Bishop Charles Edward Blake Tells Jason White Hit The Road Jack After Working At West Angeles Church Of God In Christ For 20 Years 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……While at the Hawks game tonight my phone began to ring out of control with text messages, calls, and Facebook in-box messages about Jason White being fired by Bishop Charles Edward Blake.  White was relieved of his duties as of March 8, 2016, and was celebrated in church two days prior on March 6, 2016, for his winning a Stellars Gospel Music Award. Rumors have been flying since word got out that his services were no longer needed at the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ. According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee there has been some issues with Jason for sometime now, but Bishop Blake continued to allow him to serve as Director of Music and Worship Arts. 
In the letter Jason White posted on Facebook – In twenty years of employment, he only could think of two occasions that would have warranted termination. Seems he is not aware that only one is enough to cause you to loose your job. Additionally, he expressed he felt Bishop Blake should have given him an explanation as to why he was released from his duties.  Perhaps, due to his feeling that Bishop was more than a boss, but a Spiritual Father he became too common and comfortable with. It is confusing that Jason, like Earl Carter, feels that Bishop Blake owes them something and has to explain or justify his actions with them prior to making a decision.  As indicated in White’s letter, Bishop Blake met with him for all of seven minutes to fire him, which indicates that Jason had to have known things were not good after 20 years. A real son knows his father.  White claims Blake was more than his boss so why attempt to front to him by writing an open letter and posting it on social media at 3:44pm (PST). Clearly, White has entered a fight his is not equipped to win. 
Without question, Bishop Blake is a spiritual leader, but he is also a CEO as well. Now Judy Christie McAllister is back in LA and might be the reason Jason had to be eliminated: to make room for her.  Bishop Blake most likely will not respond to White’s public attack and if he did not want to take the severance package then he has no one to blame but himself.  The former Director of Music and Arts might have forgotten he founded and operated his own production company all while working at West A or the number additionally money making opportunities afforded unto him all because he worked for the Presiding Bishop of the Church Of God In Christ. People, do not get it twisted and think for one second you cannot be eliminated and things not roll on without you. Thouse thousands of cars will be at West A with or without Jason White, who perhaps became confused with his role. People attend a church because of the pastor. The music and ministries enhance him/her, and for music people will buy a good CD.  Obnoxious Media reached out to Jason White, but he has yet to respond.
Read Jason White’s letter below: 
Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……While at the Hawks game tonight my phone began to ring out of control with text messages, calls, and Facebook in-box messages about Jason White being fired by Bishop Charles Edward Blake. White was releaved of his duties as of March 8, 2016 and was celebrated in church two days prior on March 6, 2016 for his winning a Stellars Gospel Music Award. Rumors have been flying since word getting out that his services were no longer needed at the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ. According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee there has been some issues with Jason for sometime now, but Bishop Blake continued to allow him to serve as Director of Music and Worship Arts.  
In the letter Jason White posted on Facebook in twenty years of employment he only could think of two occasions tha would ha warranted termination. Seems he is not aware that only one is enough to cause you to loose your job. Additionally, he expressed he felt Bishop Blake should have given him an explanation as to why he was releasing from his duties. Perhaps due to his feeling that Bishop was more than a boss, but a Spiritual Father he became to common and comfortable. It is confusing that Jason, like Earl Carter feels that Bishop Blake owes them something and has to explain or justify his actions with them prior to making a decision. As indicated in White’s letter Bishop Blake met with him for all of seven minutes to fire him, which indicates that Jason had to have known things were not good after 20 years. A real son knows his father, White claims Blake was more than his boss so why attempt to front o him by writing an open letter and posting it on social media at 3:44pm (PST). Clearly, White has entered a fight his is not equipped to win.  
Without question Bishop Blake is a spiritual leader, but he is also a CEO as well. Now Judy Christie McAllister is back in LA and might be the reason Jason had to be eliminated to make room for her. Bishop Blake most likely will not respond to White’s public attack and if he did not want to take the severance package then he has no one to blame, but himself. The former Director of Music and Arts might have forgotten he founded and operated his own production company all while working at West A or the number additionally money making opportunities afforded unto him all because he worked for the Presiding Bishop of the Church Of God In Christ. People do not get it twisted and think for one second you cannot be elimaited and things not roll on without you. Thouse thousands of car will be at West A with or without Jason White, who perhaps became confused with his role. People attend a church because of the pastor. The music and ministries enhance him or her and for music people will by a good CD. Obnoxious Media reached out to Jason White, but he has yet to respond. 

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  1. God has graced him with Grammy nominations and Stellar awards ? Hmmm ! I didn’t know that God did that.
    Our expectations of so called men or women of God has gone to another level.
    Religion is big business . He had a CEO , COO, an HR director, and a COGIC COO in a meeting. A church meeting. WOW ! It takes all of that to shout and foam at the mouth with loud music ? WOW !

  2. Dang why bishop do Jason like that?
    This why I don’t trust these mega church pastors. They treat the church more like a bizness than a house of worship.
    Jason is one of the best musicians in the world, so I hope he gets a new church to work at soon.
    West Angrles definitely ain’t what it used to be.
    Time for bishop to retire. He might be going senile making a dumb move like this.

    • Candice,
      You sound stupid. They church is him and roll on without whomever he eliminated!
      Sir William

    • You sound DUMB!! Oh guess what you are! You heard one story from Jason the allegedly injured party and Bishop has not said one word and just from this letter I know why he fired him he’s hard headed and silly. and do either one of you know what and at will employee is??? I didn’t think so. It’s better to have people wondering if your dumb than opening your mouth and confirming that you are very DUMB to everyone.

  3. Sir William, why did Jason fire Mike Bereal

    • Rite,
      Mike was not getting along the best with Jason. However, it is said his sleeping with women in the church and it got to be a problem.
      Sir William

      • You seem to have a personal relationship with the Pastor the way you capping for him hard. However, after reading Jason’s response I can see why he was fired. Yes, he seem to have been a great praise and worship leader, but no so good at being an employee. When you work for someone you do as they tell you. Your opinion and thoughts don’t matter unless your asked. IMHO the examples he give demonstrated indicated that he may have gotten too ahead of himself and thought he was too invaluable to listen and follow direction and for that he was fired. Even in the example with the young lady, it was not his place to allow her to sing after being told not to. Whether he felt she dressed appropriately or not. Regardless if he owns the Stellars That’s not his church he’s an employee. With the men, he should have followed orders to the best of his ability. Even if he had to make an announcement before the choir sang. What if God through his Bishop was testing his obedience. It looks like he failed. I am sure this isn’t a total surprise if he really reflect upon this. He needs to take this hard lesson and move forward. It seems like he’s hurt as anyone would be. I’m sure he’ll get another job.

  4. Gee whizz, such immature and undignified folk (Christians?) plastering their social media accounts with their grievances against their pastor and employer! I guess he will join the ranks now of Earl Carter. No class. Social media has created nothing but babies and/or bullies!

    • Brian The Baptist

      Jason did right by exposing the church for their mistreatment. He was there for 20 years so it was more than just a job or something they can “roll on” from. That was a big part of that boys life, so you can’t discount his feeling or the fact that he is obviously hurt. How would YOU feel or react to someone doing some shit like that to you??? Nobody deserves that sort of humiliation. And I aint COGIC, so I dont look at blake like he’s some sort of superhero. He is a MAN who makes mistakes. So losing Jason was CLEARLY one of them. blake and west angeles should be ashamed of themselves. that church has become one big corporation.

      • CuriousAboutFacts

        @ Brian the Baptist…there would be no humiliation without the public spectacle…and Brother Jason White has himself now contributed to the public spectacle. I’m just saying.
        Whenever I was let go from my secular employment (which was twice in my lifetime), there was nothing else to do but take the package and move on. Not sure why he believes or his expectation was so different in this case. If you are an employee (biblical exegesis=hireling), you will be treated like an employee. Most of the persons who work in our local church are simply members and volunteers who do what they do to assist the ministry. It is an entirely different context when you are on salary for $60,000+ dollars a year (just a guess based on commensurate rates in mega churches) and that is your EMPLOYMENT. You are subject to get released. He himself acknowledged that he is or was an “at-will” employee. Which status applies to majority of workers in the private sector secularly, outside of unionized and uniform workers who work under specific job rules, protections, etc.

      • Oh eat shit you look at Bishop Walker as your hero and yall can have orgies together lol


    Not sure William McCray has ever heard of spellcheck. It appears like a 5th grader wrote this in a hurry.

  6. Didn’t Jason fire Mike Bereal last year?

  7. That should have stayed between him and his ex-employer, not on social media. All he should have said was “thank you for the opportunity and much blessings”. I wouldn’t hire someone who tells everything on social media if I was looking at him as an employee. That letter is not a good look even though he did do it tastefully. You got fired…it happens…move on.

    • @gee I agree!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Mistreatment, firings and layoffs has happened to many of us. And if it hasnt happened to you, keep on living awhile ESPECIALLY in todays work environment. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

    • Gee’s comment is the comment I like. Jason’s writing of that letter shows his guilt-ridden conscience, his disregard for his employer AND the churches’ reputation, and that he thinks he knows better than the Bishop AND God what is best for West A. As a shunned member of four of the many choirs at West A, I consider myself an insider to the first-hand tactics and un-Christ-like behavior of Jason White and some of his directors. Jason was snobby and thought he was indispensable and beyond reproach. He had his clique and favorites, and that’s who he used out in front, regardless of the talents of others. His letter sounds as though he and his wife are united in an effort to clear his reputation as a result of this well-deserved firing, but rumors say his wife left him 2 weeks before the crap hit the fan. I don’t know if it’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t. I see posts that keep asking why Mike Bereal was fired. The rumor on that is that he had, not 1 or 2, but 3 prostitutes in his room on a business trip with the Bishop, where the church was paying for the room. And he’s a married man. I’m just saying that is the rumor that ran through the choir.
      I’m glad Jason was fired and found out to be exactly what he was; someone who was riding in on the coattails of the church, treating the music department as though it belonged to him, not to the members. His letter sounds like he glorifies himself higher than the Bishop and, even God, Himself. How does he know God was glorified by his works? As far as we know, God may have spewed him out of his mouth for being such a hypocrite. And to voice the opinion that with the assistance of “Jonathan Coleman…… the music department could in nowise experience the repeated outpouring of God’s grace upon the Department.” Really? He has first-hand knowledge what plans God has for West A’s music department? Just another sign of his snobbery. God’s work will flourish without you, Jonathan, myself and many others. That’s you putting yourself on a pedestal, as usual, Brother Jason. I will whole-heartedly agree that Jason White is a multi-talented young man who fooled many, including the Bishop for a long time. Unfortunately for him, he could not fool God. Move on, Jason. We will be just fine at West A because we have one of the best leaders in the world leading us, and he has God leading him. May God be with you and show you the error of your ways.

