Lifetime’s Reality Show ‘Preach’ Has Been Cancelled 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…….UPDATE*** A new statement from Dr. Belinda Scott:

While the network said we had 500000 viewers or so, I am very grateful for those who supported us. The hateful comments about us and towards were noticed also. The most bitter words were directed at us as women. In this age where everyone is very careful to not offend anyone of any other race or lifestyle, people had no problem typing some of the most hateful sexist comments towards us. They loved the showed and I felt it could’ve been a great tool. Our church and my emails are full of ppl needing prayer for everything. I am truly encouraged that GREATER WILL MANIFEST.
Breaking News! Blogger EXCLUSIVE: The new reality show, “PREACH” has been pulled!

The internet and social media has given the PEOPLE a voice and they have spoken! Lifetime TV released a new show called Preach that explored the lives of four Prophetesses (Prophetess Linda Roark, Dr. Belinda Scott, Dr. Taketa Williams and Prophetess Kelly Crews), along with their individual Proteges. 

Upon it’s release, a PETITION was put out to stop the airing of the show. Lifetime TV has heard the cry of the people and have pulled the show. We were informed today by a reliable source that Lifetime will re-edit the show and re-present it at a later time.
Dr. Belinda Scott made a public statement on her Facebook page regarding this turn of events:

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  1. I thought Prophets see into the future, she couldn’t see it wouldn’t last? It was all about the Benjamin’s…

  2. @Glenn Frye…lol,lol,lol,lol,lol. Now if people could get together and sign petitions for “Preachers of L.A all all the other JUNK that is a MOCKERY!!!!!

  3. The petition was started BEFORE the show started! So Belinda get over it!

  4. I will also say to Belinda Scott that if your ministry is of God and he uses you them with or without a reality show you will continue doing your ministry effectively. Stop tripping. This was a mess and obviously more than the petitions creator thought so!

  5. But here is a question…even if Tachina Carter had reached out to her or the other cast on the show, would they have even responded. Also, the petition was started before the show aired. So unless, Ms. Carter had seen episodes before they were broadcast, her petition was based on the trailer and just how ridiculous (IMO) this show really was. Mrs. Belinda Scott is busy forgiving people she might want to try forgiving the man in the mirror…just saying

  6. I’m with Glenn…didnt any of the so-called “prophetesses” see into the future that this ignorance was going to be cancelled?

  7. Dr. Scott and her husband were involved in criminal activities before getting saved. This is not a secret and they both testify to this themselves. The issue is they have brought the cutting things up/making exceptions and loyalty to the gang mentality to the church. If you can draw a large crowd you may be able to preach at their church for a revival service, while local ministers are told to live holy to be their assistants. If you look at the list of famous and questionable guest speakers at their revivals you will see this is clear. Many people from their inner circle have left due to this and other dynamics of the church being run like a gang. Large turnover takes place for those in leadership. If the people who had started the petition talked to them first the concerns would have been dismissed and explained away. Flesh was all on parade in these two shows as well as being unprofessional. It is one thing for Dr. Belinda to walk down her stairs showing off the big house. It goes to another level when Dr. Williams talked about while being intimate with her husband a prophecy comes and rocks their knees. The reality is we have one of two things going on. 1. The people on the show are saved but have gotten so much into pride, greed and think so much of themselves they cannot see the error of their ways. This show is not avoiding the very appearance of evil. The Apostle Paul talked about a salary being something that is OK for the church to provide the pastor. He did not take one to avoid being a burden and also to be an example. We have gone 360 degrees away from this and now want six figure salaries for preaching and doing reality shows to earn even more money. Bishop Noel Jones is friends with Dr. Scott and her husband, and he stated it was a mistake to go on Preachers of LA. So this was done for the money. Money from going on the show and marketing for future preaching opportunities. 2. The people on this show are no longer saved or false prophets to begin with. The issue is regardless, both categories are not one anyone should desire to be placed within. Let all of us examine ourselves, especially long term saved people, so we are not out making ourselves and Christ look bad like the ladies on this reality show.

  8. Good. Edward…I wonder why L Trae has stayed so long. That seems odd to me talk about allegiances. I remeber the first time I met B Scott at Rainbow Bookstore. I was going through some real trauma and I had been to a service when they were just staring out in the basement of the Civic and I asked her to pray for me and her response ” where do you go to church” and she didnt pray or even say God help this women amen got nothing. I have visited on occasions and have seen the chitlin revivals …watched a young butch looking Bynum fleece the flock and Jakes at the apex of his ministry come through and it has become apparent that the are money hungry pimps. Help people and pray I get but the price attached to it …too high.I used to listen to Radio 1000 and hear her Throne Room broadcast and I was too through when she had E Bernard Jordan on…He (Darrell) is argumentative and abrasive. How people stay there is beyond me. The fact that they let Carn preach there after his alleged sex scandal ….just shameful. And to the Frano’s let it rolllll off of you. Her saying I forgive you is really a curse.

