Rumors Are Flying The Gospel Music Artist Thomas TC Clay Death Might Have Been Due To A Drug Overdose Or Suicide 

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Obnoxious Breaking News! Thomas TC Clay has died.
Unfortunate news to share as gospel singer Thomas TC Clay was found dead this weekend in his hotel room in New York by his manager.
It is sad to admit that rumors are already flying that the cause of death might have been a possible drug overdose similar to Zackery Tims, who was found dead in a New York hotel room with drugs on him.  The second theory is that he might have committed suscide due to his last cryptic post to his Facebook page.  Thomas TC Clay’s final message to his friends on Facebook stated that “Practicing what you preach is never easy” which foreshadows his death.  
The final words make you wonder what was going on with the man that seemed to finally had it all.  It was no secret that Thomas Clay’s life was full of challenges and he put his testimony into his music.  Hopefully something was not going on with him that know one knew that could have prevented his untimely death.  
Additionally, our sources at the New York Police Department did say that it was  not reported on the police blotter and no mention of his death today in any major New York News Outlets.  Sources are looking into the reports filed yesterday to see which one was concerning Thomas TC Clay being found dead.  
The cause of death is unknown, but his industry friends have taken to social media to confirm his passing. Pastor Jason Nelson, in particular, went live on Facebook to dispel rumors surrounding the sad loss.
Thomas TC Clay’s family and friends are in our prayers…
I LOVE The Most High, my son, & this Music thing!!! 
…and of course Food and Shed’s!!! LOL!!!
Read Jazmine Sullivan’s condolence she posted on Facebook to TC Clay below:

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  1. Is that a Bible in one hand and a Cognac in the other ?

  2. This amazing dichotomy of the spiritual journey of so many leaves them confused. He probably is seeking answer in through the Bible , yet there is something missing in the equation.
    You can not find true happiness unless you live in the present. Our egos (our past and future) gets in the way of our spiritual awakening. The only thing that matters is NOW. Unless we master this we will stumble through this glorious life and miss out on the presence of God in our lives right now.
    This guy probably was carrying so much baggage that the only relief to him is death or to try to escape the pain. Pain is a part of our spiritual growth. If we don’t face and embrace our pain, it will never dissipate, it only gets worse.
    If anyone that think their case is hopeless, they are most likely to take the easy way out, so they think. The same as a terminal illness. If you except your condition more than likely your condition will get better. Make you illness a friend. Nothing is so bad that we must escape the NOW.
    This young man resisted what was going on with him either in his past or maybe his future looked pretty bleak. If someone could have told him that the only thing that matter is NOW.

  3. I almost agree with you David. Can you believe that. I would like to add to that. Often times, people have to focus on the right now in hopes of a better future, realizing that their past doesn’t have to be their destiny. I am not who I was. I am who I am on this day as God continues to change me daily.

  4. Of course rumors are flying, that’s what black folk do to each other… Run folks down even while their in the grave….SMH

  5. Check out Jazmine Sullivan’s memory of tc on Facebook

  6. Please spell check your articles. Please and thank you.

  7. T.C Clay was on medication for mental issues. So o.d. or suicide is not surprising. Years ago he had a few outburst in church that was do to him not taking his medicine. Know him and his ex wife very welk