  8. I think Jason is really hurt how everything went down but I also no theirs 3 sides to every story.

  9. Wow………I was at the Mens Weekend service on Sunday morning. Pastor/ Singer Norman Hutchins was the guest speaker. The Men represented bit time! The red hankies were waving in solidarity!! It was an amazing performance!
    However, I’m surprised he stayed 20 years with the opportunities awarded him while there. Its hard to uproot your family, but hopefully he attended Bishop Blake Legacy Conference this weekend to develop his ministry.
    Keep your head up Brother Jason…… Pastor Hutchins sing…”God’s Got a Blessing with your Name On it.

    • First it was David with the COO the CEO, the OOO…lol…, you talking “red hankies” waving in solidarity, and like the song said…..Lawd! these comments are too funny!…

  10. My Lord. This is sad on so many levels. Jason is one of the coolest & most professional music ministers in the church world. His removal should not have gone down in such a tacky way after he spent 20 years in service there.
    West Angeles seems to be losing the fire it once had. There’s LOTS of empty seats on most Sundays now… and maybe Blake is just using Jason as a scapegoat?
    The church needs an overhaul. Blake is almost 80, and completely out of touch with any younger members who would want to go there. I guess that’s why they’re all flocking to One Church on LaBrea Ave.
    I pray that Jason and his sweet wife bounce back from this mess.
    And on a side note… it’s not fair to compare him to that deranged lunatic Earl Carter. Those two situations have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.

    • One Church is a joke. I guess with D. Haddon posted up on a Hill on Hollywood Blvd now, folk will get the shows they pay for in both the theathre on La Brea and the Blvd. Hope they got some SWAT ministers cause them trannies strolling that district on some other ish. No thank you. I’ll take Blake and the traditional over that mess.

    • One church? Where the pastor divorced his wife and married Jakes’ daughter? Oh brother!

    • its fake news do believe it. Its all meant to tarnish Bishop Blake and Jason’s names..

  11. If Bishop Blake did it on a National level to Prof.Iris Stevenson then I’m not the least bit shocked ,.surprised or amazed at him doing it to Min.Of Music Jason White. This also seems to be the same strategic plan being put in place with Mother Willie Mae Rivers and Mother Barbara Mc coo Lewis,.smh,.terrible and awful!!! I have to admit when I first read and heard of Jason being terminated the first thought that entered my mind was Judy McAllister her husband and family must be back in Los Angeles,.Cali permanently now,.wow,.. Jason White as Min.Of Music @ West A COGIC has done an awesome& superb job as well as his wife as part of the P&W team. The Youth and Young Adult have totally lost connection with Bishop Blake and his ministry at West A COGIC,.. Youth and Young Adult Sunday is so dead& dry as a bone every month,. and maybe Bishop Blake felt that the time had come for transition,.change& renewal,.every tenure has got to reach it’s end and season,.hopefully all wounds will heal things made whole and well again in time for all parties involved in this matter,. God is in control!!!

    • Derrick,
      All presiding bishop’s appoint the department heads.
      You do not know the COGIC church!
      Sir William

    • And Willie Mae needs to have been gone long ago! I cannot wait for him to take her down!

      • Now Now Sir William… Let’s be nice to our Elder Stateswoman, not many dedicated women like her these days. This is why she’s anointed and appointed to the highest office in the Women dept. She may hold on till God calls her home.

      • Why does she need to go? She’s not flashy enough? She is definitely anointed. She probably doesn’t kiss. Bishop Blakes behind

      • @HaveMercy @Elder CRZ … I have to agree with you. None of our Presiding Bishops have ever removed a General Supervisor. Bishops are wise not to bother the Women’s Department. It’s the women that support this church.
        I do feel that an Assistant General Supervisor should have been appointed immediately after the passing of Mother Elizabeth Nash. Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis’ appointment as Assistant General Supervisor was a great choice by Bishop Blake. If it is the Lord’s Will, then I do believe Mother Lewis will make a great General Supervisor. Mother Rivers & Mother Lewis are examples of holy and sanctified women.

      • @sirWilliam why does Mother Willie Mae Rivers need to go? Is it her advanced age?

    • Is McAllister husband Darin out of prison,? He was Bishop Blake assistant and then LA cop, and FBI agent, then got caught up in real estate and bank fraud a was found guilty of 15 counts to serve 48 months in 2011. He claim he did not know what he was signing but the boy at the bank say he put what he told him inflating his income, as he was deep in debt.
      Wonder how his appeal went. He was determine to clear his name.

  12. Yes Jason is going to be missed. He was beloved by all and a great musician. Jason quit before and Bishop celebrated him and told Jason he was always welcomed back. Years later after Kurt moved to Texas, Jason came back. Bishop treated Jason like a son. In all fairness to Bishop, the West A music department has not been the same since Patrick, Victor, Steven, Logan and Kurt Carr left. Under their leadership the choir knew and understood the mission of the church (Glorify God, Edify the body of Christ and Evangelize) and vision of the leader. The music and decorum of the choir reflected this also (Remember the Saints in Praise series?). It is different now. There is no anointing, just a lot of noise, screaming and yes the dress code was horrible. Perhaps Jason should have sat in the audience to see what Bishop and the rest of the church saw rather than argue. When people come to church they want to be uplifted through song and the word of God not entertainment. It was so bad that unless the choir’s “stars” were leading songs on a given Sunday, they rarely attended church. As was if that the church better be glad they were there to sing. They may not have said it in words, but their body language did. It was their they were there to only collect a paycheck. If the stars and leaders do not support the church why should the choir members show up. The church is about serving God and not about us. Isn’t that the focus?
    Sadly most people use the music ministry of the church to further their careers and personal goals. If you ask most long time WestA attendees, they will tell that they have noticed a difference in the music ministry for a long time. It is never a good idea to get common with the boss, subordinates or peers because it tends to color the relationship. In situations such as this.
    Rather than put WestA on blast, the wise thing would have been to let things cool off and ask for a meeting to explain things rather than put things on social media. Bishop Blake is a reasonable man and does not immediately move to remove anyone abruptly. For him to fire you, it would have been a long time coming and it seems that Jason was counseled per Jason’s own admission. Unfortunately because of his relationship with Bishop, Jason did not heed the warning signs.
    If I were a hiring manager, I would not want to hire anyone who discredits their former employer especially on social media. Bishop Blake sometimes gets negative press without people knowing the facts. Before people make judgements, there is always two -three sides to every story. Not a good look for Jason. However, things happen and maybe his season is over there.

  13. I hope West A put out a statement because doesn’t make them look good.

    • He a bitter Becky who should have took the severance and severed ties in good faith. Greater Works shall he do after this. Blake did things in order with this.

      • No one likes to be treated like crap. He is not a bitter becky. He gave and contributed a lot to that church. He poured his soul into the ministry. If Bishop wanted him to leave and replace him with Judy, he should have done it right. Bishop clearly misused his power!

      • At obnonoxious
        You are a bigger Fool. It’s not His church. It’s the Lords house. If he doesnt know how to treat people with respect then he should leave and find another profession besides preachjng or Bishop.

    • @Drite … The letter Jason White posted makes him look bad. All of his questions should have been answered during the meeting with Bishop Blake. If it wasn’t the right time, then schedule a meeting with Bishop Blake. However, I would not have given up the severance package. I’m sure Bishop Blake was sending him off real real good. He should’ve been appreciative and thanked Bishop Blake for the opportunity. If using social media was a must, then why not say kind things about Bishop Blake and the West Angeles Church family. One thing I’ve learned is, regardless of how hurt you are, you don’t burn bridges for those who have opened and can continue to open doors for you.

  14. Imagine that you’re married and to your knowledge, your marriage is fine! Well, you come home from work and your spouse is gone, their things are gone, the bank account is empty and they’ve left you with nothing! Wouldn’t it have at least been fair to say why they left? To bring up PAST issues after the fact is no longer relevant to the present when you’re thinking that the relationship is smooth sailing. I’m a musician and I know how it feel for a pastor to lift you up, tell you you’re doing a wonderful job and celebrate your accomplishments; but the turn right around and fire you with absolutely no explanation. This man has sacrificed over 20 years of his life, he and his wife! Could not things have been done in a better way? I’m not saying Bishop Blake is wrong for firing Jason, it’s just how he did it. I wish Jason the best, I’m praying for him and his wife. And I support him 100%…..

    • Damien,
      As the son of a Bishop you musicians get beside yourself. You are not the pastor of the church 20 years or 20 days hit the road.
      He decided to stay and work there for that amount of time and I am sure he milked it for all it was worth coasting off of the prestigious West A name. Additionally, to imply bishop was trying to pay him off was wrong. Bishop was doing right by him. Now if he wanted to be dirty he would have offered nothing.
      In corporate America people loose their jobs everyday!
      Sir William

      • William… Are we not Christian? Does not Christ operate in LOVE? This isn’t cooperate America, this is church! Do we not have standards? Did not God do things in orderly fashion? Now I’ve known Jason personally for years, and yes we all can somethings about him that we’d surely would agree on! If it was YOU I’d feel the same way and say the same thing! I don’t disagree with Blake’s decision, but “THE WAY IT WAS HANDLED” ….. Now it sounds to me that you either know something we all don’t or you yourself have a personal vendetta against Jason. However, I’m not one the judge! But I will say this, if it was you, you’d have my fullest support! However, at the end of the day, there’s 3 sides to a story… His side, Blake’s side and the truth! And only God knows and I believe just like in the Bible He exposed King David, the truth shall be revealed! I continue to prayer out leader, my friend and our church! Satan is trying his best to destroy the body of Christ! Shalom!

