Dr. Judith Christie McAllister Is Officially Back At West Angeles Church Of God In Christ!  

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, I told you she was back when I posted Jason White’s letter.  Officially Dr. Judith Christie McAllister, International Music Department President of the Church Of God In Christ is home at West Angeles rocking like only she can on Palm Sunday.  Now you all know that Jason White was told to kick rocks and he felt a little disgruntlal and wrote the Presiding Bishop and Pastor of West Angeles a four page letter on how disappointed he was to get dismissed after twenty years.  White talked about he only could recall two issues in his 20 year tenure at West A and that he refused the severance package offered by Blake.  
A.  Number of people have taken issue with Bishop Blake’s decision and feels he should have handled Jason differently.  Music people need to get a grip and come to the realization that they can be eliminated and the church will continue without them.  Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to pastors and musicians that try to hold folks hostage because their talent.  Where did this idea come form that people are coming to the church because of the music and not The Word delivered by the Man of God.  Check yourself before you get the shock of your life like Jason did two days after he got his Stellar Award.  Pastor’s feel empowered to fire whoever the Lord and your finances deem necessary and all you wild ass, out of control, whores and whore monger musicians get in check.  
I know one pastor that I will not call name that felt he had to take a great deal of crap off his Misnister of Music and ai would constantly try to encourage him to put him out.  The poor man had such low self-esteem he actually felt if they people came to hear the Chior they might stay to hear me preach.  The spirit of control and witchcraft spread through the entire crew of trash that sang and played.  The more they did the more I raise hell on the phone until finally one Sunday Night while serving the Lord’s Supper he did a grand trun on my que and caught those unruly, disrespectful, trashy singers mocking him in his own church!  It was on and popping and he told every last one to “Get The Hell Out Of His Church,”. I shouted like I was going to loose my mind.  Pastors if you think someone is more important at your church then you and the Lord then you need to shut it down!

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  1. “Music people need to get a grip and come to the realization that they can be eliminated and the church will continue without them.”
    I’ll sit back and wait on the responses by the musicians as I drink my proverbial tea… Also, I’m starting to sound like David, but God has nothing to do with this foolishness. He/She/It couldn’t care any less if Kanye West or Lil Wayne was the minister of music at West Angeles.. This is all man-made.

    • Brandon,
      You are talking good!
      Sir William

    • Miss Brandon sipping her tea. That’s it gurl!!

