Preachers Of LA Address Duggar Family Scandal

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Everything Is Going Down, But the Word Of God……Oxygen’s “Preachers Of L.A.” And Kelsey Grammer On “Extra”

We know Pastor Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, and Pastor Wayne Chaney from The Preachers Of L.A., and today they weighed in on the Duggar Scandal.  This trio still would not confirm or deny that their show has been cancelled, but it does not look like they are going to return this season.

Haddon, Haizlip and Cheney understand religious scandal. The cast members were blasted by the faith community and called charlatans with bibles for participating on their popular television show. Pastor Haddon has faced his fair share of scandal with his personal struggles. Pastor Haizlip dealt with his substance addictions publicly. They understand what the scalding bright lights of religious scandalcan mean.
Now the Duggars are being cooked by the religious and secular community alike for Josh Duggar’s actions.
Deitrick Haddon implores TLC:
“You have a responsibility to stand with the family that you have exploited.You’ve given them that platform, so you can’t be that quick to walk away from them.”
Pastor Wayne Chaney reminds TLC of their a responsibility to truth:

“If it is reality, you want to cover all the flaws and the mistakes”
Pastor Jay holds out for healing and hope:

“People are hurt, but there’s always hope”
Don Lemon called Josh Duggar on the carpet via his post Your God or Religious Beliefs Do Not Trump The Law.

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  1. Pastors of LA need to be cancel with their foolishness. It’s easy for them to give their 2 cents to TLC about the Duggars. But if their child was violated how many opinions would we hear? The Duggars knew they had secrets and continued to give America a delusion that their feet never touch the ground. I love the Lord more than life but it’s time for these people to get off the air. And to be a real family that they portrayed and live for the God. I’m sorry I can’t give passes for crimes against kids. #Aneyeforaeye

  2. Forgive me but the two left and right of Haddon look suspect…IJS…And like any of them can speak on Duggars…as all the Christians will say ” Don’t judge” blah blah blah but I real hate crimes against children and if this is in fact true Duggars should be held accountable but truth be told I wouldn’t be shocked if the sisters and brothers aren’t sexing each other too. And I hope the Preachers are not cancelled.

  3. Deitrick sounds like a fool talking about TLC has a responsibility to stand behind that family they exploited. 1) the duggars willingly chose to do that show. Now because TLC and their sponsors are pulling their packing it’s they were exploited? Nope. So when he or one of his castmates do something illegal or immoral and WEtv decides to fire them or pull their show will it be they need to stand behind us because they exploited us? Everyone has been exploited after the support and funding gets pulled; but all before when it was all good everyone was a “willing” participant. He and everybody else can miss me with that one. 2) where was all his chatter when Honey Boo Boo was canceled? TLC pulled that show almost immediately after the reports of the mother’s new boyfriend being a child molester [to her own child] surfaced. But no one was crying foul on TLC about that one. I don’t watch either show but I have to agree with Mama June on this one; the duggars should’ve been cancelled ASAP just like her show was. And 3) from what some the fans of the show say the duggars don’t care for black people anyway so why is he so eager to defend them against TLC?

    Preachers of LA shouldn’t said anything because usually when people come out talking not long after they speak her comes their [most recent] scandal. And this cast has had more than their fair share of them. Right when I start liking Deitrick he gives me a reason not to like him anymore.

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