    • Nice comment Damien. I’m in music ministry as an employee and we go through a lot of things people just don’t know or understand. Some bad apples spoiled the bunch but there are still some of us who are good and focused on doing God’s work! Bless you my brother.

      • Are church musicians paid double/triple scale like secular artist? Or do they have a contract/salary, or take a love offering? To sit in any workplace without one in place, there is no leverage to complain or cry about at will termination.

  15. Sir William man maybe you are right and correct ,.I don’t know the COGIC church protocol but I do know right from wrong man lol and it was wrong to me how Prof.Iris Stevenson was unceremoniously dismissed of her position to be replaced by Judy McAllister,. IMO but I get what you are saying and I am 3rd generation COGIC so I know all about the appointments and assignments given and put in place at each Dept.head by whomever the Presiding Bishop seems or deems fit ,.I get it!!! I think the last straw to break the camels back was Jason White firing Mike Bereal although (Big time NO NO),.Bishop Blake was very fond of Mike Bereal ,.his replacement David Jackson from the Bay Area(Oakland,.Cali) who plays for Jennifer Hudson is not a good fit,.he does not flow with the service or spirit and is just OFF completely and sticks out like a sore thumb,.it can be felt,.seen and heard during the services. Well Bishop Blake still needs to shake the tree or bush(P&W team/l) lol cause ,….but anyways “leaping” onnn hint hint (he’s such a hypocrite)…what’s done in the dark will most definitely and certainly come to light,. if it don’t come out in the wash ,.it will in the rinse, ,.time will reveal..Be Blessed!!!

    • Derrick, your right about leap lol but watch Judy hire Mike Bereal back.

      • Drite,
        You sound like a fool. Judy is saved for real and I doubt very seriously she will bring that whore monger back in the church!
        Not how much you want to bet?
        I got $500 on it right now! Let’s go!
        Sir William

    • Derrick,
      You are so wrong!
      Let me be brief: MIKE had to go because he was a whore monger and causing problems. We was on a three suspension when another chick came forward. Blake did not need to fire because he gave the Order to Jason who was the head of that department!
      Trust me if Bishop wanted MIKE and his sinful was he would be there.
      Gilbert liked Iris and her style fit him and his ministry.
      Chandler loved LaVona and she was a good fit for him.
      Blake loves Judy and she is a good fit.
      Now David is the bomb and if they did not like him or his skill set he would not be there.
      President Obama did not keep George Bush cabinet!
      Jason is gone and this is a note to all of you that work a job you serve at the desire of the leader. West A will continue without Jason.
      People the Bible says wear your title like a loose garment!
      Sir William

      • You guys trust me and watch how this all plays out. Judy and Mike will be back at West A and take the music department to a 10 like it use to be because right now vocally their awful,and I have to agree with Derrick, David is not a good fit but he’s a wonderful musician.

    • If anything Kurt Carr will come back!

  16. I would bet you but I don’t believe I’ll get my money lol. I know Judy very well, trust me and watch .

  17. Sir, if you say I’m wrong then I guess I’m wrong , this is your blog lol

  18. You act like the man is doom for hell, if you only knew half of the stuff people have done in the past and was brought back . Judy nor Bishop thinks that way about anybody.

  19. The short list of musicians to join Dr. Judith are:
    Kevin Powell
    Aaron Mayfield
    Devin Watkins
    Marty West
    I agree, Mike may be the first choice. Bishop Blake is a businessman first, and a preacher second. #CEBLegacy

  20. Drite,..Man I would agree with you on this one brah but uhhh,..NOPE!!!! ..Like William said Mike Bereal tore is drawzzz real good this time and is on the no return list due to one other factor and person who had to get involved named First Lady Mae L.Blake..she DOES NOT PLAY …as soon as she gets in the wind of things going on like’s a wrap for sure,.trust and believe that! I do believe that Bishop Blake& First Lady Mae are fair but when YOU get in the way of Your own self and self destruct,..You leave them with no other choice or option except for dismissal and termination. One other musician back in the day did the most and they kept him on trying to work with him and rehab him back to a stable and wealthy place,..but when he started pawning and selling the church instruments for drug money,..that was the end of his career& tenure as a musician @ West A COGIC. “PRIDE ” is a terrible thing and it comes before destruction (the fall) just as in Lucifer situation Proverbs 16:18. They don’t remember to remain “HUMBLE”. Sir William You are right man some of these P&W Leaders ,.Singers,.Musicians,.Choir Directors,.Min Of Music become so haughty and full of self&flesh that they think they are above the Bishop,.the people& God himself and want people to Praise & Worship them and their gifts& talents smh ,.they willbeg beg beg you to buy their project,.promote & advertise it like crazy on social media and when you see them out in a public arena or setting won’t even speak and snub up their noses at you (some of them) when you even try . I just hope all things work out for the good on the behalf of all parties involved,. God is still in control!!!

  21. Drite, keep hope alive man is all we can do ,..but the records and history(examples) of those who have gone on before stand sure… when First Lady Mae L.Blake gets involved it has absolutely reach “The point of No Return”!!! Besides if You think Mike Bereal was off the chains before they let him go ,.can You imagine how out of control and irreplaceable he’d act& feel if they were to bring him back,.. a Hot Messs for real man lol hahaha

    • D, I bet he’ll do better, the dude is hurting right now lol……I bet he still think he’s dreaming that he’s not at West A anymore lol

  22. Drite,..Yesss man that West A sound..Mike Bereal & Jason White built that sound..Last Sunday Night was so shameful, was evident that something awful was going on and transpiring or taking place,..the Musicians were lost,..the choir sound horrible and was down to a skeleton crew ..certainly not the type and feel of an Atmosphere Of/For Praise that you normally are accustomed to getting on Sunday Night Service @ West A’s North Campus.

    • The vocals are always awful , and now the band is too lol. Blow it up!!!

      • @Drite … I viewed the 11AM service online. The Mass Choir was in large numbers. However, they sounded very off as well as the band. Judy did a lot of screaming. Maybe it was on point being inside the Cathedral, but online, it was very bad. Maybe the microphones were off, but all I could hear were the women on the front row screaming in those microphones.

  23. Well attendance at Warryn and Erica Campbell (Mary Mary)church “California Worship Center” may be increasing in growth& attendance after this lol(jus kidding) I have not gone as of yet but I hear lots of good things about the services and I really want to check it out,..”One Church International” Pastor Toure Roberts& First Lady Sarah Jakes(Bishop TD Jakes daughter) in Hollywood not so much,..nothing against ,.just not a choice on the list or interest of mines. First Lady Roberts #2,..but that’s for another time and blog lol

  24. Drite,..mannn all I can do is lol and smh @ you,..but #TRUE(vocals and band)awful now!!!

  25. Those Blake boys aren’t going to take over. The short list of replacements for Bishop are:
    Norman Hutchins
    Ben Stephens
    Joyce Rodgers
    Nathaniel Green

    • I’m sorry, his sons can’t preach to save their lives. Just boring with no life!!! There not even good teachers, they just look awkward.

    • CuriousAboutFacts

      @ FredOP…lol, did you just make that list up? Joyce Rodgers or Nathaniel Green for Pastor of West A? You must not be COGIC, or know much about the cast of characters you are naming, their personal associations, loyalties, ties, etc. or the lack thereof.

  26. Sir William,..No story on First Lady roberts #2 (daughter of Bishop TD Jakes),.other than she replaced Frist Lady Roberts #1,..almost like all of a sudden……. lol that’s all.

  27. Sir William,..You have said about First Lady Roberts#2 (Daughter of Bishop TD Jakes) lol I remember reading it here.. Yeppp and had then he had the nerves to get up before his congregations talking about some they were spiritually drawn together or some crap like that,..even tried to use some scripture to try and back up/support & fortify the foolishness& messs,.. guess he forgot he was still married at the time they were supposedly spiritually drawn together smh some of these folks are a super trippp man lol God help us all!!!

  28. Drite You are right about that tons of people do tune in to West A for their music ministry.. back in the day before the Cathedral was built Bishop Blake had to go into doing like 3-4 services a Sunday because the over flow and attendance of people was so ridiculous,..The Min Of Music was Lonnie Morgan at the time and people would literally form a line all up and down Crenshaw Blvd out here in LA ,.Cali waiting to get in as well as stay after service and just sit there in the pews to hear the choir continue to minister in song.. every Sunday Night the services would be so electrified& anointed like a massive recording ,.the choir as well as the congregation in song,..just listen to the “West Angeles COGIC Saints In Praise Volumes 1&2” and you will understand and hear it for yourself. Sir William wasn’t that also the case in Atlanta,Georgia with “Cathedral Of Faith COGIC” didn’t Min Of Music Maurice Culpepper (RIP) and The Showers Of Blessings Choir& Music Ministry carry that ministry,..Bishop Jonathan Greer wasn’t really a power house preacher like that ,.if I can recall right? I do agree with Sir William although the preached word should be first and foremost and the Music the enhancement but oft times it’s the other way around. It’s rare and a true blessing when you find the full fledged ministry like for ex: Bishop GE Patterson and “The Temple Of Deliverance COGIC” Memphis,.Tenn,..Yesss sir!!!

    • Let the church say “Amen” in regards to Bishop G.E.Patterson….I had the privilege of seeing him in person before he passed away. I’m shaking my head just thinking about it. There are very few preachers left like him….very few.