    • Now Mike is a bad dude! Probably the best Gospel Player Ever….But as you can see age doesn’t make you mature in the mind. Thus is the reason he and Jason White were terminated from West Angeles COGIC (Btw is virtually impossible to do, somehow they both managed to get fired) see when you’re use to being coddled, and told that you are the greatest all of your life, you get use to living in your own perfect world. You don’t know how to take criticism. See your whole life you’ve been told that you are THE BEST!!! And you’ve been able to do what you want, and not be rebuked. Its like a professional athlete that from a young age is head and shoulders above his peers, and his whole life he’s been pampered. They never learn to deal with adversity, so when they run up against something that goes against what they’re use to hearing their entire life they can’s cope so they get defensive. NO LIFE SKILLS!!! Solomon what Mike Bereal doesn’t understand is that he is representing Christ, and HE is playing Gospel music and he shouldn’t do things that are a distraction to others while doing so. Now if he were a solo artist or playing secular music thats fine, but in the house of God or doing a Gospel gig you need to be more professional. You see its antics like this that shows you that you can be a 40 year old fool. Making $117k from a church for over a decade and the only thing you have to show for it is a bunch of musical equipment, Gucci belts, LV bags, Hugo Boss Shoes and a Zorro Hat; I wouldn’t be too concerned with what he had to say. In that time he hadn’t managed to secure one asset mind you. Not one piece of property shows you where his mindset is. When he as a 40 year old married man have to move back in with his parents, and you have to start selling equipment to survive, because you didn’t have money saved nor did you set yourself up for the future, and you are reduced to having to play at McCoy Memorial Baptist Church (A baptist church were a lot of LA’s greatest musicians got their start as a side gig) is an indication of the type of individual you are dealing with. After being terminated from West A, Mike was given the opportunity; a second chance to play at a well established church in the Bay Area making over $2k per week. The Pastor brought him into the office and told Mike that he believed that everyone deserves a second chance, and that he’s aware of what went on at West A and to be clear that what went on there could never happen at his church. All the while Mike was sitting in a chair across from this Bishop and he was in his phone the entire time, not really paying attention, and still the Pastor was willing to offer him a job. Mike walked out of that meeting and decided that he didn’t want the job. But he’s 40 years old living at home with his parents, and he has a wife? You’re not in a position to turn down a good job like that. Now he’s playing for Tony Jones (Another great musician….If you haven’t heard Tony Jones on Keys you’re missing out….As a matter of fact Tony can play all of Mike’s stuff and then some….A lot of the chord movements you hear Mike playing in this song is Tony’s voicing’s, movements, and definitely his arrangements) but nobody was checking for Tony Jones’ group like that….Tony Jone’s group was like the McCoy Memorial of the singing world in LA. They weren’t doing the A List gospel functions, they were doing the D List gigs where all of the unseasoned and aspiring musicians and singers who couldn’t cut it in the big LA church scene went to perform. Okay Im done, I didn’t meant to say all of that…..And NO IM NOT A HATER!!!!!! Its just that I know the history of LA’s Gospel scene and while everyone flocks to this cat like he’s an innovator he’s not! He’s a clone of Jason White & Jason’s a clone of Kevin Bond & The Late Great Robert Gilmore. That MKS sound was made popular by Jason and Mike only because they were the ones on all of the records in LA, so naturally a person not from here would think that they started it!!!! NOT SO!!!! Just like the HUGO BASS Mike stole that from Ji Nelson if you listen to the Kim Burrell Live in Memphis album the synth/horn sound you hear is the Hugo Bass. Ji started Mike using it after he played with Mike at a conference founded by Ron Gibson (The Preacher’s of LA Star) The Konania Conference” an Inland Empire Area Conference A lot of the progressions you hear him do he along with Jason White stole from cats like Jason Allen and Jason Freeman (Finalist of Puffy’s Making The Band) & Dwayne Swan, Nelson Jackson. They’d steal it and put it on records and the world praised them and gave them credit for supposedly originating it. THERE, I READ HIM FOR YOU!!!!?
      You see when a church is paying you that kind of money, with benefits, and they make you the MD you are expected to conduct yourself in a certain manner. You are expected to be at church on Sundays and not out playing other gigs. His per service rate was $500. And rehearsal pay $275. That’s 4 services a week, and 2 rehearsals. Do the math! Okay! So not only are you dressing like the Riddler on Easter, you are butting heads with Jason White (Your boss & Minister of Music) so Jason is trying to set him up to get him fired, and you would think that Mike would be smart enough to know that he needs to keep it tight. Noooooo not 40 year old Mike, he plays into Jason’s hands. Doing things like skipping out on West A’s choir rehearsal to go attend Andre Crouch’s funeral rehearsal (Of which he wasn’t asked to play for, that was Mano & Carl Wheeler’s gig) he didn’t call and didn’t show up. Jason got him suspended, so what did Mike do? He went and played at his cousin Bennett Paysinger’s church (City of Refuge) subbing over there, and McCoy Memorial. While he was on suspension he was going around talking about West A fired him (basically giving West A a bad name, and talking bad about Bishop Blake) Bishop gets word and brings Mike in for a talk and told him nobody has let him go, why are you going around saying that we fired you? You’re just on suspension. Mike being the genius that he is fails to take heed and continues to bad mouth Bishop & West A claiming he was fired. Now during his tenure at West A Mike was messing with several different women at the church (He’s married btw, and his wife’s sings on the Praise Team) Mike has never been a ladies man, the only women he’s had were women that were in the church that liked him for his gift. Mike was messing with a young lady at West A and she got mad, and decided to blow up his spot. So sent a photo that Mike sent to her to lady Mae Blake. The picture was a dick pic with his hands and brackets and watch in it. There was no denying it was Mike. Mae Blake took it to her husband Bishop Blake, and Bishop had to let him go. Fast forward to a few months ago David Jackson had to be out at West A because of other work, and they needed a sub for one Sunday. They called Mike Bereal to sub (Low key they were thinking of hiring him back, but they wanted to see where he was mentally) he took to Social Media and started posting videos talking about he was back at West A, and on Sunday morning he set up like 4 cameras and was taping himself playing and Judy and Bishop had seen enough. That was the end of that! See Solomon when you argue with a fool, what does that make you? Exactly! He’s 40 years old and a Dope Musician Keys, Drums, Bass but he isn’t mature in the mind yet! So age don’t make you a man. How you handle business and your responsibilities do.