  9. Stupid stuff

  10. You and all those who follow you and your beliefs are the real MORONIC, false prophets. You attack these women only because they are women. It’s not a sin for women to preach or lead churches. Only faggots like you and the whores, witches and warlocks that listen to you propagate hate against women preachers. I’ve been sitting under my spiritual mother, who is a Chief Apostle and Master Prophet in Atlanta, for over 8 years. She’s holy, pure and consecrated. She’s been a better covering to me in 8 years then the 30+ years I sat under several men. My own biological father was an ordained evangelist and elder of a very large pentecostal, holiness, evangelical denomination. For more than 15 years, he incested both me and my sister in every animalistic way possible. My sister aborted several of his babies. If this wasn’t bad enough, we were prostituted as children by our parents to other men preachers to pay the rent. Not a man living could deliver us but a Lady Apostle and Prophet in Atlanta, Georgia was consecrated enough to cast out the demons that tormented us for years. The Bible proclaims there is no male or female in Christ Yeshua. Paul stated that if women leading and preaching stirs up strife and contention, then there should be no such custom of subjugating women and telling them that their roles are subservient in the church. Revelations 1:6 goes on to say, “And hath made us kings and priests unto and his Father…” Deborah was a judge, prophet and deliverer. Through her leadership, Israel was saved. Solomon said it best, “forsake not the law of thy mother.” You are the illuminati’s mole. satan is using wolves like you to pervert the scriptures and tear the down the Body of Christ from the inside. John 16:2 speaks of you, “They shall put you out of synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think he doeth God service.” @fagedward…it wasn’t that their greedy as to why that shouldn’t have gone on preachers of la…they didn’t need to lower their dignity and most of all, their anointing o ok that show. There’s a HORRIBLE double standard in the Body of Christ. A booty licking, cock sucking, child molester can be scandalized and not step down but his church grows even bigger than before…wake up you ignorant freaks before you burn in hell with them. You two faced, blaspheming devils will all burn in hell. You’re whole platform is YouTube…REALLY! You’re full of jealousy and envy. Your father is satan…the father of lies. God will tell you in the end, “Depart from me…I never knew you…” You bear the hate and makings of a cult followers. 

    • Okay, Jesus Christ was the Chief Apostle; how can anyone claim that title amongst men? Also can you explain to me the qualifications to be called the Master Prophet? I am sorry that your perverted father did what e did to you. I am also a SA survivor

      • I don’t have time to entertain your ignorance of the word. Both Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter were “chiefest” among apostles. Further, master prophets are highly trained and possess great wisdom to train young prophets and prophets in training. Just read the New Testament sometimes…to paraphrase a crazy person who once said, if you want to hide something from a n!gga, put it in a book. Well if you, you want hide anything from a spiritual illiterate, put it in the Bible.

    • U have a testimony.I would like to hear ur Pastor. Which church do u attend? I believe in Women Pastors/Prophets.God bless/

    • I do not know you and know God will deal with those who use His name in vain, so I trust Him in ‘all’ and thus will not and did not judge these women. HOWEVER, if this post you wrote is representative, I swear you did more damage than good. Nothing about what you wrote says holy.

      It doesn’t take a blind man to see that the world we live in is divided and broken and this is because we as a church people have strayed. Most haven’t a clue that the church is not a building; it is the people, the people who gather and who are supposed to know God and live godly. Well, more and more one cannot tell the supposed ‘godly’ or saved people from the ‘worldly’ people. Most don’t even know or study their Bible, where we’re encourage to prove thyself. How can we know if what church leaders are saying or even know what God expects (his laws) if we do not know who HE is?

  11. Bye Felicia’s!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh the “Shade” that these women are throwing in these responses are sooooo snarky………grow up and go hustle elsewhere. Aaaand the fact that you only had 500,000 viewers may have also had something to do with your cancelation………..geesh

  12. The show wasn’t actually cancelled it was pulled for retooling so it will be back sooner or later in a different form. My question is how come “Christians” can come together to sign a petition for this but won’t do anything about these other shows with Prancing Gay boys and Transgender claiming to be woman for all intensive purposes ?

    • Aye….. That’s a REAL good point! LOL! I honestly was getting life from the show… just as much as I get from RHOA.. LOL Taketa was my nee nee, even though I didn’t agree with her doctrine and her flow was something I’ve never seen.. But hey, so was Jesus’ To each their own.

    • First off, the term is “all intent and purpose.” next, This woman took a petition against a show that she thought misrepresented Christ and the church,. Those other shows have nothing to do with her motivation, Since you think those shows are disgraceful you are free to start your own petition.