    • Derrick,
      I would say that the music enhanced. However, people loved Jonathan Greer.
      You named the perfect example of a person that felt they were more important than the pastor.
      Sir William

    • Oh my god, I used to attend Life COGIC in Riverside, CA (Ron Gibson) and Every Sunday I’d be late because I had to watch Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson. He was THE best hands down and he was a nice person too.
      Great loss to ministry.

  29. Lonnie Morgan had long been gone from West A when there were lines to get into the 3 and 4 services on Sunday. Yes, the music department has always been a major part of the success and tremendous growth of WestA…and I’ve been a member long enough to remember when Lonnie Morgan was minister of music (in the 70s), as well as Keith Pringle, Doug Lambert, Howard Mccrary, Phillip Kimble, Patrick Henderson, Daryl Coley, Tony Wilkens, Stephanie Bynum, Curt Karr, Victor Mccoy, Judy McAllister, and so on. I’m telling u this…not all…but many were embroiled in scandal so I don’t fault Jason for writing his letter to set the record straight and clear his name because it’s so easy to assume that when the church lets someone go in such an abrupt manner that there was some type of impropriety.

    • B. Well,
      You talking good!
      Ben was given an opportunity to pastor when it presented itself. Mike Davis is sitting in West A every Sunday. It seems his attempt to start a church did not work! I told you all why he is no longer the youth pastor!
      Sir William

      • What happened to Mike Davis? Why isn’t he youth pastor?

        • Fred,
          Short story is that a virus hit the computer system at West A and it was tracked back to Mike’s computer. His computer had allegedly visited a homosexual porn site that put the entire computer system in jeopardy. According to insiders Mike said one of the youth used his computer and caused the disaster. He had to hit the road!
          Sir William

    • B. Well,
      Let me make it clear that when I said you were talking good it was about the first part of you comment.
      Ben was no competition nor Mike Davis! Now you will not use my platform to try and go in on my friends. It is a difference when you go away because you want to then when you have to leave in the mist of scandal! No stop while you are ahead!
      Sir William

  30. Gertha Lovenugget

    Every minister of music that has come through West A. has brought their own flavor. Jason happened to be my favorite. He knew how to mix traditional with modern gospel and it was ALWAYS on point. I know yall gonna hate me for saying this…. but I could not stand Judith’s voice or the “West A sound” under her leadership! That damn nasally belting was too much… and every worship song make me feel like I was at a carnival.
    Anyhoo… Jason will be fine I’m sure. He’s well respected in the gospel industry and ANY of these churches (black or white) will be clamoring to get him.
    My top pick would be Lafayette Dorsey, even though he has his own church now. He was a very good preacher… and the ladies loved him cause he was about 6’5″, chocolate, and built like a brickhouse. Just keeping it real 😉

  31. I’m wonder what’s going to happen with the Appointment of COGIC Min.Of Music on a National level if Bishop J.Drew Sheard becomes Presiding Bishop,..will Judy McAllister have to kiss the baby goodbye then lol,..because I’m sure he’s probably going to appoint or want to appoint one of the Clark Sisters as his choice and fit ,…either Dorinda or Twinkie maybe even Dr.Bettye Ransom Nelson(I’m reaching right here)…

    • Twinkie doesn’t want that responsibility and would NEVER accept. She has been offered VP roles in the past and refused each time. Anyone who really knows Twinkie, knows she don’t like to be bothered at times. She will shut down in a second. I don’t even think she would be considered a option. Dorinda could be appointed if she wanted, but Dorinda doesn’t have the time that position requires. She would have to let go to many of her business ventures and personal ministry engagements to make time. I think the whole Department needs to be reorganized with new blood. No Betty Nelson!!! All we will see is her daughter’s leading and directing every song.

  32. B.Well ,.good correction of history and facts ,.during the time that Bishop Blake had to go into doing 3-4 services and the lines forming to get in had to start around about and go on up through the Patrick Henderson,.Daryl Coley,..Tony Wilkins,..Stephanie Bynum(not Lewis?) Curt Karr,.Victor McCoy,.&Judy McAllister era. I just recall the Sunday Night Services always being packed out from wall to wall from the pulpit and choir stand to the back door standing room only and the choir would sing heaven down,..they wore those greenish & brown trim like robes forever lol but they were classic and it wasn’t about for show they were serious and the evangelism and ministry that went forth and poured out was heartfelt coming straight from the heart,.really miss those days like that at West A COGIC.

  33. Derrick I live in Atlanta and was a member of COF, and would pack the house just to hear Maurice and Showers and on Sunday nite people from all over would pack the house to hear them and would leave after their last song because the preaching wasn’t that great. But the respect we have for Dr Grier is still high

    • Drite,
      The would leave to rush to the bathroom and screw. It is such a evil demonic spirit on Avon! If you were saved you know it is the Word that you need not all that singing and foolishness. I would sit and be sick on my stomach waiting for Maurice to finish so I could hear Pastor Simmons. The Sunday Nights I suffered until I started coming late and strike to my seat on the front row!
      Sir William

  34. Sir William,..WOW sounds like the same thing that was going on in the upstairs balcony mens bathroom at “Greater Mt.Calvary Holy Church” Washington,.DC back in the had gotten so bad and out of control that the ushers went back and reported it to Bishop Owens& he had to expose and call that spirit out during service one time,.lol.,.he said the nerves of you ,.”I hope the next time you go in there and try it that little thing shrivel up and fall off” lol hahaha that is BOLD right up in the house of God,.unbelievable and just down right disrespectful on all accords smh. That same spirit on 1137 Avon Ave SW in Atlanta is in DC on 610 Rhode Island Ave NE as well.

    • Derrick,
      You better shut up!
      Sir William

    • @Derrick … You are absolutely correct. I was visiting Greater Mount Calvary one Sunday morning. When Bishop Owens got up to preach, the first thing he said was “…ushers, go get the men out the restrooms…I’m not taking text until every man is back in the sanctuary…”. The look on my face was priceless.

  35. Just is doing her good singing this morning at Wes A

  36. Correction Judy

    • So is she the minister of music AGAIN??? Ain’t God supposed to do a NEW thing. This whole situation is utterly fucked up. I’ve lost respect for West Angeles leadership.

  37. Judy McAllister is back in her element @ West A COGIC as Min.Of Music in full effect on this Palm Sunday Morning saaaangin the Roof Top & Chandeliers down off of the Cathedral lol,..that atmosphere is “LIT” and the praaaises of God are going forth,.. nothing will nor can stop God,..he will get his glory out of every situation and circumstance,.. Come on God,.to You be all the Praise,.Honor and Glorrrryyy!!!!

  38. I am watching the west angeles live stream and Judith McAllister is directing the choir.

    • She back!!!! Thank God he is restoring, Sunday mornings except for 1st Sunday was awful on the ears. The anointing truly destroys the yolk. Worth the drive now. The online service was the bomb today. They even had a war cry praise!!!! Good call Bishop.

      • Praise God for that news. I saw the “message” today and Bishop’s announcement of Judy. He said nothing about Jason. The show will roll on. I think Jason forgot that he was one in a long number of music ministers there. He will have no trouble finding work, that’s for sure. Judy is a good fit there. They certainly upgraded with her over Jason, but they still have not replaced Mike Bereal. I love David Jackson, but Mike was the best musician West Angeles ever had.

    • Darlene Tumbledry

      Bro. white truly got backdoored. Not sure what really went on behind closes doors. But on the surface looks like bishop and judith plotted to have white removed so judith could come back. Shameful.

  39. Lafayette is good, but Ben is going back. They sent him to Kansas to learn how to pastor. His church has 2,000 members already. I was reaching on Nathaniel Green and Joyce Rodgers. I think Norman Hutching is going to be a bishop in Deleaware or wherever he’s at.
    Michael Davis tried to start a church? Why did they run Manuel Thomas off?

  40. If David Jackson doesn’t straighten up and fly right(start to playing right) lol Chaz Lamar Shepherd may be his replacement,.Chaz was @ West A once before playing when Judy was there before ,..he is going to be special musical guest on next Sunday for Resurrection. David Jackson seems like he can’t figure out if he’s on stage playing @ a Jennifer Hudson concert or in church service,.he really needs to start playing and flowing in the spirit with the service ,.Bishop Blake& the move of God along with the people(congregation) ASAP,.. Mike Bereal& Jason White were in tuned and great at that.

    • Chaz Lamar is a very fine Hollywood Actor, this would be A Gospel Gangster move if he like really commit to West A on that level. West Siiiiiideeee. Lol

  41. Have Mercy,..Chaz Lamar was @ West A before on staff as a committed Musician/Singer P&W Leader(major contributions on the “No Limit” cd) before David Daughtry(Leap) ,.another BIG FAT MEsss that went down with that whole transition and rearrangement when he left or moved on or however things took place on who would be his replacement at the time,.. West Siiiiiiiiiiiide it’s Gangsta the moves that are being made lol hahahaha

  42. Judith has that oil. West Angeles is BACK!!!! Bishop Blake wins!

    • She might have oil but she need some salt. Let the Judy show begin. Holler. Scream. Screech. Shout. Run. Buck. Pluse she is a people pleaser. She will please da Bishop before she pleases God.

  43. Your thoughts...

    Here is my theory…MY theory…so no hate mail please:)
    Anyone who has been to West Angeles over the last few years would be foolish not to see that the church is in decline.
    The elderly members (which there are a LOT of) are going to Glory… and there are not a whole lot of young adults joining the church… choosing instead to go to newer church’s that are more attuned to their needs. L.A. is a different animal than most cities and the pastor has to understand those specific needs.
    You compile that with the fact that Blake has been embroiled in that ridiculous scandal with lunatic Earl Carter… which surely has caused many other members leave the church.
    Blake (feeling stressed by all this) is probably longing for the heyday of West Angeles in the late 90s… which Judith was a key part of.
    Firing Jason, and bringing Judith back (so rudely and abruptly) is CLEARLY his way of trying “rescue” the church and bring back “the good ole days.” Only problem is, that will never happen again. That was a very unique moment in time. When West Angeles saw tremendous growth in the 90s, that was right after the Rodney King riots and the OJ Simpson trial… two huge and traumatic events for L.A.’s African-American community. Everyone in L. A. was looking for a spiritual outlet back then… and West Angeles was in the heart of all the drama right on Crenshaw Boulevard… a convenient place of worship for many African-Americans. But that time and those circumstances will never come back… and Bishop has to realize that. Ain’t no more lines to get in West A these days.
    Blake’s bizarre move to fire/re-hire was probably not a good decision. And I’m assuming this will be the first of many irrational moves by him as he gets older… and maybe a little senile. If you have elderly family members you will understand what I mean.
    I respect Bishop, but I think he has really done himself and West A a disservice with this. Just my opinion though
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. God bless.