  2. Darnell Williams

    Thank you just wanted to tell you
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  3. Just my opinion...

    In response to someone on your last post… I don’t think Jason lost any “dignity” at all by exposing Blake for the horrendous way he treated him.
    You have to consider the fact that Blake canned Jason weeks ago and had no intention of telling the church about it, or why. As he did this past Sunday, Judy was re-introduced as the minister if music to much fanfare… and just as much CONFUSION.
    Jason has been the minister of music at W.A. for at least a decade, and his sudden unexplained departure would have led to millions of questions that Blake was not going to answer.
    BRAVO to Jason for telling HIS side of the story for the thousands of people who would have been wondering where he is. And CONGRATULATIONS to him for posting a follow-up video thanking his supporters as he was working at the Dream Center. That’s CLASS.
    The problem with W.A. is that many who attend there think it is the be-all-end-all when it comes to churches in Los Angeles.
    But NOT SO.
    L.A. is filled with “mega churches” including some with greater memberships than West Angeles. Think about it… One Church is growing at a ridiculously fast rate… Bel Air Presbyterian (with both black AND white members) has to hold Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl to accommodate membership… Hillsong just opened a church in L.A. a yrar ago and the membership has already surpassed West Angeles with members of ALL races. And as a matter of fact… Dream Center where Jason posted his video from was originally called “Angelus Temple” … which was the first megachurch in the country, dating back to the 1930s with Aimee Semple McPherson pastoring. Look it up if you don’t believe me.
    None of us will ever really know what went on behind closed doors between Blake and Jason. But on the surface it looks like Judith and Bishop Blake worked together to bring her back to Los Angeles and remove Jason from his position. They should BOTH be ashamed, if that is the case.
    Jason’s musical style and ideas were new, fresh, and exciting. Judith’s style will just be more of the same stuff that West Angeles was doing 20 years ago. What good is that going to do anyone??? What Blake and Judith have done, in effect, is turn West Angeles into some sort of Senior Citizen Social Club where only people who want the old way of things from West Angeles’ heyday are welcome. I am not trying to go back 20 years because I have moved on from that. So I, for one, will not be attending West Angeles anymore. I do not want to live in the past. God is doing a new thing and that’s what I want to be a part of so I will be finding a church that goes with that vision. Has anyone even bothered to ask why the median age of West A members is probably 60? They need some YOUNG energy in there. Just my opinion…

  4. Brother, your position is already exposed. BTW where you the one who was caught lying to the lawyer on behalf of your bishop? Brother, I pray for you; your negative unconstructive commentary adds no real value, that rises to a level to be taken seriously.

    • Praying,
      I do not need or want you to pray for me. I may be ruthless and did what I needed to do while going though a lawsuit. But I won. After the judgement I was able to still get it reversed. You wish you was as bad as me and have the swag I have. There is very few VIPs I do not know or have not interviewed.
      My blog reaches amazing numbers daily so much so until you stopped and even left a comment. It matters not what you think of me, but what I write say, and think of you or any of my subjects.
      Have a made myself clear. Now get your ass off my blog and do not come back!
      Sir William

  5. The median age of people attending westa is not 60. Matter of fact the median age is more like 40 or younger. And, there are a lot of young people who attend westa. Don’t know where you get your info but you’re wrong. Westa is a growing church even if the pews are not all filled. Since services are broadcasted over the internet, lots of members sometime watch the service on their computers, me included.

