantasy or a way to get back at the pastor or the church. But whatever the reason, it’s wrong. There is no respect shown for churches these days. From the pulpits to the front door people of “faith” is desecrating the houses of God. I’m no saint or judge, but I know this is nothing to do with God’s authority.


        This young man is LOST,and does not truly know God. There is forgiveness for him. Not regarding being where he is,inside a man made building. Where God’s church (people) ,choose to meet. Its still just a building. God’s presence isn’t in either person doing such acts. Gods forgiveness covers any sin,BUT we MUST ask his forgiveness. Forget the building,consider the sex act,that must be repented of.

    • I have the same sentiments…

    • I know this child personally and to think of how the devil has exposed his ugly head, that this young man has to pay for it. So on behalf of his family, thank you for the prayers.

    • My heart doesn’t go out because you in the church of God doing that. Instead of allowing God to use him he allowed satan to use him and in my father’s house. He allowed satan to make a mockery of God our Lord. He in the church and haven’t learned as much as shame and respect for something yet? Well let him be judged because he allowed the devil to be his deliverer. Do him like they did in the old testament, expose him and you know the rest .

  8. Leave it up to SirWilliams with his investigative skills to locate the recipient💯

  9. Me myself and I

    So disappointing to see but this is the word we live in . Let us pray!

  10. Me Mice Wlf and I

    Bruhs are you that horny you couldn’t wait to find a better location? And why film it? Attention is what you’re seeking huh? Po babies.

  11. This is why I don’t go to church!!! I have my fellowship at home!!!!!!

    • You shouldn’t go to work neither. You should never go anywhere to begin with. Church is a place of imperfect people like yourself that needs God intervention in our lives day by day. It is wrong and sad what was done, but the blood still works to forgive and to cleanse. If God through Christ Jesus can forgive you, you should find it in your heart to do likewise.

      • At work you’re not being told to live one way by a man who doing more dirt than you behind close doors. Your analogy was way off base.

  12. He did that to rebel against his daddy, evidently his daddy isn’t with that gay shit

  13. Lord, help!!

  14. This is taking it way too far.

  15. Looks as if he was giving a good service accordingly to the receiver.Im shaking my head.

  16. Why did you post it? You could’ve talked about it without the video. You are very messy.

    • Why did you watch it. You are messy it is sad what the church has become and it needs to be exposed.

      • Hi Sir William…I tried to see the video but it wouldn’t show. All I got was a blank screen.

      • Obnoxious TV exactly!!! I ain’t gonna come down on you for posting. Its fair game at this point. These idiots want to play stupid games. Neither side gets sympathy from me.

    • But you just as messy – and i bet you watched it til the end, too! And how you callin HIM messy? He ain’t force that chile to munch trade down to the first pew – he put that thang in his mouf all on his own!

    • You sat your dumb self up there and watched it when you could’ve turned it off at anytime. Don’t get on here complaining when you could’ve scrolled on.

    • You watched the entire thing and now want to complain. You church people make your own selves upset. At any moment you could’ve scrolled on. Be mad at the original poster.

  17. Jesus take the wheel…This is unbelievable!!! Sex in the sanctuary….I can’t even imagine something like that happening in the church…In the pastors sacred chair at that. Whomever this pastor is and these men that did that…HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS!!! I haven’t seen the video and don’t want to😡😡😡😡😡

  18. A Concerned Christian

    This is disturbing. I cannot believe they had no shame. I surely hope the pastor/daddy throws that chair out. People ain’t lying when they say the damn devil goes to church too. They couldn’t find no other place to do this? Obviously they are too broke, or too cheap, to get a room somewhere. They must don’t have homes of their own to meet up. People have no fear of the Lord anymore. Well, I guess these 2 freaks will have to answer for this mess on Judgement Day.

  19. A Concerned Christian

    Another thing…they need their grown nasty a**es whooped. Defiling the house of the Lord. These days, just about anything goes on in church. Makes it not even worth going. Where are the saints that still believe in holiness? This is crazy!

  20. i pray for his sanity the one that was filming seem like he was using him to get at his father,why would he bring up his father in a act like that? this is INSANE just feel he set it up then put it out…

    • That’s a keen observation. Maybe the man filming tried to make a move on the father/Pastor and was not successful. I believe he set the man up to sext him in the church, in the pastor’s chair, film it and leak it. Or, maybe the pastor preaches against homosexuals and seeing this video might shame him into shutting up.

