Update On Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Disgraced Bishop Rufus Kyles


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The rubber is now meeting the road and the Bishop Charles Edward Blake Sr Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God In Christ is on a war path in the Southeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Texas. The man who now once was a Bishop in the Church of God In Christ has been officially removed, disbarred and forbidden to return to his church in Houston, TX. The church, Evangelist Temple COGIC has been declared an official crime scene so Mr. Rufus Kyles Jr. is no longer allowed to come onto the property. Not even for a good church chicken dinner. The General Board Member Bishop Brandon Porter of Memphis, TN has been left behind in Houston, TX do local and jurisdictional damage control. He has declared that he was going to go through the jurisdiction with a fine tooth comb and All of Kyles administration has been dismissed. 

  As the story continues to unfold it is now clear that Kyles was involved with this young girl since the innocent age of 12 until now. The family of this new young mother as won more than $300,000 from Lyles estate and now they have taken the step to pursue a lawsuit with the National church. No known agreement as has been made because it has been said that the leadership of the COGIC was not agreeable with getting off the National Church checkbook. Legal matters have been turned over to the courts to make the decision and based on evidence known it doesn’t look good for the COGIC. Rufus Kyles will do some time and most like be marked for life as an offender. Everything in the name of the COGIC has been taken back including all property and vehicles. 

Rufus Kyles has been a disappointment and liability to the church from day one. He has consistently lacked the motivation to handle his business in important business matters by not doing anyhing at all. It’s unfortunate that his wife has to go through these kind of thing at this stage in her life because of the unknown second life her husband was leading. 


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  2. Bishop Porter getting rid of the entire administration seems to imply that others were involved in helping to cover up this for a period of time.

  3. What is wrong with these low life dogs called preachers? Can’t even trust the church anymore.

  4. Leslie Faust Richardson

    It’s time for COGIC to clean up and clean out. GOD is tired of these folks doing things in HIS name that’s unholy. This is only the beginning. Bishop Blake doesn’t want his legacy to go down with being said that he wasn’t truly devoted to the Church. We have been praying for a long time. Now GOD is answering the SAINTS prayers. Keep up the good work. May the angels of the LORD be emcamped all around you.

  5. Leslie Faust Richardson

    He’s a dam PEDOPHILE. All these Church Hoe’s out there that will sleep with him just cause he got a title. Why he had to mess with a child ? Now to the parents. How in the HELL there daughter could carry on an affair with a grown ass man and they not know it. How was the man able to have sexual relations with her and where ? How old is she now? If they received money from him personally why did they continue to go to the Church ? He needs to go to jail. And so does the parents. I commend Bishop Blake and the General Board. And Bishop Brandon Porter is doing an extremely great job. He deserves his kudos. GOD is cleaning house. The BIBLE says judgement begins in the House of GOD. His wife doesn’t deserve this kinda of devastation in her life. What the hell was he thinking. Oh he wasn’t. Just lusting after the flesh. The national church is not liable for his actions. He is liable for his actions. The whole administration needed to be taking down those folks knew what was going on. Yet they all put themselves above the LAW. Ulysses Henderson is a great attorney and trust me he is going to do everything in his power for the national church not to have to pay a penny. This is only the beginning. Sir.Will Keep your head up and your feet on the ground.

  6. Never will I believe that these wives dont know whats going on with their husbands. I know personally of some cases in another denomination that the pastor husband was a pedophile to the churches day care center little girls. And the wife knew it.

  7. This man needs to go to church somewhere because he surely need a lot more Jesus. This is an awful situation but the half has not been told about the leadership of many churches not just this one. Pedophiles, whore mongers, and homosexuality has been uncovered. Leadership-not just the pew are guilty of these crimes/sin.
    People are looking at this church shaking their heads not realizing that their congregation could be next in line for a cleansing. All of these so-called-men of God are nothing but mockers/pretenders not even called of God to witness let alone minister to God’s precious sheep. Be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. It’s reaping time now.

  8. I do not believe any of this about Bishop Kyles. I just don’t!

  9. Sir William what’s going on with Texas Northeast First?

  10. I agree Leslie…smh. Pedophile bishops….judgement begins at the House of God. I haven’t sympathy for him or any of his administrators that covered up this mess. CLEAN HOUSE!