  6. These ppl look mentally ill hollering, screaming and shouting like a bunch of buffoons.

  7. Lol😜😘😀😂@ ” just my opinion” is right. West Angeles is the only church I know where the youth and young adult choir consist of people like 35 and 40. Elder Larry’s young adult bible study is not only empty, but it also older people. Our services at West Angeles are redundant. Same order every week. The NEVER BREAK THE MOLD. When the choir is on fire, elder charles comes up and breaks the spirit by singing some off the wall song. Jason served us amazingly well. Always full of energy and creativity. I believe he was set up to fall. Why would the Bishop tell him during praise and worship that they couldn’t wave the hankies?? The 8 am service is over at 10 am. He could of told him then. Bishop seemingly knew all alone he hates Jason and wanted Jason out and Judy back. Knaving. Under handed. He and Gladys Ross devised a wicked scheme to oust him. Shameful. I dont have a problem with Judy but I think it’s horrible how they are celebrating Jason’s downfall by constantly cheering and acknowledging: Judy is back!!!! Church was sickening yesterday. Uggh! My heart was toward Jason and his family during all of morning worship. I wonder,, How can you beat a man down when he is already down? Let the wound heal first then bring his replacement. How low can you go??? It’s ok to fire him. But the manner in which it was done with him being a member for 20 years was cold hearted.

    • Mario,
      West A has a lot of doors and you should make your exit through one of them since you do not like it there.
      COGIC has an official order of service and if it does not happen at the Presiding Bishop’s church where is it going to happen?
      You got your coat and your hat not hit the door and do not go back. You taking up someone’s seat that will love the pastor and appreciate his ministry. You should go when you can Spritually be feed and happy. Since it is not West A find you a place where you can in LA their are a great amount of churches there sir.
      Sir William

  8. I’m sure Bishop Blake didn’t set that online stream up with the desire that his “members” not physically attend church. Online streaming is a blessing, but can also be a curse for stewardship.
    In reference to @JustMyOpinion, you speak very well. It is obvious for anyone who “follows” West Angeles, that the church has hit a wall, of sorts. Now, God’s Church will never die, but our own man-made visions of what His church should be, are subject to dying off. What is happening to Bishop Blake is very consistent with what happens to many senior COGIC Bishops in the brotherhood. These men have been pastoring for years. If they have been remotely successful in ministry, their church has birthed other ministries to spring out from within. If not, they’ve done something wrong.
    We all know Bishop Blake’s “advanced” age doesn’t lend itself to this younger group, or even the middle-aged segment. What I believe they have struggled with is their identity. They are still employing the same concepts they had to employ when they were holding 4 services a day, with people lined up down the street to get in. It became a very, uh, for lack of better terms, “mill” type of operation. Get em in…get em out. There wasn’t much time for real, lasting deliverance ministry going on there. They were a victim of their own success.
    The question that they have is what happens going forth? Sir William has been on record to show his disdain towards haughty musicians who mistakenly think they’re the reason the people come back. People do come to hear good music, but our salvation lies not in music, but in the preached Word of God. The two should work hand in hand.
    Bishop Blake is a very wise and astute man. He is a business man. He is a preacher. They do innovative things in some areas of ministry. Their services are rather predictable and mundane. Can Dr. Judith help? Sure, she can’t hurt. She is great for local ministry, but not as much for the national work. She fits at West Angeles. We in ministry sometimes get it twisted. Yes, your gift will travel, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay.
    Brother Jason and Geneen will land on their feet. I know personally that West Angeles was not the be-all-end-all of churches in Los Angeles. In fact, some of their own members would head elsewhere to really get a Word and/or touch from God. They would then return to West A, for the good music and truncated services.
    Bringing Dr. Judith back is an indication that Bishop Blake may hang up the scepter on the national level. His main focus is not leading the COGIC, but rather paying off that mortgage on Crenshaw. He is a man that knows his days are short here on the earth. No man wants to leave a debt for their children, especially in ministry. Thus, the recent push to focus on the mortgage.
    I do not believe Bishop Blake desires to die in office as the Presiding Bishop. He could really change the culture by voluntarily stepping aside and focusing on his local ministry. The national church is in dire need for new leadership and that is not necessarily someone who is on that General “Bored”.
    We need to pray for West Angeles and churches everywhere. The beauty in Sir William’s blog is that we are able to come on here and shoot our shots at West A and other ministries, but we never talk about what is going on in our own local churches. Oh, if they ever found out how many problems we have at our local churches, there would be no commenters on here.
    Me included.
    Don’t stop praying.

