What Happened Between Eusebio Phelps And Luther McKinstry?

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……So many Church Folks call each other brother and sister until they have a disagreement and fallout.  Recently the church that Luther McKinstry relocated to Atlanta to take over as Pastor has officially closed.  Originally Luther relocated to Atlanta to Pastor Bishop Eusebio Phelps Atlanta location, but it was met with such great opposition and issues before it could even happen.  It seems the two former drug dealers that both served time could not see eye to eye now they are Preachers.  Luther was so embarrassed he was forced to sace face and start his own work in Atlanta rather than bow out and stay at home and work with his mother.  Everyone has a story and this one did not end well between these two.  In fact Phelps took to Facebook to say it was no story, but it seems it might have been one after all.

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  1. You are disgusting! Grow up and stop gossiping!

  2. You visit our church and Bishop tells us not to bother but to embrace you. He defended you publicly even called you brother and you repay his kindness by writing a two year old story? Our church (which is paid for) isn’t closed we are renovating the interior. New carpet, new lights, new chairs, installing tile in the fellowship hall and marvel in Bishops office. You sir are a liar and you are mad because no one in Atlanta will loan you money or rent a van for you to go to AIM. So pathetic…if I were HIV positive as you are I’d be careful touching Gods anointed. You don’t want your sickness to turn for the worse. We will be praying for you. So sad!

    • “Junior” shut up! Clearly your messaging from a fake page you’re probably the sick lying ass BITCHUP …. ask him does he still want to buy the tape of his brother out of Chicago to keep it from being leaked ….lol he’s a crook a liar and abusive. Verbally and Physically. Preying on battered and hurt people acting like he’s some God. He’s no different than a house mother. For you to mention AIDS was that something your “daddy” told you about him and now you want to use it as ammunition. The whole damn church is a joke. Before you come for someone make sure you know the difference between marvel and marble.

      • I used to attend New Faith 🙄. I can attest the BITCHUP I mean Bishop is a joke. The whole congregation is. The few that are still there are only there of fear of him “exposing” them next. His members are weak and he takes advantage of that. Phelps is the biggest manipulator.

  3. Well I guess that’s why Luther wanted one of his attendees to call a Blogger back and denounce everything she had told him, she refused now she doesn’t attend the church anymore. He wanted their relationship to stay private she wants to go public. They are swapping stories in the pic above, who’s next the sad part is they both will be chastened by GOD. People coming to church for a healing spiritually and they are being taken advantage of. If you visit WCOA it’s more women than men. #freakyflock

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