    • Your,
      You are stupid as hell!
      Get off my blog!
      People have not left WestA due to Earl!
      I can’t with you!
      Sir William

      • Ha ha ha ha. All that rambling. West A is still the Experience! In LA period. All churches, pastors have drama, it is HUMAN to error. Church business as usual. Keep it moving.
        Jesus Himself kicked folk out the church(the money changers).
        Tell him Sir William, next

        • Mercy,
          Please do not get me started on these out of control music people. They think they are so critical that church cannot happen without them. Go to Hell!
          Sir William

    • I agree. Especially your statement “rudely and abruptly”.

  44. @ Ray ,.thought I was the only one lol and the other one song he always pulls out by Deandre Patterson,.”We’ve come to Lift our hands”,.his P&W has gotten to be so boring like HaveMercy said ,.and just dry,..stale,.predictable nothing new or fresh. Another one who has let “Pride” enter in and is about to self destruct without even realizing it.

  45. Your thoughts… You are clearly on to something here which makes complete sense,.not only have a lots of those older committed saints fell asleep from the West A back then and gone on home to Glory,..but some of it has a lot to do with the decline in the economy,..the horrible job market and inflated cost of housing/ living here in the Los Angeles,.California area ,.jobs have moved and relocated taking members right along with them as well back East and to the South and other parts of the world like for instance the Aerospace Industry which was big and booming during that late 90’s era and phase/period during the Rodney King riots and OJ Simpson Trial,..that truly was like you said a very unique moment in time. The Youth and Young Adults are totally disconnected from Bishop Blake and his ministry and have been for quite some time now@ West A and have all just about moved on to other ministries with a ,more new and broader approach like “One Church International”,..”City Of Refuge” ,..”California Worship Center” to name a few. IMO I think he should have let Jason White remain as Asst.,Min Of Music or let Judy come back in with a different title,.it was kind of shrewd the way things went down and it all played out but maybe there are reasons as to why (undisclosed info)that we all know nothing about.

  46. WOW ,..they let Jonathan E.Coleman ,.Executive Coordinator,.Music and Worship Arts Dept @ West A go right along with Jason White as well too wow,.his facebook page says he resigned but I’m sure it was a forced resignation,.. hmmmm man Bishop Blake went on a firing spree seems like lol smh

  47. To add insult to injury Bishop Blake made a statement on tonight @ the 7pm service that said a lots about how he’s feeling concerning this whole matter ,.the speaker was a young lady by the name of Tammie Gibson a former member of West A who preached on tonight. Before she got up to speak Bishop Blake said ,.”It’s always a good thing when You can come back home”,. he went on to say.. “It’s bad when you are not welcomed back and have screwed up so Royally that don’t nobody even want to see you coming” lol I was like ooooohwee lol don’t know if that was referenced towards Jason White and his wife Geneen but I think we could all read between the lines well when he said it lol haha the shaaade downnn(read for filth Bishop Blake) lol hahaha

    • Hahaha. That last statement from Bishop Blake was funny. When old folks check you it is over, and done. They hardly get it twisted, they may sit back and watch the devil but eventually they will kick the devil out with his tail in his hand. Don’t mess with God’s Elect. Bishop been through an unnecessary fire and he got the victory. Glad those that grateful and truly mentored by him and his wisdom have come to usher in this latter rain of Glory on the House, the House that Bkake , Charles E. Blake St. Built for the Lord.

    • For Bishop Blake to throw that type of shade, then there must be more to this story or stories.

      • Just be ready to pre-order the upcoming West Angeles and Judith McAllister CD.
        Blake got tired of that dead redundancy they call worship.
        Blake a musican/choir Master himself.
        He knows what he’s doing. I don’t blame him. He got a work to do.
        Forget them titles and wanna be come up and produce nothing that empty then seats.
        Bring in Gods folk who are ordained for such a time as this.
        This Vision God gave Blake has come to past. No more distractions.

    • Derrick,
      Ronnie sister preached last night?
      Sir William

  48. Oh God. Judy hollered and screeched to high notes all day. It was so annoying. Terrible terrible choice in my opininon. Blake got what he deserved. He treated Jason with zero respect. So Jason in return did the same. The scripture: You reap what you sow does Not exclude the Bishop. Regarding music, I think both Judy and Jason are talented. Judy hollers too much. Jason is younger and fresh. Very creative. He always had the church Rocking! Judy old now with granny glasses. She very “safe” and she is not going to try anything fresh or reach the young people. Her NUMBER ONE GOAL IS TO PLEASE THE BISHOP!

    • All that. So true, but give Judy a chance, they be recording a new album in the Cathedral. That church is a soul Saving station. It will not fail. Judy worked with that choir well given the timing, the 1st Sunday choir is the one that rocks.
      Them dead heads had to go. Great Job Bishop. The True Saints had Church yesterday. Judy just let go and delivered her soul. Like didn’t care who saw, heard or didn’t like her High Praise to the Lord.
      For Christ Sake Judy ministry was birthed our if West Angeles. She ordained for this.
      Judy was glad to get that call, she gone deliver, WestA latter days will be greater!!!!
      I can’t wait to pre- order the New West Angeles and Judy CD…..oh its going down!!!!

      • Claretha Smufflebum

        What is it with you and this CD?? Under Jason’s leadership the “No Limit” CD was hugely successful and even got a Grammy nomination.
        West A has been putting out CD’s for decades. Judy doing one is nothing new… she was involved in Saints In Praise series in the 80s/90s. It was her SEASON back then. I still don’t know what to make of her return appearance. But whatever it is, it DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT.

      • Claretha or whatever your name below, you can follow Jason out the parking lot, I’m just thrilled at the Greater Works West Angeles about to do.
        Its a New Season!
        Dr. McAllister is the Head in Charge Now. I couldn’t bare to be at West Angeles under Jason mess. It was horrible. I would come late just her Bishop Blake. “The Bishop Blake”, The presiding Bishop of COGIC.
        Young and Old enjoy, and rejoice when Dr. McAllister is at the Helm.
        It is time if refreshing. FOLK want to be blessed not boring entertainment.
        Yeah its gone be a CD, and more to come. And Bishop Blake sons are just fine.
        Charles Jr is very good at his appointment as Assistant Pastor.
        Lawrence is coming into his own. They are humble stewards. Lawrence has a sermon on YouTube where he talks about ” waiting ” in the place God has you until your time to move. When He takes the helm he will reach the multitudes.
        Jason proved he is a messy selfish narcissistic who thought he could control an empire he did build. Have several seats somewhere.
        The Cathedral at West A will be to capacity, the prayers of the righteous availed

    • I was surprised that the Mass Choir sang. When the shout broke out, was it so difficult to let the people praise God.

      • Wow….I love to hear him sing…I need you, you need me we’re all a part of God’s body. Everyone get up and show love one to another.
        Some stuff needed to go. How you gone critique the Assistant Pastor of the Church making a joyful noise encouraging the Body of Christ?
        He ain’t going nowhere. Love it or leave it.

      • I love Charles Jr. He’s a great man. I joke with him about his singing. I will say since he’s been the assistant pastor, he has been adding extra fire to the services.

    • Elijah,
      If you did not like it leave! There are a lot of other churches out there. Get your hat and coat and go! Trust no one gives a damn!
      Sir William

  49. LMAO @ J.Drew Sheard becoming Presiding Bishop and Cathedral of F*ggots in ATL.

  50. COGIC is a disgrace instead of helping the needy they are constantly involved in scandal, allegations of sexual misconduct, molestation of minors, lgbt endorsement, firing ppl at will and taking billions of dollars from the black community (who is already struggling with poverty,unemployment,mis-education,designer drugs & racism) and doing nothing but feeding the bishops lavish lifestyle instead of doing something constructive/beneficial for the very ppl who gave them the money. Shame on Bishop Blake and every member of the COGIC.

    • That sound like an OBAMA issue, not Blake

    • Yung,
      Shut up with that bull crap it is mess in all churches! You get off your butt and save the world and shut the hell up talking about one organization let they are to do everything!
      Sir William

      • Sir Williams is having a bitch fit behind this. Blake must have bailed him out of his last situation. He’s on here acting like Trump!!! 😒

        • Shawny,
          I am not having a bitch fit! As a PK I do not like when niggas think they are just as or more important thank the pastor to them church running successfully.
          What are you talking about Bishop bailing me out? During my lawsuit i had to meet with the general board like I was a jurisdictional bishop. They felt my influence was that great. I took my whipping like a nigga and kept standing and I and my platform got larger!
          Sir William

      • Sir William,
        I am speaking about COGIC as a whole and I will continue to criticize and demand accountability from them because they are draining money out of the black communities and using it to furnish lavish lifestyles and scandalous behavior. Just because it happens in every church as you claim does not make it ok. COGIC is in a position to do a lot of great things for black ppl as they have been for the last 50 years but they have done nothing but TAKE TAKE TAKE.

        • Yung,
          I am all for all organizations giving back to the African American Community and COGIC does a great deal of contributions. Yes we live and a bless people, but we give as well.
          Sir William

  51. Independent mentioned that the “stars” of the West Angeles music department rarely came to church unless they were singing.
    Where is Nikki Potts and Tina Willis, to name a few?

  52. Nikki Potts travels with kurt Carr a lots ,..she is one of the Kurt Carr Singers,..and yesss probably just fed up& sick and tired of all of the mess going on all of the time!!!

