19. Hawks Pick Wake Forest Power Forward John Collins

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Obnoxious Sports……Atlanta Hawks pick John Collins, 6’10” Power Forward from Wake Forest! he is 19 years old.
An old-fashioned double-double machine, Collins averaged 19.2 points and 9.8 rebounds a game in his sophomore year, putting together a stretch of four consecutive 20-10 games. He showed improvement at the free-throw line over his freshman season and projects as a good rim protector, though he will need to work hard on his fundamentals and stay out of foul trouble.
Quotable: “I think I’ve already proved to most teams that I have the ability to score in and around the post. For me, showing them that I can expand my game away from the basket has been big.” — Collins, on his shooting demonstrations during workouts with prospective teams.
How he fits: Collins had been the top player available on most draft boards for quite a while. He will bring his scoring and rebounding to the rebuilding Hawks, who just traded away Dwight Howard and are facing the prospect of Paul Millsap leaving as a free agent. He may not win many games for a while, but Collins should be able to put up some numbers in an offense led by Dennis Schroder.
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