This Past Sunday 12,000 Members Meet Joel Peebles As He Regained Control of Megachurch formerly known as Jericho City of Praise!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done!  Bishop Joel Peebles, Pastor Ylawnda Peebles and The City of Praise Family Ministries returned to their home church last weekend in Landover, Maryland.

This was the first service at the Landover Campus since April 2012, when a handful of employees declared themselves the legitimate board and unlawfully took control of the church displacing the Peebles and thousands of longtime parishioners.
“On this day we’re celebrating God’s redemptive power. If you’ve ever lost a home, a job or even your peace, this event is proof that by God’s grace, you can recover,” said Joel Peebles. “After years of being displaced, the City of Praise congregation of more than 12,000 members is returning home to our Landover campus.”
Pastors and congregants from across the globe made their way to Landover for the landmark celebration. Community members and others were invited to attend this milestone worship experience.
“This is truly a season of restoration and reconciliation. On this special day, the body of Christ is coming together as one—in unity to worship our loving God,” said Ylawnda Peebles.

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  1. 12,000 members ? Somebody is about to get paid. If the preacher got a love offering of 10 dollars from each member he would get enough to pay cash for Mercedes G Class every week. They sale around $120,000.00 .If he got only 5 dollars a week he would make $3,120,000.00 per year.

    With 12,000 members it is no telling what the preacher man is making. It he is smart he would not have a salary ,but ask for love offerings so the IRS can not tax him. That will bring in stupid money. That church along brings in more money than several third world countries I bet.

    It’s a numbers game. Go ahead preacher man. A brother ‘s got to be paid. The church business is better than selling dope or pimping and you won’t have to be worried about being arrested.

    • This sounds good. However, the real gain is the real estate assets. He,s been pastoring thousands since 2012 bcuz most of rhe members went with him and met in two high schools on sundays. The real estate is worth so much money (tens of millions) and that is what the fight was about. Now he has control over it all and his family legacy.

      • @Joe what legacy is he entitled to ? What Family legacy ? Was his father a king that left a will for him to have the church ? I’m lost my brother. I am not a Christian but I thought the church was God’s house. Why is he entitled have something that was built off of the backs of poor people and old widows ? Am I missing something or am I on another planet ?

        Family Legacy ? Please someone help me out .My people are worst off than I thought.

  2. lmfao @ David. Like you just said. Somebody is about to be paid. Is so effed, funny and true at the way u upgrading his lifestyle. But,you forgot the house upgrade and the bespoke suits and the uber bish status his wife is about to upgrade to.

    • you’ll are clueless… this man isn’t in the ministry for the money… if what happened to him, his mother, and church he was co-pastoring before his mother’s demise, happened to any of you, you’ll would have settled it differently… please read what he went through… then come back and comment…

  3. Churches require money to operate, lights, heat, water, insurance not to mention staffing costs and things done for the congregants and community’s. All preachers are not hustlers and I believe the Peebles are in the NOT category. You obviously do not know the back story.

    • All preachers are in it to enrich themselves. Preaching is not a legitmate occupation. The Imposter Paul was a tent maker. Why did Jesus drive a pick up truck ? Because he was supposed to be a carpenter LOL . Priscilla and Arilla were tent makers as well. All of the preachers had jobs. Peter was a fisherman. Preaching should be left up to God’s nature.

      However if you fools chose to give your hard earned money to the church which is a waste of resources then you have that right to do so. Any arena that is able to seat 12,000 people should be reserved for a sporting event or entertainment. Oh ! I forgot . Preaching is entertainment and has nothing to do with the Almighty.

  4. Yes! that’s right Justsaying . Bitter David and Faithless go to utube and People of Praise Md and then come back informed. They are the real deal but there are some money hounds you can talk about. Dr. Jazzebel and Denise Kellen 2 money hungry witches. The truth will set you free..

    • I am not bitter my dear friend. I am happy the brother is making money by pimping legally. Most preachers are on the cutting edge already. They were going to be hustlers or preachers.

  5. I agree that there are money hungry dogs that use the church for monetary gain. What is funny is that the same critics never have a problem with the gospel music artist doing the same thing with crappy music! They are grand wanna-be R&B singers and the church world eats that crap up. The more worldly it is the more the church loves it. The men can act like pure women and not even attempt to remain hidden behind the cross for the sake of Christ and ministry. They take your money and not one complains about their cars or homes and they are doing the same thing the preachers are doing which is peddling what they call ministry! Drop the double standard!

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  8. FOR REAL. You are so right ! I wish I could find out why David is so angry and bitter about the church and its leaders. Maybe one day he will do a ‘tell all’ so we can know what bad experiences he went through. In addition to this, some Anger Management classes might help. But maybe this blog serves as a catharsis to release these feelings.

  9. Skippy your very name may represent how often you hit or miss the point that I try to make. I am angry my good friend. The only bad experience I have encountered is when I take a panoramic view of our people being lead to the slaughther by these money hunger thieves that take money from old people and young fools with a promise of some real estate in the sky the only bad encounters I have had comes from ignorant people as yourself..

    I am angry when so many educated fools yet in the 21st century still follow the religion that enslaved us for over 4 hundred years. I am angry when preachers teach tithing but never teach investing 10% in the stock market in order to eradicate poverty in the black community.
    I am angry when the sole purpose of any preacher is to enrich themselves and soar way above the lifestyles of the members that broke their backs trying to make this possible.