    • THANK YOU REDD in all caps. And again I say THANK YOU!! The same network that airs Preachers of LA and Detroit, also air Prancing Elites and other obnoxious shows. Why aren’t we starting petitions for those shows?

      There were things about this show that was WAYYYYYYYY over the top that I hated: running into people and doing chest bumps, armor bearers with jealous spirit and big attitude. But, in light of some of the things that are on TV now that we sit and look at and don’t address from our pulpits anymore, PREACH was far less harmful.

      I feel that starting a petition to get this show pulled off the air is not the only answer. Preachers need to hold other preachers accountable for things they say, their behavior, and conduct in and away from the pulpit. There needs to be more classes on pulpit etiquette. And, we need to support female preachers but hold them to the same level of accountability that we would the men folk and even higher. As a woman, I love seeing other women answer and working in their prophetic callings. But, sometimes we can be so unlady like and behave in manners that are to mannish and disrespectful to others.

  13. I want to know what is the difference between this show & the Christian channel ? If that chick was so in an uproar over Preach and saying the cameras shouldn’t be in the church well haven’t she watched the Christian Channel they have cameras. That chick that made a petition is a silly fool and misinformed. I liked Preach it was entertaining to me. But when they were advertising I said oh watch them cancel this show. Lifetime & TLC don’t do well for these type of shows.

  14. Good. This show was a hot mess and the “protégé” thing came off extremely fake. One prophet didn’t even know that her protégé had a third child. That she hadn’t seen in four years. How do you not know she had a third child? Never mind that she hasn’t seen her in four years. There was a better way to present these women and this wasn’t it.

  15. Let me add, this is what happens when people go chasing fame and fortune. They’ll do anything to become famous. This show made a fool out of these women. I believe only 2 of them are anointed but from watching this show I wouldn’t want to sit under any of them or hear any of them speak. And did Belinda Scott actually watch this show? If she had she would’ve been glad it was pulled. The stuff they were saying in the confessionals was way worse than the the actual scenes. And the one with blonde hair should she be happy the show is cancelled because in the previews when they showed her talking to her daughter and it was all about her. She said it wasn’t a good look for the prophetess’ daughter to be in that position (I think she was pregnant. I’m not entirely sure) then they had the baby shower and it looked like the girl’s water broke and she yelled don’t have that baby on my floor. She ought to be GLAD that show got pulled because just from the previews she was a turn off. Belinda Scott is crazy trying justify that mess. I get some of them have great ministries, but this show didn’t do them any favors.

    And that white lady (don’t know her name) is disobedient. The pastor specifically told her NOT to walk across his chairs and she did it anyway. When the pastor says DO NOT DO THIS don’t do it. The pastor was 100% right because if she or anyone else gets hurt they can sue him. He told her no to do it for a reason and she should’ve listened. And her protégé was ignorant. She told her husband she wasn’t going to watch tv until the Lord told her she could (paraphrasing) but yet she was filming a reality show that was going to air on TV. And yet Belinda Scott is defending this disobedience and ignorance? Again, did she actually watch the show? Because if she had she would not be mad that it got cancelled. The minute that “protégé” mess was brought to them they should’ve stopped filming. (I’m not buying for one second that the producers didn’t come up with that concept.) Belinda Scott is fairly well known (f I know your name you’re well known because I don’t know many big name preachers but I know her name) so I don’t understand why she would want to put black cloud over her ministry by doing this show. This is a blessing this show was canceled and only got 500,000 viewers so now they can all walk away and some fade away like it never happened. They ought to see it as a blessing especially if they want to be taking seriously while preaching.

  16. Now that they have canceled the show with women preachers, Preachers of LA/Detroit should follow. Is it a man thing? —- why are they still on the air? Oh, no petitions for the men.

    • You have a point. The other show a few years back the sisterhood, the one with the First Ladies, had a few petitions against it and they chose not not to come back for a second season. But I’ve never heard of Preachers of LA/ Detroit having any against it. I think it’s because 1) we know some of those preachers especially LA cast have/had scandals; so it’s no surprise when we see them on TV. And 2) most of the females aren’t that well known. It’s not that easy to come up against well known preachers. Their congregations and supporters won’t stand for it. Preachers of Detroit is supposed to bring money and awareness to what’s really going on in the city. Sad part is some said [on the show] the city was getting better while others said it wasn’t.

  17. Taketa Williams can be seen on The Word Network on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, I saw her. Check the Word Network schedule. (since some of you say you want to be entertained)

    • Her “show” is hilarious. Notice I said show not ministry. I can’t believe in the 21st Century people are still blinded by the antics of power hungry, money grubbing, preachers/prophetess.