  8. I honestly believe he may have committed suicide.
    What people need to stop doing is depending on and waiting for validation from church folk.
    Church folk are some of the meanest, nastiest, cut throat, deceitful, backstabbing, jealous, hateful, condescending, gutterbottom people you will EVER meet in your life. I was born and raised in COGIC believe me I know of what I speak.
    He would have been better off doing what God had called him to do and stop worrying about what people had to say.
    When God healed me from church folk I had and have the best life ever!!!!!
    I could care less what they say or do- they can’t stop what God has for me. As long as I am living the best way I can with the strength of God through prayer and fasting I know that God will put me where He feels I am needed, wanted and will be a blessing to others.
    I have NO SHAME of my past or what I have done and will not allow CHURCH FOLK to bury my testimony because of how they feel about it- WHO CARES HOW YOU FEEL!!!!
    I feel bad for his family because not only is suicide selfish (I know I been to that point) but you are now allowing God to help you through AS HIS WORD HAS STATED THAT HE WOULD!!!!!!!!
    If it was drugs then the same message applies.
    If God has called you and YOU KNOW that God has called you DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO DO!!!!
    So what they closed the door.
    So what they tried to hurt you.
    So what they hurt you.
    So what they put you out.
    God has the power to stop, halt and put an end TO ALL their foolishness.
    The most gifted and anointed people have the most to deal with and those in the black church have it equally hard.
    Do what God has called you to do.

    • First of all he had stop going to church for a lonnng time and he would tell u that. He didn’t care what church folks thought about him. He was very blunt about it!!! Y’all need to know what your talking about before you started blaming. So church people got a heaven or hell to put u in???? Stop acting like the victim all the time and grow the hell up!!! Ok junebug????

      • KC sounds to me like the truth stepped on your toes a bit hahaa its okay.
        You can be free and delivered as well.
        Never feel guilty about what God can free you from.

    • I was google a song of his and came across this article. No he didnt die of a overdose or suicide. He had an enlarge heart and didnt know it. He passed from a heart attack. But the lies and rumors do make better news. 🙄

  9. Junebug, I must admit that I am church folk, and although I’ve been wounded, hurt, lied on, ostracized, and abandoned, just to name a few, I have not allowed those fake manipulators and haters cause me to leave where God has told me not to forsake and that’s the church. When I look at the life of Joseph, his past became a channel for his blessings! He was forgotten, yet still he was fruitful! What the devil meant for his bad, God intended it for his good! There was a time when I felt like giving in, but I came back to my senses and I realized that I was of worth and value to other church folk, and so I endured it and I am blessed while I still go to church. I also have church at home, at jail, in the missions, at the battered women shelters, on the street corners, behind the liquor stores and it ain’t about money and politics. Mr. Obnoxious’s forum rarely ever publicizes the great churches and the awesome men and women of God. It mostly focuses on the negative and that’s something that the enemy uses him to do and he doesn’t realize that God has nothing to do with what he is doing. The bad thing is that you have other weak folk of this forum who continually hype him up and agree. The funny thing is that it’s the same people. Lol! This is not one where you have millions tens of thousands of people. Only a handful of folk that no one else will listen to and it makes them feel important while they get this limited attention. I go to church and I’m proud of it! I ain’t no punk! ( A little ghetto right there) I am a strong man of God for the kingdom and ain’t nobody going to turn me away from corporate worship! Focus on those in need and not the morons that some of you give so much attention to. I worship God and not the men and women of God! I pray your healing and whoever hurt you, I pray for them as well. Remember what happened after Job prayed for his accusers? God gave him double for all of his trouble.

    • That’s the spirit of satan telling you not to leave your ”church”
      Acts 7:48
      “Howbeit The Most High dwelleth NOT in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,”

    • If you are doing all that you are claiming you are doing then you are NOT church folk- you are a child of God.
      Church folk don’t do what you listed here saying that you do.
      I’m not hurt ANYMORE as I stated and will continue to state God has healed me and placed me in a TRUE CHURCH so please don’t think I am speaking out of hurt or bitterness.
      I speak truth- period.
      People need to see the truth and church folk have hurt and killed more than any disease on the face of this earth.
      God is not pleased and they will be dealt with.

      • “Church folk have hurt and killed more than any disease on the face of the earth.” Hyperbole. Over speaking like that has some indication of pain still present. I am happy to know you are well and away from the abuses of some church members and organizations. I too know the pain of the control and manipulation that some churches use. It’s a blessing to be free.

