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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Pastor Rod Parsley and his wife Joni are noted republicans and it does not look good for his wife to plead guilty to voter fraud.  The couple leads a flock of thousands, at World Harvest megachurch in Canal Winchester, on television, and online.
They offer spiritual and moral guidance, and parenting advice, using their own family as an example.

But last week Joni Parsley was far from the pulpit, appearing in a Fairfield County courtroom to face allegations of violating election law.
The charges stem from a series of signatures submitted to the Fairfield County Board of Elections.
The signatures are on the bottom of requests for absentee ballots for Joni Parsley and her adult daughter, Ashton.
Board of Elections employees raised concerns in November 2013, that “it appeared the same person had completed both forms.”
“If there is a false signature, if the voter did not sign their own application, that’s enough to do it,” Susan Bloom, Director of the Fairfield County Board of Elections, said.
Asked whether that constitutes a crime, she answered, “Yes.”
Bloom said signatures are a key tool her office uses to protect against voting fraud.
Side by side, she said, Ashton Parsley’s signature on the ballot requests didn’t look to be her own handwriting, but her mother’s.
“The signature of Joni looked very similar to the signature of Ashton,” Bloom said. “It did not appear to be Ashton’s signature.”
And a look into the Parsleys‘ voting history turned up even more concerns: questionable signatures in six different elections between 2009 and 2014.
Board of Elections investigators wrote, “it appeared that this was a consistent pattern for these two voters.”
Bloom submitted the evidence to her board members, who voted unanimously to forward to the Fairfield County Prosecutor.
That was in November 2013. And that’s where the case sat, until Friday, when Joni Parsley was charged with attempted election falsification, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced.
“Obviously, I’m very sorry,” Parsley told a judge. “I had no idea that…it’s my own negligence and ignorance not reading the fine print of the ballot. And I certainly apologize for that.”
So why would this case take nearly two and a half years to prosecute?
Lora Manon, the prosecutor on the case, blames turnover in the Fairfield County Prosecutor’s Office.
The first two prosecutors on the case both left, handing the case off to Manon early this year.
She said Parsley’s prominence played no role in when, or how, this case was handled.
Bloom said the integrity of the vote is something her office takes seriously.
“We want elections to be conducted fairly. That’s our job,” Bloom said.
Fairfield County Municipal Court Judge James Fields sentenced Parsley to 10 days in jail but suspended that time. He ordered her to pay a $250 fine and serve a year of probation.
Parsley’s spokesperson said Parsley was not available to speak with reporters, but issued the following statement:
“Best intentions can at times become misplaced. Joni completed and signed her daughter’s absentee ballot on her behalf simply for the sake of convenience while her daughter was out of town. While Joni did not intend to violate the statute, she understands the consequences her actions hold. Therefore, throughout this process, she has fully cooperated with the election board and prosecutor’s office and will continue to do so in light of the results. Joni’s commitment to serving the Central Ohio community remains steadfast.”
Last year, it was reported on accusations of mismanagement and turmoil at the Fairfield County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  1. Donald Trump Lover

    Sir William this happened last year. You are late on this one.

    • Old news…plus it was not some bad intentions she had. This can’t destroy the ministry. They are doing just fine. Life happens to everyone at times. Being a preacher or someone of great status just amplifies the mistakes anyone can make and has made. They still got my support 1000%

  2. John The Baptist

    Rod Parsley and his wife “witch” are both racist. Voter fraud!!!!

    • That’s a lie! He’s friends with some of my friends and they are not racist! People are so quick to scream “racist” but you don’t love our race either because if you did, you wouldn’t tear them down, IDIOT!!! You are stupid and unlearned!

  3. There is no way their money and influence didn’t play a part in this decision. Black men get arrested for gotdamn jaywalking! Rod and Joni are both racist and have been for years. But of course black folk are always hoodwinked by master!

  4. I’m not at all suprised by this. During election season, Pastor Parsley becomes so passionate about abortion. He spends his entire preachings currying voters into voting for Republicans. You’d think his wife wouldn’t have to cheat. It’s so sad people fall for his mess

    • Dee you are so right. He is passionate, as most of these pro-lifers are, in preserving the white race. White women are aborting their babies in record numbers and the world is becoming more brown. Rod Parsley is no different. Abortion issues has nothing and I repeat nothing to do with Christian values. If it did – they would protect that unborn baby born into low-income or poverty stricken families. Have the baby – they say but when he/she is born they are on their own. No housing, no food, no healthcare, no education. These people are a disgrace.

  5. Ecclesiasticus 12:10
    “Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.” 

  6. smith, you are clueless.Abortion was opposed by the Church of God since she was birthed nearly 2000 years ago. Attempts at abortion were practiced in the surrounding pagan cultures.

    • Can you read? Never said it was not opposed. I said that the intent and motive to stop abortions this day in time has nothing to do with religion. Don’t twist my words!

  7. old news…

  8. Absurd! This case should hv been dismissed. This is someone trying to cause them trouble. Furthermore, I know someone with a similar sentence for CHILD ABUSE, DUI, drug and paraphenelia possession. Hardly comparable!!

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