Brian Carn Is Being Sued For Close To $1 Million Dollars And Had His Plane Repossessed 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has received word that a Nashville-based Business Aircraft Leasing is suing two self-proclaimed prophets for more than $716,000, saying the pair of televangelists have not paid rent on the plane and is using it for bootleg flights. 
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According to a lawsuit BALI filed in U.S. District Court this week, “internationally recognized, prophetic voice” Brian Carn of Florida and Martin Danso, a Canadian who claims a “unique prophetic gift” signed a three-year lease for a midsize business jet in September 2015. After a series of missed payments, the parties amended the lease with a new payment schedule and backed by personal guaranties of Carn and Danso
 However, BALI contends in the suit that the men continue to miss payments, having skipped four monthly $18,000 payments, having paid only $20,000 of the $30,000 make-whole payment from the earlier defaults and having failed to pay $72,191.70 for engine reserves. In addition, BALI says it is owed $500 per day in late fees since March 7 and that, counter to the lease, the aircraft is subject to numerous liens.
The suit also alleges Carn and Danso and sub-lessees have been running bootleg flights with the British Aerospace jet, contrary to the lease and to FAA regulations.
Also of note are statements by Danso prophesying that he would receive for his birthday a jet that would be used to generate funds for his church. However, BALI contends in the court documents, the bootleg flights are the means by which the jet is generating money for the church.
After an extensive internal investigation and a crisscrossing chase across the eastern United States, BALI was able to recover the aircraft in Cleveland.  BALI had to repossess the plane from Brian Carn after he went to Onio for one of his money grabbing services.
BALI is seeking both back rent and future rents, totaling more than $716,000, plus several items of personal property that BALI says were not returned.
For everyone that said I was lying here is a copy of the lawsuit below:

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  1. Not sure if anyone saw this but I want to post out that Brian Carn went on record to prophecy that the Toronto Blue Jays (my favorite team) would be in the World Series and they got swept… Why would anyone still support this man???

    • It is sad when people jump to conclusions without know any of the facts. BALI provided an aircraft that was released from maintenance outside the regulatory requirements and therefore was illegal to operate. Mr. Carn and Mr. Danso paid thousands of dollars to resolve the issues and bring the aircraft back into legal compliance and elected to attempt to resolve the matter. Counter claims have been filed and the FAA is Investigating both the maintenance facility and BALI a collection of serious violations. Suggest everyone check their facts, validate the information before jumping to conclusions

      • @Alicia Owens.Can you provide us with sufficient information to support your comment and claim.Mr Obnoxious and everyone else has seen and read the Nashville Post article,referencing court proceedings and pertinent info,which seemed to contradict your comment.No ones jumping to conclusions,but I think everyone’s is jumping to the facts and/or evidence presented,according the NashvillePost,which is by the way a legitimate,reputable source of Nashville’s daily news and current events.So if the information is false or riding on intricate details of the truth, than Brian should also be filing a law suit against the Nashville Post for reporting false information or insufficient info to the public.Wouldnt you think?Think about that before u come on here making a comment that can’t be backed or that disproves the Nashville Post.


  3. Prophelyin and living above their means and cant pay the bill.
    Turn the plane in, stop scamming, and catch a commercial flight like everybody else.
    Oh, both of these charlatans get out of the pulpit and go get a JOB.

  4. Yeah! I got a private jet y’all (that I can’t even afford).

  5. Lord have mercy

  6. Sir William, saturate social media with these Carn stories by repeatedly posting them at 11am and 4pm respectively on FB and Twitter.

  7. Jesus !!! Help us all! Sir William I’m shocked…..NOT!

  8. Why is it these so call future see all, can see there’s lease plane is being tow… unbelieveable want to live the life style of the super rich but can’t even pay there’s bill. to sad!!

  9. Laughing my head off. Now I distinctly remember him announcing that he had access to a total of 4 Jets so why would he have to have this bootleg and missed payments mess going on if he had access to three others? See he’s such a liar and these people that follow him they are the ones that promote the liar to never change he’s going to hell .