    42% of college grads never read a book after graduation. That means there are some ignorant folks in the world . All anyone has to do is to read and they will find that Jesus never existed. All they have to do is read they will find out that Christianity and all other religions are forgeries. All they have to do is read. We learn how to do this in the first or second grade. Read read read read and Skippy you will find out why I am so angry.

    • yo david. i think i remember you stating a while back that you were once a born-again church going man. most people who leave the faith don’t go as far left as you seem to have done. many of them still believe on some level and hope to find their way back some day. i think it is a waste of your time to fight against a god you don’t even believe exists and try to help ppl who don’t want or need your help.why not go on with your life dude???? there is a deeper issue at work here i feel ,but i don’t know what it is.

      • The turk I’ve been saying that about pastor David for over a year now. I can’t understand if u against what we believe y come on this blog. Y waste your time with u can be doing something meaningful with your life. He’s a man of a certain age. I guess he’s board and has no life.

      • @the turk This is my life dude ! My life dude is to try to educate ingorant people as you are as well. Your Pagan god has you more confused than convinced. Once you experience truth you can never return into darkness. I bet you good money that you have not read just one book in the last ten years. That will make one ignorant.

  10. Can he even bring a relevant word?

  11. @The Turk, He and others have to fight against God and anyone that believes in God. It justifies their denial of Him and their disregard for his will for their lives. The fact that mankind has a desire to worship GOD no matter their culture is proof enough that God exist… So the atheist even in their denial and fight are acknowledging he exist. Because as scripture says only a FOOL will say there is no God.

    On the Peebles situation, the church and buildings are paid for… plus they have a contract with the redskins that brings millions into the church. They have multiple programs that reaches into the community which is one reason folks flock to the church… There is NO PIMPING going on.

    • @kc this is a blog and not a church. It happens that the blog talks about church issues which I am entiltled to respond just as you so immaturally responds as well. I never complain about your lack of insight and your inability to use words correctly. Board or bored I got your message. If you think I am wasting time you got it wrong friend. Why do you waste your time reading it ? You would be surprised of the number of people that are fed up with this fantasy religion and has started to think for themselves. Not everyone listens to the same o’ same o’ Sunday after Sunday to the pimp daddy preachers and give their hard earned money to a lost cause.

      @Frank apparently you don’t know how to read for comprehension. If you could you would see the entire purpose I do what I do is to vindicate the moral justice of the Almighty every chance I get. For example a blogger said that God had restored Peebles back in the church which is a bold face lie. The judge did this and it can be proven by the court order. I have never denied the Almighty. I am not Atheist and I think you don;t know what an Atheist is which is apparent.

      What I don’t believe is your antiquated scriptures that you hold so dear to your heart that makes no sense, has no conclusion , and offers false hope to the ignorant such as you.

      So what ! the building is paid for off of the backs of poor ignorant black folks.This is nothing new. Through out history religious structures were built with the blood sweat and tears of slaves so many centuries ago. The same occurs today however in different fashion.

      The reason people flock to the church with those numbers (12,000) is for many reasons and it has nothing to do with an out reach ministry my good friend. Some men go there because the pussy picking is enormous. 12,000 members and a lot of women. Women go there is in search of finding a husband . Some go for show. Some go to be entertained. 12,000 people in one location could not have the same mindset my good friend. You are sitting among murderers , child molestors , burglars and who knows what else?

      You validate the very reason why I do what I do by saying that they have a contract with the Redskins to bring in millions. This says a lot about why he desperately seeked an injunction in court to get his hand on the money. This church sounds more like a business than anything else. Like I said earlier, the brother ‘s about to get paid. Too bad it is off the backs of ignorant individuals.

      • @david, you would have lost that bet lol. i finished my masters a couple years ago. trust me, i see all of your points and agree with most of your observations about organized religion.i have had a personal encounter with the god of the bible, i know him for myself. so,while you are attempting to convert the ignorant masses, i will be working on my golf game……..peace!!

  12. theturk I know you are not inferring that since you obtained your masters that you are intelligent. Education has nothing to do with your irrational persuasion. Anyone that believes in fairytales are bound to believe any type of untruths presented to them. Your master degree does not impress me. If you were a free thinker and not a robot that except the religion of your abuser , then I would applaud you because you are not enslaved to traditional brain washing.

    The Bible god (with a small g) is not the true God. The Almighty is not anthropormorphic and the only way to see Him face to face you must appreciate Science. He is in you and not in the lofty blue. He only communicates with men through His creation. That is the only way to have an encounter with God. The Bible god is a Pagan god that does not exist. If you are a mixed up Christian with three gods which one did you have the encounter with ? I am just curious.

    • @David,this will be my last post.Im tryn 2 finish these white acre peas and okra lol. I only mentioned my degree in response to ur statement abt me not reading a book. I was run over by a car on my motorcycle in 2008. I spent 1 month in a coma,3 Months in the Hospital.It changed me forever. I have heard all of your accusations abt Jesus but all I know is He’s so real to me!! u came too late to convince me otherwise. Later David, my acre peas are gettn cold!!!

    • David get a life Missy. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So sad ur mind has turned to pot. So sorry your so miserable. Oh I know what your going to say ” I’m not miserable. I have a full and exciting life and I’m trying to rid the world of Christianity. I’m trying to be a superhero. Lol nut case go have a seat

  13. Turk……YOU ARE RIGHT ON TIME !!

  14. @the turk@kc@skippy You can continue to venture down this ignorant road if you wish .And old saying is if you want to hide something just put it in a book and black folks won’t look for it.

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