  9. Jason White should be celebrated for his accomplishments, for what he has contributed to West Angeles. Bishop Blake has the right to remove anyone in position at his church. The church in general has lost its true focus on ministering to the lost. Pastors, Evangelist, Musicians, are looking to supplement their incomes which is wrong if your totally doing it for the money. The Church of God In Christ was once the world’s premier religious organization. Since the demise of the late Bishop GE Patterson, who brought COGIC to mational attention, the church has declined and the world has lost respecr for COGIC. In my view, Bishop Blake should step aside and focus on Pastoring WEST Angeles. COGIC needs new leadership. We need a astute respectful godly leader who will get the church back on track spiritually. You can’t mix the world with true Holiness. You also can’t mix Business with spirituality. What I am saying is the “church” has become more about “business” other than winning souls. I know many struggling pastor especially in the greater Atlanta metro area who have 10-15 members, that are on the verge of either closing or going independent (non denominational). Bishop Blake is nearing 80, and he should step aside and allow someone with character and integrity to lead this once prominent organization to the next level. Nobody on the general board is qualified to manage this church. What’s tredning is that many young pastor are leaving cogic and starting their own churches. I know two Cogic supt. Who gave up their positions to go independent. According to recent polls most denominational churches are lacking membership. Most COGIC churches are farily small in number. For instance Atlanta is considered a world class city. You would think that COGIC is strong here, it is definitely not. The denominate churches here are Non denominational churches. And so with that being said, that is actually what is trending now through the world. COGIC trained musicians have left the organization to play for other non denominational churches. COGIC lost a prime general with Jason White and Mike Bereal. I am sure God will bless them for their faithful service that they lent to West Angeles and to COGIC. So sad COGIC needs prayer!

    • COGIC,
      You have mentioned a great deal, but let me address a couple of points that stand out.
      You say Bishop Blake, who has the largest church and largest jurisdiction in the history of the church is not capable of leading the church. Mic he is not then who is capable and has the experience?
      Many Bishop come to the meetings and high side and when follow them home they do not have ish!
      Now as for Atlanta you are correct COGIC is weak here and it is unfortunate. I attend a number of VIP and Civic events and never are we represented. Atlanta has not recovered from the curse of John Dale Husband. Until that happens it will continue to be weak. Let those men go that are not contributing to the organization anyway. Take their small struggling ass on some where else!
      Sir William

      • Sir William,
        One way to recover from the curse of Bishop J.D. Husband is to acknowledge what he had done. COGIC should have sued the makers of Swiffer for copyright infringement. Nobody sweeps better than COGIC. These aren’t lay-members that are giving the church a bad name, it is the leaders and even worse, Bishops and general board members.
        We don’t want to hijack this thread, which is supposed to honor the First Lady of Praise and Worship, but the best thing for the church to do is to acknowledge her mistakes, repent, and then move forward. I’ve been through ATL, and you guys are right. Certainly not a COGIC city. Where is our influence? It is happening in other larger cities as well.
        Some people get it twisted. West Angeles is not representative of COGIC churches in LA. Not everyone is “Hollywood” out there.
        I’m laughing because I just saw your last sentence about them being small and struggling.

      • Sir William-
        I respect your blog, and I certainly believe that COGIC as a whole needs a major overall. The saints of old were about souls. I am a musician however, I work a 9-5 job, simply because no church can support my lifestyle. I believe that preachers should practice what they preach by either getting a job, or starting up a side business to support their lifestyles. The majority of COGIC churches cannot help people in their communities simply because they are supporting there able body pastors lifestyles, and support the national church. As a black race we need to find ways to educate ourselfs ae the importance of working! The church is supposed to be a place or worship not “show business” it wrong! My father worked two jobs as well as pastored and raised his kids! Never once did he beg or ask for money from members. He taught us the vaule of hard work. God is not please, pastor, musicians, and evangelist cannot contuine to fleece the flock with financial trickery! God bless

  10. You are so right, nobody is capable of leading this church. Eastern Florida jurisdiction where Bishop Cohen was once prelate, many supt, and elders are throwing in the towel. It so said so many COGIC pastors are giving up!

