The Black Pope TD Jakes Takes On Segregated Churches

td-jakesFollow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Checkout what the Black Pope is up to now.  Church may be the most segregated place on Sunday, but Bishop T.D. Jakes is focused on eliminating that issue with The Reconciled Church, a place of worship designed to bring all races together within the faith community.

Jakes discussed the initiative during an appearance on “NewsOne Now” on Tuesday (May 19), while promoting this year’s MegaFest event. According to Jakes, “our separation is killing us and we really need to come together and it doesn’t just need to be a Black problem or a Brown problem — it needs to be an American problem.”

“Until we see criminal justice, education … economic empowerment as an American issue and not just a minority issue, we won’t get the results on a national level that we really need to get,” he told “NewsOne Now” host Roland Martin.

As for his motivation, Jakes revealed that The Reconciled Church was an “amazing opportunity to bring White pastors together with Black and Brown.”

He went on to cite such as things as not listening to the same news, interacting with the same people and reading the same publications as issues White pastors don’t encounter in their community.

“Where you receive your information from has a lot to do with the truth that you live by,” Jakes said.

Regarding MegaFest, Jakes described the semi-annual event as being about families, friends, connections and worship.

“.., but beyond worship and entertainment and fun, we have something for all ages,” he stated while noting the addition of seminars that address entrepreneurship. MegaFest attendees will be able to capitalize on the seminars as various Fortune 500 companies will be on hand to train them and share job opportunities that “we don’t hear about.”

The 2015 MegaFest is slated to take place in August in Dallas, TX. In addition to the entrepreneurship seminars, the event will include health fairs and book-bag giveaways that will help children get ready for the new school year.

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  1. Leslie Faust Richardson

    It’s about the almighty $$$$. And nothing else. When he left West Virginia he left GOD. Moved to a bigger city for the Mega Dollars. If that conference wasn’t making money he definitely would not be having it. Is Sheryl Brady still associated with his ministry ??? Her husband is now part of Bishop Neil Ellis affirmation. He’s just another man that has learned how to manipulate folks to get there money. People’s needs to wake up and see all of these so called men’s and women’s of GOD and call them what they are. FOLKS than don’t want to work , live luxurious lifestyles and dictate to FOLKS how to live and give there hard earned finances to them. GOD is still in control and HE’S going to pull the covers off all these ” CROOKS “.

  2. When Jakes had that big fire at his home a few years back, you would have thought he would have taken note. No, these are some bold demons…..and an ooogly one, at that!!!

  3. Green is the one color that any church likes and if the person giving it to you happens to be from another race, so be it. More members potentially more money. This means you do not have to push tithes so much but a decent offering from a large crowd mixed with some tithes is also good. Most churches grow from another church losing members not someone getting saved for the first time. Church is big business. Some smaller churches have the 50, 50 set up meaning the pastor gets half the money coming in and the church gets the other half for expenses. In this type of set up the pastor drives a nice car, lives in a big house and the small church is still on the corner. If you can get a large crowd then you can run businesses out of the church from food, rental space for events, the typical daycare/preschool, and some people are now buying shopping malls to get rent from tenants, having sports events on site, etc. Again this is big business. Then you become a bishop and have your sons pay money to you and your credentials.

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