Congratulations To Charles Henry Brewer, III On His Elevation To Bishop!

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Obnoxious Breaking News! Congratulations to Charles Henry Brewer, III on becoming the third generation Brewer to lead First Connecticut Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ. What an honor to succeed his father and grandfather. Many attacked this brother during the most difficult time of his life, but it did not work. Twenty Pastors in the jurisdiction voted and Chuck won by fifteen votes. He won by a landslide! More details soon to come.

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  1. So glad he got his daddy’s jurisdiction! The late Bishop Brewer, II was a giant in the COGIC, many who are now Bishops (and on the GB) learned under him. Congratulations to Bishop Charles Brewer, III!

  2. Sir William, question. How long do you think before they make Linwood and Ben bishops now???

  3. COGIC is rampant with nepotism & cronyism. Absolutely disgusting. “KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY!!” Like I always say, these churches are nothing more than family businesses.

    • Pretty much they have become family businesses.

      • Of course they have. All do. They got no education, no trade, no interview process. Bishop is just a title. It doesn’t save you, it doesn’t annoit you, it doesn’t give you gifts, it doesn’t make you Holy, it doesn’t make you a leader, it doesn’t get you into heaven quicker etc… gets you more money (seed), more authority to sin in their eyes, tap more female sheep, drive a more expensive pimp car, sit in a gold chair but it doesn’t save you!!!

  4. Obamaisgay, you are spot on.

  5. And they passing it down from one generation to the next in the same family…like its a birthright or a dynasty

  6. Omg!!!!! Everybody becoming a bishop in cogic!!!!!!!! We never had this back in the day. Smh. Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was extremely difficult to become a bishop. Now they giving it out government cheese!!!!

  7. I always found it kind of vain and conceited that a man would start a church and name it after himself. This is endemic in the COGIC. No other denomination has this issue, on this scale..

  8. Typical….. multiple children and never been married. Pastors three churches and has a six-month-old baby by a woman in one of his churches and is currently dating another woman. Still not married. How is he leading three flocks and teaching them how to live and he can’t keep it in his pants? Typical hypocritical leaders do as I say not as I do. That’s why people are leaving the churches in droves.

    • Not just multiple children, but he’s also “pop-pop” to a grand or two…This brotha done did it all..sold the drugs, pimped the hoes, done been shot multiple times, banned from states, you name it..(he’s actually shared his story publicly, so I’m not just, I grew up in the jurisdiction back in the day, so I remember a lot)
      However, he’s no different from the older MARRIED MEN who are bishops cheating on their wives, got illegitimate kids, wearing a tether (ankle bracelet) in church, stealing all the tithes and offerings, drinking, smoking, on drugs…etc…NONE of it is right, but it is the sad reality we live in..It’s frustrating…

    • Wait lol omg who is he dating!! I go there I need the JUICE! lol

  9. edlder dr j j alston

    stay before God because the devil is after you

  10. disappointed COGIC 1st

    The sad part of this is the pastors that voted know this man sleeps with many women in the churches he pastors. Many women who he pays to keep quiet like he’s a prostitute. Out of all the pastors in CT 1st why pick this man just because he was Bishop Brewer’s son? Thats unacceptable and a disgrace to the COGIC name. Being BISHOP is a big deal. The Bishop should have a clean life. Not have children unclaimed while the mother(s) take care of them quietly. Sir, if you are going to become Bishop, I hope you clean the air before you take this oath. I pray you do not disgrace your fathers name. I pray you fill those shoes. He loved every man woman boy and girl in his district, and not the way you LOVE them.

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