  10. Finally someone got this news.This has been out for over a week.Its been public info through Google.Leonard Robinson,Mz Justice and pump preachers and church revolution lost the opportunity to get it out first.This info was right in the lap of Mr Leonard Robinson for over a week ago and he never paid attention to it.check out the commentor link on Leonards video (Jonquil Rector prophesy to Brian Carn)

  11. Anyone who believes that the office of prophet is still active in this dispensation deserves the strong delusion they receive.

    • Ephesians 4:11-13King James Version (KJV)
      11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
      12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
      13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

  12. Sir Willams , you need to do a fact check about Prophet Carn plane, he is boarding that plane right now to fly to preach!!! Go to Prophet Brian Carn FB live and see for yourself

    • You part of Carn entourage? Why else would you be on here telling folks to go see Carn get on a plane that has already been repossessed!!!

  13. Fact check, it’s called damage control to repair ” my image”. Brian is fakin’ it til he makes it trying to be somebody. Sicknin.

    • @Sandra..I figured it was all fake from the beginning.It was a publicity stunt.Carn manipulative folks put this information out over two months ago hoping for someone to catch the bait and expose it,so that he can repair his image to rake in the people for the 48 hours.Its mind control.I heard about this 2 weeks ago by another source.The article appeared to be fake.Man Brian knows exactly what he’s doing.His camp knew this would get out,and Mr a Obnoxious desperately took the bait.Obnoxious should’ve did his homework and not run behind everything that looks appealing before doing extensive investigation.

      • Lisa,
        No bait. A lawsuit has been filed. Just because he has a new carrier does not mean he did not have a issue with this one.
        Mr. Obnoxious

      • Lisa, Brian Carn Ministries was sued on June 30, 2016, by Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc (BALI) in Tennessee Middle District Court. The case #3.16 cv 01577 is for Diversity-Breach of Contract. Brian Carn tells half truths, which is lies. The article is not fake. Do your homework. Bloop!

      • Lisa, Brian Carn Ministries, Inc was sued on June 30, 2016, by Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc (BALI) in Tennessee Middle District Court. The case #3.16 cv 01577 is for Diversity-Breach of Contract. Brian Carn tells half truths, which is lies. The article is NOT fake. Do your homework. Bloop!

  14. Lisa, Brian Carn Ministries, Inc. was sued on June 30, 2016, by Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc (BALI) for Diversity-Breach of Contract. The case # 3.16 cv 01577 is in the Tennessee Middle District Court. Brian Carn tells half truths, which is really lies. The article is not fake. Do your homework Bloop!

  15. Lisa, Brian Carn Ministries, Inc was sued on June 30, 2016, by Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc (BALI) in Tennessee Middle District Court. The case # 3.16 cv 01577 is for Diversity-Breach of Contract. The article is NOT fake. Brian Carn tells half truths, which is lies. Do your homework. Bloop!

    • Sherlock,
      Thanks so much. I was just about to post the entire lawsuit. Constantly I am amazed at how brainwashed folks can be in the church. It is not wrong with loving leaders in the church, but when they are in error do not lie and pretend the truth is not the truth just because you like them.
      All my life I have been in church and I love it. In fact I love every aspect of church and our Black Church Culture, from dressing up to shouting, the music, and the preaching. However, I am not so in love that when I see wrong I do not call it out. Stop lying and trying your head to truth.
      Additionally, do not think you are helping your leader when you try to cover them when they are wrong. You cover and support them when they are right and doing good.
      Sir William