  11. Man… so sad to hear Jason is gone from West A. I always looked forward to the choir under his leadership on Easter Sunday. Nothing personal against Judyth, but I prefer Jason. He brought some much needed youthful flavor to West Angeles. Like this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVSwdnUC4qk

  12. ” It was on and popping and he told every last one to “Get The Hell Out Of His Church,”. – somebody help me out here. who are we talking about? lolol

  13. Bishop John Dale Husband


  14. I look@ some of the clips of the CH Mason Mass Choir on youtube from back in the day when Dr.Mattie Moss Clark was the International Min Of Music and I’m like WOW to myself ..the numbers don’t even equal a third or half of choir members that were in the choir when Dr.Mattie Moss Clark.. Dr.Luvonia Whitley or Prof.Iris Stevenson were over it,..something is definitely not right ..the decline is evident and real and getting worse and worse @ each Convention,.they are almost a chorale lol smh

    • Kevin u telling the truth!!!!! I haven’t sung since Dr Stevenson got the boot

      • KC,
        Why are you acting like it is hurting someone cause you stopped singing? If that is your ministry then your not being in place is not hurting anyone, but you.
        Leaders are appointed!
        It is very disturbing that you have not seen Iris since she was removed, which tell a great deal about her and her character.
        LaVonia never stopped coming!
        Sir William

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed that. The COGIC mass choir was massive at one time.

  15. Sir William, (Or anyone else),
    Don’t mean to derail, but what’s going on with Evan. Rita Womack? She’s been MIA for a while. Is she okay? I miss her preaching.

  16. Real talk, when you think of the face of West A next to Bishop Blake, its Judy. She is the original worship leader and has set the bar. I dont know much about the nigga that got fired, but Judy is a legend.

  17. imtellinuthetruthforreal

    Don’t start right wont end right.

  18. Let’s be real about this Jason & Judy situation. Bishop is a very respectful, down to earth individual. He will stop and talk to ANYONE. Jason will ignore the HELL OUT OF HIS OWN PPL….that’s not a good look 4 Bishop. U need someone that mirrors the Pastor. .AND HE DIDN’T, BUT NOW HE WANTS TO B A BIG CRYBABY. ..

    • If you want to be ignored, try taljing to mean Judy or anyone on her posse. Would you belicve she had people carrying her stuff and putting it in the car for her. I gusss they wipe her booty too. Bro Jason is a cool cat. Always pleasant. Alwzys laughing . So of he didn”t. Speam to you, maybe you rubbed him the wrong way.

  19. Uhhh Ohhh the plot thickens and Earl Carter has resurfaced &is back up over there on the mainline (Youtube) spilling tea lol or telling lies& spreading gossip and rumors hahahaha on another witch hunt and take down after Bishop Blake…that youtube clip is a messs lol hahaha I’ve heard it said that “There is some truth to every rumor” although but heyyy. Some of the things in regards to some of the folks he mentioned in regards to Jason White(how his employment was terminated&him being let go of and fired) as well as J.McAllister(the whole husband& jail scandal thing) are true and factual,..the rest not so sure..guess only time will tell.. or maybe not..we shall see…

  20. Just curious and wondering Why is Daryl Coley funeral being held @ “City Of Refuge” Bishop Noel Jones church out here in Los Angeles ,..Cali and not West A… he was Min Of Music @ West A for a while back in the day and “One Of The Sons Of The Ministry” as Bishop Blake called him during his 40th Year In Ministry Black Tie Celebration ..guess he left the church on bad terms as well hmmmmmmmmm ???

  21. Well can someone answer me this??? WHERE IS HER HUSBAND???? Is he still in jail? This is the most secretive President of Music COGIC ever had!

    • If you want to be ignored, try taljing to mean Judy or anyone on her posse. Would you belicve she had people carrying her stuff and putting it in the car for her. I gusss they wipe her booty too. Bro Jason is a cool cat. Always pleasant. Alwzys laughing . So of he didn”t. Speam to you, maybe you rubbed him the wrong way.

  22. We’ll find out where the “spouse” is. I wonder if he’ll resume his place on the platform.

  23. Daryl Coley’s family planned where his funeral would be held as well as any announcements regarding him. Probably chose City of Refuge because that’s where they currently attend. Makes sense to me.

  24. Dr. Judith Christie-McAllister is showing why Bishop Charles Edward Blake Sr. brought her back to West Angeles. This sound is angelic.