  10. I watched him over the years and it was always clear that he suffered mental issues. The sad thing when a person is really looking for answers and turn to the church they are miserably failed in most cases. They are failed because the church is more concerned with tithes, offering, popularity, filling seats, self promotion, and showmanship. The other thing is TC made it a habit of saying “I am a weirdo.” The church celebrated that and called him anointed and a creative genius. The measurement of the anointing in the church now is how “crazy” you look.
    I don’t dispute his talent, but his love of reverb which caused his high pitched voice to sound like mere screeching, gothic, cries of help. The church has lost the needed discernment and the heart of Christ to deal effectively with those who have deeply rooted mental issues. We cannot allow their talent to overshadow their cries of help. We’ve lost the Zachary Tims of this world because people were more impressed with his looks, his church, and his persona, and sadly he ran in the circles of so-called global prophetic voices.

    • . “They are failed because the church is more concerned with tithes, offering, popularity, filling seats, self promotion, and showmanship. ”
      I disagree with this statement……kinds of.
      My personal experience is that people do not know HOW to deal with certain issues. They have no training & no education and they do not know HOW to assist certain people. People who are NOT cut & dry, confuses them.
      This is why continuing education is so important. You have to be equipped or now where to send people who ARE equipped.

    • Cliff shut up!!! U talk dumb. How do u know the church didn’t try to help him??? Do u have any fact to support your claim?

    • (In church deacon voice) “Well”, my, my, my.

  11. 25 % of Protestant pastors alone are having mental issues. Catholic Priest are ” put away ” once they have demonstrated that they have a problem. 20 % of the population are experiencing mental health issues in some form or fashion.
    Medication alone will not solve the problem. With so many people walking around like Zombies, several are a pill away from committing heinous acts either to themselves or others.
    Limited resources are available to truly deal with mental health. Counseling, follow up, medicine and psychotherapy are all needed for the patient to live productive and successful lives.
    There is not a magic pill to make this go away.
    Our minds are designed to trick us every chance it gets. If we allow this to happen , all of us will be in the same boat as the others. We all have voices in our heads all the time attempting to trick us. Some people talk back to them. They are called schizophrenics. So there is a fine line between what mental experts call normal and insane.
    Mental health is extremely expensive and so many people are truly hurting. It is an invisible illness that so many try to pretend that it does not exist. We need to have a better system in place to help so many with these problems.

  12. How about this crazy idea: we wait until the cause of death is determined and reported. How about that?!! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the picture above was chosen for this article, though clearly you can tell it was a much older picture based on his weight then and his weight now. REGARDLESS of what was in that glass, if it was for a show or a play (he’s actually been in a few) you chose to post that picture now? How classy and appropriate of you. It’s like any other media outlet looking to shame the victims killed by police officers by posting photos of the victims’ mug shots or any other picture they can find that would cast the person in a negative light. SMH. Disgusting.
    Why not just wait instead of making assumptions? Keep your thoughts about how he died to yourself. You are feeding the rumors. Church folk, Christian folk, black folk, white folk or any “folk” – this means you. This is not the time to beat up on any particular group or bring up your church hurt. NOR is this the time to preach on your online pulpit. His family and friends are grieving. What would you want people to do if this were your father, son, brother or close friend? Have some compassion.

    • 👍🏾🙌🏾👊🏾 perfectly said! All I know is this man was anointed! My prayers of comfort to his family😔🙏🏾😘

  13. David, again, I can agree with your statement.

  14. June Bug, what you have just stated is total truth. It is not easy and there are times when I question myself and ask, “Is it really all worth it?” However, when just one comes and says, “Thanks. What you just spoke gave me hope. I had a 21 year old lady who came up to me at the Women’s shelter and said, “The song that you sung made me feel as if it’s going to get better. The song was entitled, “God is not through blessing you.” She cried. I looked at her as I do my own young daughters. I assigned her to a lady of the church and we are going to help her to make the transition, get her some help, and possibly get her into her own place. We also have women living in our church and sometimes children have lived in the church with their mothers. We also feed them every Sunday after we pick them up from church and we don’t get any govt. funding. We have 2 church locations and it’s not always easy, but our ministry is about help, kingdom building, and not worshipping the man of God. We had the opportunity to join the Full Gospel, but I decided that it is not what God wants for us. Hang in there my brother. Some of us are really trying to do what’s right.