    • @Sherlock Holmes&Mr Obnoxious..That’s a damn shame.But yet he gets on social claiming it’s all a lie.”Look at my plane Im getting ready to get on it”So all who lied going to hell.All I’m saying is I wish there was away to get concrete evidence,bc the fact that he can say it’s a LIE implies that he is saying ” Yall can’t PROVE IT”,which means the article may not be legitimate.Come on,Y’all know how he operates he’s a master manipulator.He doesn’t ever addresses those things that he can’t lie his way out of.He cowards up,and avoid the subject(never addressing the Stephen Choates scandal).So now it seems hes calling you bluff and damning you to HELL on this one

  16. Appearantly Brian denies these allegations are true.I believed from the start that the article from the Nashville Post was bogus.It was a promotional stunt to repair his image,restore his credibility,and to achieve the sympathy he needed as opportunity to attract and pull people into the 48hrs prayer meeting(for the purpose of money that would be generated)He realize by accident that the psychic scandal actually worked on his behalf,serving as a promotional opportunity for the 48hr prayer service held last year in Houston.You should’ve did a more extensive investigation on this one,Now I understand why Mz Justice and “Church Revolution” didn’t take the bait.

  17. @LisaLisa… Please google PACER that is the US Federal Courts Case search engine. It is free to sign up and search. Once you get your username and password, do a lookup by name and put in either Carn, Brian or Brian Carn in and you will see two (2) Federal Cases. BALI is the second case. You can download the case for yourself if you need proof. In fact, the last update on the case was in September when Carn has asked for the case to be dismissed due to it being in the wrong jurisdiction. NOT THAT THE CHARGES ARE FALSE OR THAT HE DOESN’T OWE THE MONEY, JUST THAT THE CASE IS IN THE WRONG JURISDICTION.
    In many minds that would be an admission of guilt or at least an acknowledgment of debt. I invite you to go to the source and look at it yourself. Carn can deny everything but the truth. He understands that those simple minded enough to trust him and not learn for themselves will try not only to dispel anything said about him, but will do the defending for him.
    Lisa, let me ask you a question: did John the Baptist “take the bait” when he preached alone in the wilderness?
    Just because it’s not popular and everyone’s not talking about it doesn’t make it false. It just means not everyone’s talking about it. Your understanding why others “didn’t take the bait” is a false narrative and shows you are clearly a follower in life. Those who lead make the hard choices, even if that means going alone.
    Brian Carn is a false prophet (yeah I said it) and the Spirit of the Lord left him a long time ago.
    Two last observations about the false prophet:
    1. ever notice that his prophecies are mostly bad news and he makes the effort to self-proclaim when it came to pass? Read your Bible and you’ll see the real prophets didn’t have to self-promote.
    2.It maybe coincidence, but has anyone notice that wherever Carn has been at recently, something dramatically tragic has happened:
    a. Went to Baton Rouge, LA and the city suffered the worst flooding ever.
    b. Lives in Jacksonville, FL and a hurricane touched down and flooded the entire city.
    c. Started a church in Charlotte, NC and not only did rioting and looting start soon afterwards, but the state had the worst flooding that is just now subsiding from a hurricane that occurred three weeks ago.
    The psalm is clear that “Surly, Goodness and Mercy shall follow me”. Like I said, it maybe coincidence but it’s happening too often as if Carn’s name should be Jonah and if he doesn’t turn things around, it may just get worse.

    • Trust me I’m not a supporter at all of False Prophet of Brian Carn. I’m a very analytical person,I was looking for more in depth information to validity of this scandal.Thanku so much for that information.You were very detailed,and again I THANKU for taking the time to point me in the right direction to prove what I knew to be the truth,but just didn’t have concrete detail information that I could rest my faith in.He can’t slither his way out of this one.

      • @SHHSPR:I went back to read all the observation of false a prophet and I have to admit he fits the profile.I couldn’t contain myself Bc these would be the exact specific observation I would list to prove the falsification of his prophet’s mantle.My God you were on point!!!

      • I’m asking that whoever has the copy of lawsuits filed against Brian Carn from Federal Court filed in the State of Tennessee…expose them so that everyone can see. Thank you Sir William McCray for revealing this False Fraudulent Prophet for Profit…

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