  18. I actually liked the show. Of course this was more controversial than the preachers of Detroit/la because most people do not have an issue with pastors or women evangelist. Everyone knows there are preachers still in the earth. The issue with Corletta Vaughn was addressed in the show. But you have to understand that Christendom has many branches and many DO NOT believe in the doctrine of continuation (the ascension gifts) half these people don’t believe that prophets still exist. So that fact that you have a show of female prophets, one that’s extremely glamorous, one that claims to be the only major prophet in her state, one that’s white and whoops like a black man and the other who only was in one episode…of course there’s gonna be an issue. Not to mention you see titty bumpin, breath blowing, and more when most churches do not even embrace the laying on of hands…..Let’s be real, I knew it wouldn’t last. They that don’t understand the things of the spirit will have an issue.

    • “…they that don’t understand the things of the spirit.”

      Hilarious. You know very well those women didn’t display the Holy Spirit. Linda Rourke was rehearsing her “flow.” Taketa is arrogant and puffed up and I was totally disappointed in Pastor D Scott commentary. They all looked like a bunch of witches.

    • WHAT ‘spirit’ ARE WE TALKIN ABOUT?

  19. Praise the Lord!!! I went into my “War Room” of prayer. Look at God!!! These ladies need to get to the altar right away….. We must all be accountable for our actions. Tricks & Gimmicks — EXPOSED!!!

    Side Bar: Thank you Tachina Carter for your HOLY Boldness!!! Glory to God!!!! You are covered by the Blood of Jesus!!!

  20. I really don’t appreciate Tachina Carter’s efforts. I have watched each episode so far and I hope that what was meant for (the cast) their bad will turn around for their good. It is possible that the revamping by Lifetime will help the naysayers be at peace and produced an even better show. The show had over 500,000 viewers and less than 10% disliked the show, that’s still incredible.

  21. Wow, just wow, I don’t watch anything on E, We, Lifetime, Bravo the B.E.or the T.

    God delivered me from Cable TV years ago. Don’t need it in my budget. All the trash, has been put out my house.

    I don’t contribute to anyone’s fame or fortune, especially raising my kids. I don’t have time to explain the deception, and antics as a well as the fake stuff, lifestyles these people are paid to present for their networks profit.

    Mine got full scholarships to UCLA, All of them Dean List, Highly Gifted Honor Roll, my platform is to love, teach, pray and direct my household to build fruitful lives with Faith and Education.

    Come Sunday the choice is Clear…..GOD 1st!

  22. I watched both episodes and I think COGIC folks must have cloudy mirrors. The prophetess with all the extra hair, heavy make up, and over the top swag was like going to a midnight musical at COGIC Convocation or a good drag show. Why y’all mad? When I saw the chick on the show blowing people to the floor, I gagged. Never saw that one before but I woke up late one night and saw Manassa Jordan and that whole blowing people to the floor. I guess that’s a “thing” now. LOL…COGIC, Pentecostal Church, and all MEGA TV ministries can all go under the hashtags #trendy #faddish #entertainment #eye brows on fleek #bling hats (matching same color and stones, shoes and dresses) from cheap store in ghetto mall #D&K men’s store (red tag sale) #high water pants (multi colored socks on fleek) #bigen beards and hair lines #10 hour morning service (in tongues Lawd I need a translator)… Nah y’all don’t want cameras to show the world this foolishness.

    • Never stopped being the “thiing” supposed to replicate when Christ blew on his disciples to receive the Holy Ghost. #eyebrows on fleek had me dying butso true

    • Philippians 1:14-18, whether Christ be preached for selfish reasons or out of goodwill, Christ was still preached. You can’t touch the Word that is preached. Only a Good hating Jezebel snake dog like YOU would judge these women. Someone was blessed by them, ministries abd the Word they ministered. Since you like to mock the Word, may God reward you for touch His anointing.


    Taketa Williams was born a man.

    • take da wheel lol

      • Scientific evidence exists proving Women that Lead produce more testosterone. God created their bodies. You sound like idiotic, woman hating faggot or bulldagger. She’s a beautiful woman of God! I’m sure your mother looks like the tail end of ass balaam rode on when he went to meet balak.

  24. I think the show was great. I think there are worse shows out there and. Preach is not one of them. I think the network did not give the show a chance. You have people like me that was waiting to see how God was going to work in these woman life. You didn’t see fighting or crazy stuff going on why not give the show a chance. The ones who are protesting probably do not have a life and are they really walking in the word of God before throwing stones.

  25. Taketa got the canceled being extra tryna stand and it made her seem fake phony and unauthentic ! All that make breast bumping people wearing extra long eye lashes extra blonde doing to much tryna stand out she’s always got some prophesy that rhymes favor Friday lol ! Belinda Scott and the others I believe are genuine when its all said and done Taketa got yall off the air !

  26. So they can have a show about witches and that is ok😏

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