  53. Screaaaming McQueen(Judy) yeah all of that can get old and taxing on the ears real fast lol…

  54. I wonder if Markita Knight will resurface back around @ West A now that Judy is back to perform lol or will she remain on chill mode now that Darin Judy;s husband is (Coughs,.out,.free) lol again..guess only time will tell???

  55. Sir William,.You’re right! Still praying about it!!!

  56. Derrick,
    C’mon bruh. Why did Markita leave? What does any of that have to do with Darin? I know they shout the same, but is that it?

  57. Nelson is a great musician. With so many choirs at westa he’s not going anywhere.

  58. Jason White did a wonderful job at West Angeles COGIC. I am sure God will bless him to find a better place to extend his talents and skill set. COGIC needs new leadership, Their should be a tenure into how long presiding Bishop should serve. Bishop Blake is 75 that is a bit too to old. Their are several pastors that are upset over Blake’s failed leadership. I pray Drew Sheard run against bishop blake. We need change! Cogic is a dying organization I live in metro Atlanta and its a shameful of the amout of “empty” churches here. For sure COGIC is not strong nor has it ever has been in Atlanta metro area.

    • CuriousAboutFacts

      @Greatworker….First please elucidate (and site specific facts and examples) on what you called, or what you inferenced that pastors feel is Bishop Blake’s “failed leadership”. In what way has his leadership failed?
      Secondly, you say COGIC is a “dying organization” and then mention in the same sentence the amount of “empty churches”. Is that supposed to be some type of correlation and are you referencing just COGIC churches? My question is to whether you have any awareness at all on the current state of Christianity in America, and the body of Christ as a whole. Have you studied none of the trends that are being published relative to the decline of attendance in church as a whole? So how would there being empty churches somehow suggest that COGIC itself is a dying organization. The emptying of the church house on Sunday morning is not exclusive to COGIC. And has nothing to do with COGIC organization from a top down level.
      Have you not observed what is happening to the Catholic church, with divesting of properties and closing/merging of some diocese? Have you not watched what is going on with the Episcopal church in America? To suggest that COGIC is some dying organization with failed leadership, based on the empirical observation that some of the churches are empty, is not a sound mode of linear thought or cogent analysis.

  59. Nelson is good but not aggressive enough.

  60. @lessonlearned: o-o-o-o-o-w-e-e-e….that was good! I had to stop and chew on that for a moment…You said, what if God was “testing” his obedience through, the bishop….He failed….Loved It! If is “employer” gave him instructions and he decided to do what “he” wanted to do, then he is only reaping the consequences of/for his actions.

  61. @It’s my opinion,..You’ve made some real valid points on “Obedience” here yeah Jason White failed on that one miserably ,.that’s on the Spiritual side and part of it,..the Physical part is Negroe pleaaaze you are on Crenshaw Blvd @ the apex of Crip territory ..the intersections of Crenshaw& Jefferson Blvd waving red rags(Big Time NO NO) talking about this means war lol ,..up in church or not ,..keeping it real that was not a smart but rather dumb and stupid move,.uhhh this is Los Angeles,.California the home of Crips and Bloods (Gang Wars& Violence) he (Jason White) must have forgotten but Bishop Blake has not and was using his keen sense of God given wisdom discernment and unction I believe to intercept what could have turned out to be a not so good and violent volatile situation. All types & kinds come up into West A on any given Sundayand the spiritually unawares or unchurched ,.unsaved folk don’t equate ..identify or even know that red signifies the blood of Jesus(some of them) ,.in their eyes it takes on a whole other meaning ,.especially waving a red rag in the air while singing “This Means War” lol hahahaha

    • @Derrick that was too funny! But, true all at the same time. Unfortunately, and in this day and time for which I call “new Christians”, where any thing goes. It doesn’t matter if a person walk up in there saved or unsaved. Saved folks are suppose to handle situations according to the word of God. Now, they will slap you down “physically” and then say, “don’t judge me”….

    • Derrick,
      How did Tammie do?
      Sir William

    • @Derrick … I agree about the red flags. Jason could have used a few extra seconds to get the message across to the choir not to use them period. There was no excuse. On another note, Bishop could’ve sent someone to inform Jason after the choir sang during the 8AM service then it wouldn’t have been a last minute issue at the 11AM service. Maybe Bishop forgot.

  62. Sir Wiliam,.Yes Ronnie(Preachers Of LA) Sister Tammie Gibson preached on last night @ West A

    • One more thing, it seems to me, the Bishop followed the word of God to the T. If you read Matthew 18:15-17 in the context of this situation….He went to him (based on what has been made public) He didn’t listen. He brought him before counsel, then gave him his walking papers…

      • Even if Jason waved the red flag and disobeyed the order not to use the hankerchiefs, it does not justify Bishop plotting his demise. It doesn’t justify him being fired disgracefully (with rumors surfacing) instead of the Bishop allowing him to resign with dignity. Would the Bishop be happy if his sons were treated the same way he treated Jason?

  63. @it’s my opinion,..Yes he probably should have happened sooner than it actually did,.Bishop Blake has put up with a lots of crap out of Jason White and his wife from Moonlighting & trying to snag up every gig outside of the church with in and every artist that he could (R&B,.Gospel,.Pop,.Rap,.Country,.Rock) you name it lol , him being defiant and disobedient and continuously disrespectful to Bishop Blake Leadership and Authority acting like he’s irreplaceable and immovable ,.everyone has a breaking point at some point&time even our own biological parents Mother& Father and simply have to just cut the chord and disband ,..his was reached with Jason White.

    • Not true. Judy Mcallister is the one that was extremely defiant but in a sneaky way. When Bishop Blake was not present, he left his assistant Elder Green in charge. But Judy in her arrogance took advantage of elders Greens old age and took over the service and told him what to do. When he tried to mive on with the night service, she would encourage more shouting from the congregation. For her glory. She spoke bad about lady Mae telling us that Ms. Blake shouldn’t have Womens Day on Mothers Day because the women want to rest and not sing in tbe choir.
      She covered up her actions with scripture.
      She also had outings were she chose her select singers for Tv shows as well. She used the church for her gain. Even with her company. She had her recordings at West Angeles and didn’t pay. She moolighted as well- in more circumstances than Jason. In choir meeetings, she would lie on the Bishop to the choir members and say things the Bishop didnt say. She even used her position to BEG THE CHURCH for money for her husbands defense. She is arrogant and cocky . Enough is enough.

      • @Elijah … Judy is just as bad in the Int’l Music Department. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the participation in the national choir is declining. Give me the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark anyday. I’ll take a shoe being thrown at me by a woman that wanted excellence from the choir and didn’t take any foolishness, than a leader that encouraged foolishness.

  64. Sir William ,.Tammie was awesome in Word and Song that chic can saaaang!

  65. CuriousAboutFacts

    @ Elijah…Bishop Blake “plotted his demise”? First demise means death, Jason White is very much alive. And if you were attempting to speak metaphorically, Bishop Blake did not have to, and in fact did not “plot” to do anything. He simply did it. As the Chief Executive of the ministry he has the right to hire and fire as he deems necessary. He talked to the young man (based on the published story and the young man’s own statements mind you) in a private meeting, and that is the most professional and dignified way you can be released by an employer, as many of us have had even with our secular jobs. And West A offered the gentleman a severance package.
    It was Brother White who seemed to place himself in a position to lose “dignity” by making it a public spectacle with the publishing to social media of his letter.


  67. Jason will be ok. His gift will make room for him.
    Sometimes when people have side hustles and their own businesses, their music ministry suffers. Let’s focus on anointed ministry and less performance for show.

  68. I think Jason wife Geneen is glad ..she hardly ever attended any of the COGIC events..(Convention,.AIM) and I don’t think she really cares/cared for Judy McAllister @ all..Geneen was raised Apostolic..that was another problem @ West A ,.something happened out here in Los Angeles during the mid to late 90’s,.. a Bishop by the name of Bishop Wayne S.Davis passed away(Evangelist Wanda Davis Turner) his wife& widow some may know her I believe she spoke @ a few of the TD Jakes Women Conferences “Woman Thou Art Loosed” anyways a lots of his members as well as members from Bishop Robert W.MCMurray church when he passed /”Greater Bethany Community Church Of The Apostolic Faith(currently “City Of Refuge”/Bishop Noel Jones) joined West A… Kim Ross-Barton who sings lead a lots came over as well from Bishop Wayne S.Davis church “First Apostolic”. There was an influx of people joining West A from various different denominations from all over the city left& right just to be a part of their Music Ministry Dept almost like a community choir and they didn’t give a care less about the COGIC denomination and it’s Protocol& Ordinances ,.When Kurt Carr & Judy McAllister left a lots of those members left West A as well.

    • Kevin,
      I know WANDA and the scandal surrounding her husband death and the man she married took that church from her. My friend Tiffany, The Game’s ex was a member there and her mother was one of the minsters before she passed.
      Sir William

  69. Sir William,..yes the scandal man..I worked with some of his members and they were ruthless to say the very least lol following him around the city (Bishop Wayne S.Davis-RIP)”First Apostolic Church of Inglewood” to different places(cruise spots..parks& recs) during all types of hours day& night doing their own Private Investigations on him,,.it was a mess ..finally one day worst got the better of the situation and I think he may have ran up on the wrong (coughs piece of trade) out there @ the park and got brutally assaulted& robbed @ some park , was out of control. WANDA is something else I Love her though ,.she keeps it all the way have got to hear her sermon “No Ringy No Dingy” and her favorite saying “Ain’t nothin open pass midnight but Liquor Stores and Legs” guess she knows lol hahaha

  70. @ Elijah,..hmmmm that explains why they had to bring in Trenora Parker(LACC Los Angeles Cathedral Choir Director/also ex Min.Of Music) from “Greater Bethany Community Church Of The Apostolic Faith”(now City Of Refuge”/Bishop Noel Jones) to run the Womens Day..Judy didn’t want to deal with it or have nothing to do with Lady Mae Blake,..hmmm okkk.. Trenora recorded her choir back in the day and was known for a song “Worship The Lord” it may be up on youtube ..Well I hope that’s all they do is let her come in as a guest musician and director to run Womens Day because she is another one who thinks she is above the pastor,..her and her sister Jo Evelyn Parker(who plays organ) gave Bishop Robert W. McMurray so much hell back in the day @ Greater Bethany until he had to do the exact same thing to them that Bishop Blake did to Jason White,.. word to the wise Lady Mae close attention!!!