  11. Leslie Faust Richardson

    He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. Let alone a church leader. He’s not the only Bishop that has done it before with other people’s money. Which includes financial institutions , church folks . He’s a LIAR . He doesn’t need no jurisdiction nor does he needs a church, no position in the church. His crimes have caught of with him. He’s living in a fantasy world that only he is a part of. How do all these LIARS keep getting money from banks ? Who’s signing these loans ? Whoever is signing for all those loans,grants ,vouchers they needs to be held liable for there actions. Greed is running rapidly in the church. These leaders in COGIC has some serious financial crisis and issues. Bishop R.L.H.Winbush, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr , Bishop Stenneth Powell, Bishop Charles Brown, Bishop Richard Mr. Clean White, Bishop L.T.Weaver, Bishop Adrian Williams, Bishop Jackson, Bishop Willis, Bishop Morris, The Women’s Department of COGIC just to name a few. It’s really sad. Judgment is truly beginning in the House of GOD. Don’t be surprised if we don’t see a lot more of the MANIPULATED, CONNIVING, LIARS, FALSE PROPHETS in jail, on T.V.. It’s time out for foolishness and tricks. If they want to live a certain lifestyle that they desire so badly. You have to either be born into the wealth, inherit the wealth, win the lottery. Or do like the rest of US. Go to work and get a check. Work long enough and get a check. Quit getting upset that you see folks wearing designers clothing, designers purses, houses and vehicles that they have worked for. And you just want to preach for a living. GOD never ever told nobody to preach for entertainment and get paid.

  12. While they are cleaning house…… Don’t forget about pedophile, “Barney Rubble” Bishop Charles E. Brown!

  13. @ Leslie Faust Richardson. You are correct. Being a COGIC Bishop in and of itself seems to temp some people to look for ways to get money out of the saints. They have influence over people and easy money can be made. This makes them so fair removed from having to work a traditional job it appears some, not all, do not have a sense of reality.

  14. Khala COGIC Breed & Born

    Bishop Blake, why did you send the media whore Brandon Porter there? That little short thing needs to be investigated himself. We had his arrogant behind here in Florida Eastern overseeing our transition of Bishops, and he is so nasty the way he talked to us. He thought we were a bunch of ignorant people that didn’t know anything. But he found that we weren’t. I really hope no one votes that little bully sitting in a high chair back on the general board. Texas south east, please do you best TO NOT let little Brandon put his name on none of your accounts. Brandon WILL WIPE THEM OUT!

    • Khala that’s not nice. Shame on you

    • God is in control! Oh, for us who sit among the world and forget our Sins. I have known Bishop Kyle’s since he was 18 and I was near 12. God called him and us. He can and will never leave us. God is the judge. Bishop Kyle’s was a Great Preacher, but if we forget who has kept and who keeps us, God will and He can correct us. I am not the judge. Bishop Kyle’s do not forget who called you many years ago to preach the Word. Oh, the Devil is mad saints. Do not lose your hope.

      • Bishop Kyle’s has forgot God called him to preach, he need to ask for forgiveness but he do need to pay for what he did he is a pedofile God is getting ready to uncover all this mess

  15. @Lesile…..l.Bishop Morris??? From Philly??

  16. A dignified churchman is an oxymoron

  17. Khala COGIC Breed & Born

    I’m sorry KC, but it’s so true though. I heard he’d take all the money. And he will. He’s such a bully and talks down to people when he actually needs to look up to you to talk. I’m sorry, but I just watched how he worked and it’s not nice at all. No respect for him but just as a man. But not as a bishop. Sorry.

  18. Leslie Faust Richardson

    @ Macky h, No not Bishop Morris from Pennsylvania.

  19. Leslie getting ready to say! Bishop Morris in Philly IS a churchman and his church has literally changed the community in which it resides,,,

  20. Leslie Faust Richardson

    @ Macky H, That’s Bishop Kevin Morrison he was kicked out of COGIC after lieing, cheating , stealing ,living a double life. He’s trying to come back. :(:(:

  21. His wife isn’t no saint.

  22. Yes we would like to know what is the update on Texas northeast first and Kentucky first both please.

  23. I'd rather not leave my name

    I rent from Mr. Kyles. I am shocked at reading everything about him. Should I move? What will happen to his properties if he goes to jail. Oh my goodness.

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