      Whatever the demonic motivation, I hope they get saved and delivered for real. In spite of forgiveness, there will be consequences for this!!

  21. This is the highest level of desecration in a place of worship. This reminds of …the sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas who committed fornication and defilement in the temple in the days of Israel. This is why the glory of the Lord departed. People have lost their fear of God and now everything is a joke and utter disrespect. This video caught me off guard. But hey people are being exposed for there evil deeds. I do pray this young many gets delivered and restored. Sorry to see this happened.

    • Thanks James. Your post is the most decent, scripturally aligned response I’ve read. Yes, it was an act of desecration, but I don’t think it was fully intentional (against God or the church). I think he was horny, he really wanted the other guy because he was probably attractive and was lead by his emotions—not realizing that he was going to be recorded and it was going to go viral.
      I pray for his mind because he’s young and immature. You can sense the shame on his face when the other guy said, “I’m in your daddy’s chair.” He didn’t want to look up. He was clearly betrayed and thought the video would probably stay in the boy’s phone. Word To ALLLL You Niggaz Out There—Don’t Do Shyt With Phones. Stay Out Of The F**kin Church With That Shyt! I love God and People. I don’t want that boy killin himself. He can be forgiven, it’s a dick! CALM THE F**K DOWN. Gotta tell it like it is. Niggaz acting like he blasphemed God—He didn’t, which means he can be forgiven. In the Bible, the lady was caught in the act of adultery and she was forgiven and testified how her life was changed forever. Only difference, her sin wasn’t posted on a worldwide blog like Obnoxioustelevision. Let’s pray that that boy doesn’t commit suicide. Not all young people can “mentally” handle this kind of exposure.

  22. I don’t understand. Clearly if you search any porn site you will find videos of people having sex in cars, in parking lot, store bathrooms and dressing room etc. There are videos with titles such as banging the pastors wife or the pastor banging the nanny. Even actually films with actors dressed like pastors, choir member, nuns, etc. Having sex in a church setting. Some people get turn on by it others just scroll by. My point is how can you watch something on film or partake in it. And be okay cause you don’t know the person. But when its someone you know its a issue? But ole well they will go to court and beat charges prolly cause no law was broken thañks to freedom of speech. After that they will be on iyanla fix my life after doing the orpah special for two weeks. Prolly charging people millions for appearances.

    • lol…yea… you can find all that on those sites but I suppose it’s more salacious to know its closer to home than thought. 🤷🏿‍♀️ 🤷🏿‍♂️

  23. Just Pray for them

    Amen I agree Evangelist!!

  24. So the man with the long beard…. What’s up with his FB banner? The Nazi symbols. Very telling.

    • IDK. I thought he was trying to say America is some type of Nazi runned country.

    • Uhhh … the only thing that facebook banner is “telling” is that one day this individual posted that banner to make the statement that America is racist and currently run by a nazi. Don’t attempt analysis if you’re limited in your ability to put the pieces together.

      All of this … goes on in MANY churches … during and after “service.” Ya’ll are only up at arms about what you can see … ain’t nobody worried about it unless it’s out in the open. People are perfectly okay with their gay pastors … whom they choose to overlook because he has a beard/wife and kids.

  25. imtellinguthetruthforreal

    Sick!!!! No RESPECT For the house of God.
    They have been cursed.

  26. People have been having sex in church for years now. This is nothing new. Sad, but those same people pointing out everyone else’s sins are the main ones sleeping around and stealing from the church.

  27. The6thClarkSister

    …..and they prolly shout, dance and sing on the choir every Sunday. Church is nothing but an emotional, high octane social club to a lot of these folks. They are enamored by the glitz, glamour and titles. They run around screaming HOLINESS but refuse to actually live holy. I only watched 5 seconds of the video and my stomach turned.
    LORD HELP YOUR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. There is a part 2 I here to the sex tape

  29. Wow, why do people always record this type of activity? If you are doing this on low, put the phone down.

  30. No comments. Thats between them and God.

  31. MF Sucking dick and will be up leading praise and worship on Sunday…this shit is SAD!

  32. Well now we know what the best friend do when the congregation ain’t around… mmhmm!

  33. Sir William didn’t post this saying “look there are two men having sex” he posted the disrespectful stuff that folks do in the church and try to cover it up.

  34. I’m aware that there is a part 2 of the video. Will some1 please share?

  35. 00:22 what type of ring is on his left hand? All around sadness.

  36. Is the guy getting serviced married? I can’t make out the ring on his left hand at 26seconds. This is all around sadness.