  71. In this day and time its great to keep a minister of music for 20 years. However, Bishop Blake has every right to let Jason go. First of all its his church and he is in charge. When West A was nothing, he built it up from the ground and made it what it is today. Blake was the Pastor when none of yall niggas wouldnt. He has paid his dues and his family has as well. He can fire who he wants, from COO to janitor.

    • Just because you have Power does not mean you have the right to abuse it. I bet he wouldnt fire his sons the manner in which he fired Jason. Just pure hate.

      • I agree Mario! Blake is the leader of a CHURCH… and he is accountable to its members for ALL his actions. If he could just blindly do whatever he wanted to memberS at-will, that would make it a DICTATORSHIP! That is why I am grateful for great blogs like this, because church leaders (Blake included) are held accountable for the things they do. There must be a system of check and balances within the church. No Pastor, Bishop, or Elder should have TOTAL power. And lately, COGIC has been running buck wild. West A. used to be the one beacon of class and refinement within the denomination… but now its clear they are just as much a hot mess as the rest. Blake was SO out of order for how he treated Jason White. If you cant look to the church to find an example of a boss that shows Godly love, then where are you supposed to go for an example??? God Bless you Sir William for giving church MEMBERS a voice too. #ILoveYourBlog

  72. Sidney Lassiter III

    Dr. Earl Carter named names today. Bishop Blake needs to step down.

    • Wow…carter needs to be stopped. That young man and all the other folk he named has a life, career, and family, carter has no regard for anyone. Up on YouTube begging for money. Just sick. Move on already.

  73. I stand with Jason. This was wrong!!! I had serious doubts about what Earl Carter was saying, now it looks like he might be telling the truth. Jason was a major contributor to West A music. It’s time for Old Azz Judy to retire.

  74. Ok,.now Earl Carter is back at it again and is up on youtube going after Bishop Blake again,..he just posted a video title: “Bomb Shell! Blake Victim& Father’s Name And Photo Published!” … what is really going on … that clip is really in depth (full of tea) lol haha how true I don’t know but wow …he even reads Jason White termination letter and goes more in depth and details about some of the supposed things to cause his firing,..which sound totally out of character for Jason White,.. Mike Bereal yesss maybe lol but Jason White having an all male orgy in the basement of West A Cathedral ,..Hell to the the infamous words of the late Whitney Houston (RIP) lol hahaha,.. then again …hmmm who knows..I’m left & rendered speechless.. WOW..!!!

    • Heartbroken COGIC

      That orgy part was so ridiculous. If he was going to do something like that why the heck would he go the church basement?? Were there no hotels available? AND a “basement” at West Angeles would have to be the size of a football field since the church building is so huge. Lol!
      Anyway… I hope the allegations against Blake are not true. But the way he mistreated Jason really has me questioning his character now. West Angeles is just not as great as I thought it was:(

  75. Earl Carter you need to quit man lol hahaha telling lies,.spreading gossip and rumors like that all whiles begging for money smh lol someone needs to quote 1Chronicles 16:22 to you,..saying touch not mine anointed,and do my prophets no harm, need to let God be God& handle,.deal with and judge his own elect& the matter accordingly…if he took care of Lucifer and Saul he can most certainly do what needs to be done if anything @ all to and with Bishop Blake he does not need your or anybody else help ..You think you had to have a shot& needle to your behind for memory.. lol ..keep it up and God is going to close that foul mouth & lying tongue shut sideways with a paralyzing stroke,.leave his anointed alone and stop trying to take away from his Glory.

  76. There’s a lot more to this story. First, I usually never comment on things but I must come to the defense of my church and pastor. Let me say that I’ve been a member of West A for a little less than. 10 years, and ive never been involved in any of the auxiliaries of the church. I have lots of friends that are deeply involved In the music department. So long story short a lot of the choir members and members alike have/had major complaints about Jason and his wife. The major complaint is that the two are very showy and they always cut the spirit off when God is trying to move. (True) they treated the service like it was an award show. I will admit over the past 2 years this has been the sentiment and growing. Here and there I would hear comments of dissatisfaction with his leadership and his wife’s praise and worship leading. Personally whenever it was her time to lead P&W I would come late because I felt like she just wanted to have a mini concert and show her vocal abilities.
    Now let me addres the “decling attendance” (comment I seen) at west A. Many people feel bored with the P&W because honestly they sing the same songs a lot. People haven’t left West A they’re just Internet memebers and only go to church on major holidays because they don’t feel like it’s “worth the drive” when they live 20 minuets or less from the church lol the main reasons why are 1. Their bored with the P&W 2. Because they feel like the spirit is always cut short or “quenched”
    I’ve talked to quit a few people and so far no one is sad to see Jason or his wife go and they feel like Judy is much needed back at West A. To bring back that fire and zest that they feel has been lost under his leadership. Putting 2 and 2 together I feel like bishop got tired of the complaints plus Jason’s disobidence. But like I said there’s a lot more to this story but I’ll let someone else tell the rest (because I don’t gossip)

  77. Bishop Earl Carter

    I’m simply telling the truth my friends.Blake must be removed, we must take COGIC back!

  78. @Ray same sentiments here man and time frame of membership for me as well too. After seeing what was going on and how things were being ran(on a favorites) type basis I didn’t want to be a part of any of or have anything to do with the auxiliaries either(especially the Music department) because of those very same things you mentioned. I think Bishop Blake himself was the cause for them “quenching”&cutting the spirit off went it got high although,.especially on Sundays when the “BIG WIGS” and dignitaries would show up or roll through like Magic& his wife Cookie,..or Angela Bassett& her husband Courtney B.vance or somebody like that,.it would take away from his “Begging For And Bragging About Celeb Money& Gawking Time” smh and acting as if too much carrying on (shouting) would make his church look too undignified& uncouth is what the people(members) had began to say& whisper around.
    People would rather just save gas and a drive and had become a part of the Internet viewing audience lol so sad but true…
    Yesss like you said about the Leaders of the P&W Team so stale and boring and just singing the same old songs from decades ago… no anointing is felt in it at all whatsoever,..except for Otis Easter,.he really seems like he pours out and gives of himself true P&W,..Jason Wife(Geneen) was good but yes nothing but showy and trying to show off her vocal skills.. abilities and acrobats most of the times same thing with David Daughtry just showy and wanting everyone to P&W them and their vocals “PRIDE” is one of the big downfalls in this situation among many others as well like you said Ray but I am going to leave the rest of it alone and let God do the exposing and revealing ..uncovering of the truth lol it will all come to light in his own timing..

    • Everyone knows that Bishop didn’t like to let the people shout on Sunday mornings. He was real clear in telling us that, “if they want to shout, come back on Sunday nights.”
      As a result, both services are struggling. Services too predictable and rigid. You can’t have someone without the Holy Ghost (Charles III) running your services and expect the Spirit to have His way. I’m sorry. The nepotism must stop.


        STOP using my name to express your opinions on this and any other matters displayed on this blog. This is the REAL ERICK WALLS!! This blog and posts were brought to my attention by a friend otherwise I would have no knowledge of it’s existence! I’m an extremely busy husband, father, and professional person who has no free time for petty church gossip. I have the deepest respect for Bishop Charles Blake and would never disrespect neither he or the ministry. I especially wouldn’t use this type of forum to express my concerns on any matters …….conventional wisdom simply wouldn’t have me speaking bad about a person &/or place that employees me!!!

  79. Wow. Just wow! For those talkin bout how Judy is gonna bring the spirit back to WestA and how Jason and his wife used praise & worship time as their personal platforms, y’all obviously weren’t around when Judy was at West Angeles the first time. Just as a history lesson, Judy came in and she basically changed how Praise and Worship is done. Before Judy, we sang what was called “Congregational” songs, and those were songs which could have been old or new—but they all tended to have lyrics that would take you through and would stay with you all week…and you talk about ushering in the spirit. When Judy came to West Angeles she stopped all that and insisted that ONLY her songs would be sung during praise and worship. Don’t get me wrong she’s super talented and she created a few songs which were powerful but…the majority…were songs that repeated the same lines over and over, mindless but catchy -without the anointed lyrics and melodies of those old powerful congregational songs. Sadly, we continue to call that repetitive, mindless singing praise and worship. Also, remember as well that although Judy is back, she doesn’t have Curt Karr, Victor McCoy and Norman Hutchins working along side her like she did the last time. I pray for her and the music Dept as a whole.

  80. I agree. Judy is not going to bring back the spirit. It’s gooing to take more than Judy to revive West Angeles services. Predictable to say the least. Never an altar call. Never a healing line. Never a place for the kids but children’s church down the street. Judy is going to holler and scream and try to out do the last leadership. Just one big competitor. Battle. Who can out sing who. Jason was outstanding and excellent. She was so eager to come back last weekend to rub it in Jasons face. Perhaps he was disobedient probably because he was so sick of ROUTINE. HE felt stuck in a box. Bishop is rigid. The red hankerchiefs are proof. And earl carter did not read Jason’s letter. He said that letter was from a staff member at west angeles. Anyway. I am. Jason supporter. Judy is deep but her personality and mean spirit does not line up with her deepness.

    • So True, never an altar call, or healing. So sad. Just join west A line, $7,500. Pay the mortgage line. But I will bust a shout all up in there in the upper stadium level, the floor anywhere the spirit hits me. The devil is a lie. A preacher from GA, was there last fall, he preached a fire storm up in there, he ran and got Courtney Vance by the hand and ran with him back and forth at the altar, then he went through t he crowd laying hands, he tore the house down. Westa needed that i know I did. I ain’t been back since. May or may not since Judy back. Online service be dead. Lol

  81. Westa does have altar calls after each service. I don’t know where you are getting your info but they do have altar calls. Sometimes visiting preachers don’t have altar calls, they straight go for asking for special offerings which I don’t agree is right. But Bishop Blake always have altar calls. I know because I’m a 40 year member. So stop spreading lies.

