Proud Father Nick Cannon Says His Twins Have Changed His Life!

Nick Cannon is a proud father and not afraid to show it!  The Nick Cannon is a proud father and not afraid to show!  Theit!  comedian/actor/host recently spoke to US Weekly about his twin babies, Moroccan and Monroe stating that the two are saying words now!
“They say words, they do! Not too many words. Just mamma, dadda, and babba. That’s it!”
Aww how sweet! The doting dad went on to say to talk about how his outlook on life has changed since “dembabies” arrived. Continue reading to see what Nick had to say about fatherhood
“[Fatherhood] has probably made me prioritize my life better. Spend more time on the things that actually matter in the world than just trying to be too frivolous. [I] know that it’s a ticking clock and [my] kids are growing every single day.”

Mariah and Nick really seem to be overjoyed with their new bundle of joy(s). Truly a blessing! “Dembabies” (as Mariah lovingly referred to them during her pregnancy), even have their very own website, head on over to check out pictures of the beautiful little ones:

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