    • I know the preachers son and this is totally out of character when it comes to him nobody should be even be worried about his dad they should be worried more about this Kang boy because he is very manipulative and when he doesn’t get his way about something he puts ppls business out there for one this is a child first nobody thought about that huh before they started with the comments huh if anything you need to be thinking about the reciever and how he got and talked him into doing that bc he sat the entire thing up triflin acting supposed to be church folks but yall doing exactly what yall are known to do in the black church that’s why nobody trying to step foot in the church no more

    • To my understanding yes and has also claimed to be a preacher as well not saying that either one of them are innocent but look how he has lied to this poor child and then turns around and does something like this to him for the world to see and be judged this kid has it tough enough being black and Male and gay in the black church community and ppl think its hilarious bringing his dad and church all up in it who gives a rotten egg what the name of the church is and for the record I dont have to watch the videos and dont want to point blank period

  37. I know the devil is inside the church as well as every where else but this Lucifer himself!! I hope the members are covered in the blood and has asked God to build a fence around them and there family because when fellowship right beside him you have to be protected!! This is so scary not because they are lbgt but because they were by the devil to commit this act. If they don’t exorcise this church it will fall and take them down with it!

  38. Melinda Johnson

    Ok so he sucked a penis in church big fucking deal …. a lot of you have done way worse. But it’s easier to judge others for their behavior man gtfoh…

  39. For all these Christians in here I have a question…what has the church done for the Black Community??? Besides tear us down and use us like everything else…

  40. These f*gs is wild , really sucking d*ck in the church wit no shame

  41. The church is Keys to the Kingdom in Longview Tx where pastors Jennifer and Bobby Pea are the pastors.

    This whole story is a mess. The best friend to Kang is the one who released the tape. He went live and said he did it cause him and Kang are not Christians but he felt the video was wrong! So he exposed his best friend. Sounds like a messy bitter person to me! He claimed the families of both who are in the video had shunned them out and they are now suicidal cause of this.

  42. Don’t trust no nigga don’t trust no Christian

  43. Don’t trust no nigga don’t trust no Christian

  44. People act soo shocked that this is going on….everything we see is a “illusion” including this soo called “earth” we literally walking around in the matrix’s….NOBODY can judge nor show HATE….50% are living off FEAR which is why that percentage is NOT WOKE….there is no right or wrong it’s what U believe frfr LOVE no matter what the situation is….we are SPIRITS living in a vessel and frfr the “chosen” ones are not here to apply to what u “beings” believe tbt….PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP frfr call me crazy if u want IM LITERALLY A LIVING testimony….I then seen and felt everything that’s not in the physical world….the 3D world….

  45. People act soo shocked that this is going on….everything we see is a “illusion” including this soo called “earth” we literally walking around in the matrix’s….NOBODY can judge nor show HATE….50% are living off FEAR which is why that percentage is NOT WOKE….there is no right or wrong it’s what U believe frfr LOVE no matter what the situation is….we are SPIRITS living in a vessel and frfr the “chosen” ones are not here to apply to what u “beings” believe tbt….PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP frfr call me crazy if u want IM LITERALLY A LIVING testimony….I then seen and felt everything that’s not in the physical world….the 3D world….

  46. This made me 💦💦💦💦

  47. It’s gone be hell to pay on Judgment day…

  48. I think the pastor should be defrocked he can’t even get impact his son to at the very least refrain from sucking the guy off in the sanctuary while being recorded and posting it on social media! These people men are so impious and so unabashed!!!! They aren’t even worried about what they are doing, what a remarkable story I am thrilled that you shared!

    They both should be banned from THIS congregation because they are so risky!

  49. The people commenting on this are the same ones who have thought about doing it themselves just not in church. You don’t take your primal urges to the house where you are supposed to be cleansed. The guy who was getting his dick sucked is a PREDATOR. He has apps on Grindr and Jackd. He have no shame. I think he is doing it to the very low self confidence and low self esteem boys who know they couldn’t get nobody like him and live in the rural areas of East Texas and West Louisiana. He is a con artist. He makes them pay him money so they can live out they sexual fantasies with him and then he exploits them after they have been disowned by their family or small number of friends they may have had. Dothan Frazier don’t do nothing for free. He frequents the areas of Longview and Marshall because there are many misguided souls in that area that will give him the time of day. He used to go to my Gym and now he tries to say he don’t go there but I know he does. He is a very disturbed young man.

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