    • No dear not every call is an Altar Call, where folk can seek the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Where they suppose to tarry? At home in thy closet or make a confession before men to accept Jesus. You stop lying. They 1st time I attended I went to the Altar and was wisked away to the new member room. Kinda hasty don’t ya think. Not everybody want to be a member. But its Mega Church business.whatever.

      • Have Mercy, an altar call is really a “call to come to the altar” not necessarily to “tarry”. To tarry is to get on your knees at the altar or at your seat or at your bedside. There is a difference. IJS

      • Musician, whatever. He does neither. He only calls folk down to join. This is there are cold and lukewarm church members. Just show up for the show pay the mortgage buy the products, do westa. To tarry can be prostrate, as well. You go play church somewhere now. Bedside so you say.

    • Only one who may be lying is Earl Carter. Did Blake really rape that boy? You should go over to his YouTube and tell him stop lying. He even posting pics of the young man and his dad. Guess all is forgiven. No victims.

      • The devil wants to destroy the church and the gospel message and messengers. God is not going to let it happen. So we just need to continue to pray for people who speak against God’s anointed.

      • Earl Carter is lying. The devil is using him

  82. I guess in order to keep& maintain a standard and brand(of excellency) in ministry that you have built& worked so hard(blood,sweat,tears) to make successful you have to constantly and continually Align,.. Realign and Replace some things when they become weak links or get bent out of shape and order. I will have to say that Bishop kept in that same “Spirit of Excellency” on today with his services ,..things were Awesome& Superb …the Cathedral was packed out to capacity @ both 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM services ,.the atmosphere felt so Invigorated ,.Renewed,.Refreshed and at ease with a tinge bit of somber(on some choir members faces) lol but with focus remaining on “Jesus& His Resurrection” just as it should always be and preached his face off lol .. “My Lord And My God” John 20:24-28!!! Sometimes Change is a good thing,..he& God knows!

    • Wonderful!! He did make mention of the crowd during the 8:00 am. Service. Folk looking for Hope. The hope of Glory in Christ Jesus. Bishop Blake brand is Simply Jesus.

  83. It makes perfect sense why Judy McAllister is back@ West A the services all day long on today have been confirmation and clear evidence and indication that some type of change was badly needed and had to take place,.tonight service was stellar Sis Markita Knight,..Sis Audrey Dubois Harris,..Bro.John Paul Mcgee,..Chaz Shepherd ,..Pastor Wess ,Morgan and Stevie Wonder all Stellar & Anointed singers to end a perfect “Resurrection Sunday” Bishop Blake knew what was needed and had to be done,.to God be all the Praise,..Glory,..and Honor!!!

    • And we had stellar concerts with Jason too. Jason served excellent and well. Anointed. Gifted and blessed by God. Bishop blake is just hating on Jason. Markita is Judys girl so of course markita is going to sing. Judy is no better cause admit it or not Jason is an amazing Director.

    • I disagree kevin McCullough. It actually made no sense at all. Jason gave us an amazing Easter for 10 years. How can you overloom that?? You must me a hater. The amazing Easter drama presentations were powerful, thought provoking, excellent, anointed and stellar!!! Always something new. Markita singing is old. Nothing knew. Big deal , We all know Markita can sing. Jason lodt his job because Bishop knows he might not win Bishop again. Judy will not have a job if he does not run or does not win. Her husband has a criminal record and can’t get a good job. Bishop did her a favor since he really likes her. Bishop knows Jason was doing a suberb job. His flaws are no worst than Judy’s flaws. He just likes Judy better. Jason always had Birthday songs for Nishop. Bishop was so ungrateful. He would sit there like…grumpy.

      • No, I don’t believe Jason loss his job because the Bishop may or may not win again. Those Easter productions were the same for the last several years. We needed something different. I enjoyed all of the Easter services this past weekend at West Angeles. You can tell the same story a thousand times, but do you want to see it that often? A change is always refreshing. No one job is for a lifetime, especially in the church world. We know and expect that. To say Judy will not have a job if the Bishop doesn’t run or does not win is silly and doesn’t make sense. Judy is the one who initiated the style of praise and worship service we currently have at West Angeles. So, she’s not going to lose her job. If the Bishop decides not to run, its his business and no one else. He has plenty of obligations to take up his time including running his own church.

      • Kim,
        Flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you. You hit the nail on the head. Bishop is not running. Judy did come back because she will not be retained in the national. Yes, Darin was real close to Bishop. They won’t be able to replace their entire income, but her position at West A will help. She wasn’t exactly making a ton with the national church. Bishop’s main priority is clearing that mortgage out, or as much as he can, before he closes his eyes. His sons will not be able to carry the weight of the church and meeting that payment.
        All in all, there was probably no good way to terminate Jason. It certainly was more about Judy saying she needed Jason’s job than Bishop being unhappy with him. Judy wasn’t going to come back and work under Jason. She obviously doesn’t care for Jason because she feels he helped Mike Bereal out of the door. As a result, Judy lost Mike for the national music department. So, Judy didn’t owe Jason any favors. He was also tired of her constant returns to West A…acting like he wasn’t the minister of music.
        You reap what you sow…

      • In reply to Erick Walls:
        STOP using my name to express your opinions on this and any other matters displayed on this blog. This is the REAL ERICK WALLS!! This blog and posts were brought to my attention by a friend otherwise I would have no knowledge of it’s existence! I’m an extremely busy husband, father, and professional person who has no free time for petty gossip church blogs. I have the deepest respect for Bishop Charles Blake and would never disrespect neither he or the ministry. I especially wouldn’t use this type of forum to express my concerns on any matters …….conventional wisdom simply wouldn’t have me speaking bad about a person &/or place that employees me!!!
        (from West Angeles COGIC)

        • Erick,
          Let me first thank you for leaving a comment and sharing that someone has attempted to be mid leading by using your name. However, I take issue with your weak attempt to come on my platform and throw shade. Now you might not have been aware of my existence, but the NBA, NFL, and White House certainly knows about me and my close to 2 million readers daily. Now I suggest you exit stage left and not come back since you are so busy that you do not have time for a petty blogs. You stand corrected this not a church blog! I cover sports, entertainment, politics, and a number of other topics. Do your research on Sir William.
          Now where I do agree with you is on the respect we have for Bishop Blake and mine is greater then yours because he does not sign my checks, Google directly deposits fat amounts into my back account.
          As you were!
          Sir William

  84. Jason I am sorry to hear that you are not in charge of the music department at west angeles, you are very young. You have been blessed to have been in the business for so long. I would like to speak with you more. Contact me at
    James Anderson
    We still love you very much

  85. @ Erick Walls – are you still playing guitar at West A? Wondering the Nueble bro’s are still there…
    The signature West A sound under Jason, Mike B, the Nueble bro’s and Erick is legendary. Don’t think it can ever be duplicated IMO.

    • @Cali953… Yes I am still at West A. Jimmy and Mike are still here too. We are doing our best to hold it down. A lot of changes. Those guys hard to replace.


        STOP using my name to express your opinions on this and any other matters displayed on this blog. This is the REAL ERICK WALLS!! This blog and posts were brought to my attention by a friend otherwise I would have no knowledge of it’s existence! I’m an extremely busy husband, father, and professional person who has no free time for petty church gossip! I have the deepest respect for Bishop Charles Blake and would never disrespect neither he or the ministry. I especially wouldn’t use this type of forum to express my concerns on any matters …….conventional wisdom simply wouldn’t have me speaking bad about a person &/or place that employees me!!!

  86. Jason, will truly be missed. An awesome musician in his own right.. Keep going bro J, God is not through blessing you.

  87. I’m still Gagggging off of the “All Male Orgy” he(J.White) supposed & alleged to have thrown in the basement of the West A Cathedral ,..that part lol bawaaahhhahahahaha smh lol wouldn’t it be a messs if somebody was recording the whole thing while it was going down,..ooooh weee lol this is the day& age of smart phones…sex tapes,..& scandals,..Ijs.. my my my …

    • Ummm that didn’t exist. Nor did he have an affair with Mae Blake. Nor did he steal or embezzle money. Those are all rumors that went down because he was fired suddenly. He got fired because Judy wants her job back. So reason stated for being fired was insubordination . he allowed the choir to sing THIS IS WAR with red hankies. After Bishop gave him minutes to tell the choir no

      • @Newble,
        So he got setup, huh? Sounds about right. I think Judy has a special knife for Jason’s back. It won’t work. You reap what you sow.

    • The word is that something took pictures and sent them to the church.

  88. What’s the tea on Bishop Blake’s Daughter, Kimberly?

  89. Jason..Some of us miss you so much. Stay encouraged. You win! Smh over the manner in which you were dismissed.

  90. But there’s no write up like that on Jason’s Facebook wall.

  91. Sounds like insubordination to me. It wasnt Jason Whites call to override any of the Bishops directives. He should have simply told the young lady Im sorry but the Bishop does not want you to sing tonight because of your attire and as I am under his authority I cannot override his wishes. The second issue with the red handkerchiefs was easy before the worship began get on the mike and politely ask all of the men not to wave the handkerchiefs during worship…If they did anyway he would have be absolved of all responsibility. My father is a pastor and sometimes he asks me to do something that I dont agree with. We may have a discussion about it in private but in public I carry out his wishes. Jasons actions undermined the Bishops authority and musicians, I have found get too big for their britches and need to be straightened out from time to time. Myself included

  92. Sorry I read this blog. It is so disappointing to read all the cursing and other low-life language used by supposed Christians. Sir William, you don’t have to ask/tell me to stay off your Blog. I don’t want to read this mostly low-life garbage … mostly coming from your potty mouth.

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