  15. YungJudah, You believe what you believe and I’ll believe what I know. Be blessed my brother.

  16. This is how you spell: Suicide. The picture is from a show he did. Be kind and be blessed!

  17. Wowwwww, gone way too soon. It saddens me to hear of his loss. TC was dealing with alot almost all his life abandoned, homeless, abused and so many other things that I will not discuss. Shame on you (Gospel Community) when he was alive you almost and barely supported him. If it’s a lie it’s a lie he told but reading all his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook post a lot was mentioned about the lack of support. One thing for certain and two things for sure the struggle TC is over and you are now in the hands of Our Lord!!!

    • Its amazing how I never heard of this dude until the day he passed. There were people I grew up with who said they knew him and called him brother but I NEVER SAW them post anything on their FB status’ concerning him while he was living.
      Them church folk for you.
      Spit on you while you alive and celebrate you in death.

  18. This is sad. I just came up on this gentlemans singing today. We cannot stereotype “church folk”. If he was serving the Lord the way the Lord told him to that is all that matters. Maybe he just couldn’t live the way he was any longer. People do feel like that when they are being tormented inside, if that was what the real issue was. Peace and comfort to his family.

  19. I have had the preliveged of meeting tc at new life family church in detroit under pastor Welton smith in the bringing in the new year he was truly a blessing to me and also he was there in the celebration of closing one church and going into a new beginning with new life. I must say that in that brief encounter I have been truly blessed.I am now a member and with his and pastor welton spiritual connection I’m sure I’m at the right church at right time with the teaching and guidance. Bless you and your family.

  20. He was a local guy with a lot of talent. Too big for small town, and should have given it his all in a better place.

  21. i didn’t know him but from looking at the love shown to him through words and videos of him singing, i believe that he is resting with god, and all of the individuals who had or have something negative to say remember this…. be careful of how you put your mouth on a child of god….. the message is simple live your life for Christ and be about gods business, none of us have the time to be worried about anything or anybody else, people are leaving out of here quick and the most that people are worried about is what someone else did…the question is what are you doing? we judge people so much when we totally forget that we dont own a heaven or a hell! please i urge you all get yourself right and please stop judging one another, this man is in heaven and not worrying about what nobody has to say about him, god will deal with those who put there mouths on him

  22. Of all the million pictures you would use this one. Smh just sad. And this was from years ago.

  23. He wasn’t on drugs of any kind he knew and loved god and god knew him. Sad folks Trynna feel important when someone passes away.. get a whole life.

  24. Last comment and I’m done with it.
    “As an musical theater actor he has performed in several plays, such as “God Wants a Yes”, “The Process,” and the lead role in “The Dreamer.” All it takes is proper research but I guess whatever gets views. 👍🏾

  25. From the first time hearing the awesome worship we should have hedged this amazing vessel in prayer of protection because the the devil heard the same thing we heard deliverance salvation and pure worship bring change in the lives of those who heard him.

  26. There’s a burning bed in hell with your name on it, “Obnoxious”. Seek repentance, forgiveness, &redemption from the Lord, before it’s too late. Smh

  27. This man was anointed, do you not know that anointing come from hurt, pain, an seeking Christ, but he had tap into God for sure in other words he had a relationship with the Father I just found his music 3 week ago. Every one don’t know how to deliver people with problem as mental illness , .I bless the Lord I found the music it bless me all the time now. The kingdom of Christ is not about the money or the shouting its about faith (believeing) , trusting the father having a relationship with him most of all love, love the Father, the son, an Holy spirite love other as you love your self . Many pastor need deliverance but to proud to say I need help also the elders maybe if they be honest with their self other will come to them for help. Repent an be delivered

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