  25. Dr. Judith McAllister’s whole family was at West A church on Easter Sunday. Including her husband. He served his time and I’m sure he’s asked God for forgiveness, so we should forgive him too as we have all sinned and want God to forgive us for our sins.

  26. Watch for powerful service on First Sunday!

  27. Jason White is going to be well missed, he was a big asset to the church. I pray that a bigger door will open for him and his wife.

  28. SomeoneWhoKnowthsTHETRUTH

    Clearly you yall don’t know NOTHIN about Jason White…Believe me when I say he will be JUST FINE… He doesn’t need a church of any size!! GOOGLE HIM PLEASE! JasonWhite

  29. SomeoneWhoKnowthsTHETRUTH

    Clearly you yall don’t know NOTHIN about Jason White…Believe me when I say he will be JUST FINE… He doesn’t need a church of any size!! GOOGLE HIM PLEASE!

    • Street reporter

      Well. Hopefully you are right. It was Reported to me that his wife is now swiping an EBT card since he lost his high paying job. And his assistant Jonathan is swiping EBT too. 😰

      • SomeoneWhoKnowthsTHETRUTH

        LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOOOOL!!!!!!! Hilarious!!!! So happy to disappoint you but Jason’s wife and his assistant are doing GREAT! So is Jsson by the way… Never mistake silence for defeat! Peace & Blessings to y’all😘😘😘

      • Parsnip Lockhartlett

        Well… that’s obviously a crock of garbage. Jason’s wife comes from money. Her dad is a well-known doctor… but she keeps that on the DL. She’s hardly gonna be on foodstamps. Not to mention Jason has surely made a VERY good amount in the music industry. Remember folks… these are two highly educated and skilled people. Not some run of the mill hoodrat church musicians. They will land on their feet.
        Yes… West Angeles will go on without them. But that church has definitely lost an ANOINTED music minister.

  30. Uuhhh @Street reporter ,.what’s wrong with swiping and EBT if you are in need of assistance,.that’s what it has been set in place for ,..and when you’ve worked and added into the system you should be able to benefit from using it when you fall on hard times and dire straits hit lol ,.. no really ,.people kill me trying to shame others,. they probably only wish they had an EBT card to pull out and swipe as well too @ least they are smart enough to do something other than fraud and embezzlement putting themselves in a more worst off situation,.. hear me,..HELLO ,..LoL,..!!! HaHaHa!!!

  31. Looks like Judy has found herself another dream team in Musicians and that West A Band Sound ,.. last Sunday Night Service was lit(after Wilfred Graves Jr preached) the musicians went innn ,..Derrick Jackson and I think that was Mike Bereal brother Aaron Bereal playing together ,..they were an Awesome& dynamic duo… church hasn’t been that “LIVE” on a Sunday Night @ West A in quite some time now!!! The Oil& Fiiiya was definitely there,.those musicians were playing under the anointing ,..yesssaaahhh…I felt something…lol…heyyy!!!

  32. Judy really has an angelic sound. I’ve enjoyed her immensely. She is one of the best worship leaders artistically and spiritually that I’ve heard in the Gospel. And I’ve traveled and heard pretty much a ton of them!! happy for her!! . Love Jason too. He’s awesome as well!

  33. Look you gossiping sissy. If you are going to be messy, at least write without all the misspelled words. Dumb………..

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  35. I have been a member of West A for over 30 years and have seen many Minister’s of Music come and go. All were very talented and had a lot to offer so my family was very sorry to see Jason White go, but have no problem with Judy McAllister’s return. I wish Jason White God’s blessings. My main frustration with West A is that it’s a church constantly in debt, and constantly in the works of making more debt for its members to have the burden of paying off. I also feel that if a 95% African American Church can build a 65 million Dollar church with no Sunday School Rooms, Cafeteria, Meeting Rooms etc then are ask to foot the bill for a $35 Milion Dollar Family Center to include what was promised in the 65 Million Dollar Cathedral, the least that the CDC and Bishop could ensure is that African Americans are not excluded from working on the Family Center Construction Crews. The 65 Million Cathedral Construction Crews did not represent the people who paid for it. Diversity and Inclusion of African American are lacking all over Los Angeles but it shouldn’t be the cast in the building of the $35 Million Dollar Family Center.

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