Rather Than Celebration Bruce Jenner Needs Psychiatric Evaluation!

Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed!  Fellow blogger FunkyDeniva has best articulated my thoughts on this obviously mentally ill person.  Rather then celebration Bruce Jenner needs psychiatric evaluation!  Please read this great post by FunkyDeniva below:   

You know, I really wasn’t going to touch this Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner situation. Although I am extremely proud of Caitlyn Jenner for finding her personal happiness, I’m a little unsettled about the new position she has found herself in. Overnight, and to no fault of her own, Caitlyn Jenner has found herself as somewhat of a figurehead for the LGBT community. Where I take slight issue is the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is now finding refuge in a community she never really supported. Now, some may argue that because Caitlyn was lost inside of Bruce, that Bruce did not know how to support the LGBTQ community. Fine, I was once closeted, I understand that struggle wholeheartedly. What I can’t wrap my head around is how then Bruce and now Caitlyn closely associates with people who not only dislike, disagree with, condemn, or wont acknowledge the LGBT community, he closely associates with people who present day are actively lobbying against the equal rights for gays. For the life of me, I don’t understand how Caitlyn can go to bed at night and reconcile this. Now she says as Bruce she was not gay, and wants us to truly grasp that sexuality and gender are two totally independent things. I happen to agree with her. However, as of now, present day 2015, when you’ve once had or currently has a dick between your legs, and is on the cover of Vanity Fair in an nasty piece of lingerie, society says you’re a member of the LGBT community. I guess she reconciles it the way so many gay people attend Christian churches faithfully every Sunday where their pastors speak openly and unapologetically about homosexuality being a sin. I guess it’s an ala carte political party affiliation. Caitlyn picks and accepts the parts she likes (the parts that benefit her) and she rejects or turns a blind eye to the parts she doesn’t. Shrugs shoulders…

I came across an article that opened my eyes to a few things about Bruce. I’m not saying that I agree with the excerpt that I’m about to share one way or another, but it definitely made me say “you know what, you’ve got a point.”

Bruce Jenner is not a hero. A hero is someone who has done something brave or noble, who has sacrificed for others. Bruce Jenner has done none of these things. He is a man who has posed in women’s clothing on the cover of a magazine, garnering excessive media attention. What’s more he has waited to do so until the optimum moment when he was most sure to receive praise and acceptance. Heroes risk much and gain little. Bruce Jenner has risked little and gained much. I am sure there are many people out there who do things to deserve the title of “hero,” but Bruce Jenner is not one of them. ~Emily Suzzanne

The gag is, the writer of the entire article is one of those staunch Christian types. Y’all know how I feel about those, but mama kind of has a point. Listen, I don’t have all the answers, and by no means am I trying to marginalize Bruce’s experiences, pain, and new-found self. I’m just simply trying to figure out how all the press, celebrity, and money fits into the grand scheme of all things that are Caitlyn Jenner.

Additionally, Bruce says after all of this he is not gay and is not attracted to men so did he do all of this to become a lesbian?  Still not wanting to associate himself with the stigma of being gay while willing to reap the benefits for a community he never supported rights for equality!

Now what say you?

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  1. See how the devil can fool you……sick!

  2. Leslie Faust Richardson

    He needs professional mental health counseling.

  3. Well the President took the time to tweet him and.said he’s proud of him for comeing out. …but prez never tweeted Tryavons parents or any of the victims…so I guess this is the new normal…..

    • Not defending him or anything but the Prez just go on twitter. He did speak with and make comments about the Trayvon Martin incident remember him saying if he had a son it would be Trayvon Martin. Don’t just make up stuff about him….he has done enough crazy stuff to where you can find some he REALLY didn wrong.

  4. Rainy, the Prez reveals ALOT about himself to those that open their eyes and wipe the Koolaid off their lips……!

  5. wow, I thought you were pretty much on the same road that Caitlyn is on. I thought you started your transition process…maybe that is why you have a negative outlook on bruce’s transition to Caitlyn…

    • **gets popcorn and tea**

      This rite here is gonna be epic. You know you’re blocked right..lol

      Gloria you can come out now.

    • ChileBye,
      girl every hospital in America going to be standing room only when our first bi-racial prez come out the (walk in) closet wearing Michaels inauguration ball gown. for.those of you who are still sipping on the red cool aid….FYI the prez is on the low low…Google is your friend…@ butchie4ever ….and may I ask what body parts have you butchered? Bruce is a undiagnosed Schizophrenic. …you’ll have a good night!!

      • I have all of my parts intact and have not desire to be trans or cross dress or any of that. I am 100% man…All of these self hating COGIC church queens can try to read me if they want, but I am 100% unbothered…Bloop!!!

  6. Are you people really this ignorant and phobic in your everyday lives or do you just play ignorant with your posts on this blog?

  7. This is totally irrelevant but I just saw SIR WILLIAM ON ESPN!!!!!! It was after game 1 of the finals… He was exiting backstage with the “stars”… lol I saw him near Floyd Mayweather and Marshall Lynch (NFL star)…. lol Way to go Sir!!!! Didn’t know you were doing it that big!!! lol

  8. Leslie Faust Richardson

    Everybody knows that the Obama ‘s both of them are on the down low. They have no Morals or Values. Society accepts anything and anybody nowadays.

  9. The devil is a lier and the truth is not in him. 60 + years a man now this? People need to take all of their problems to Jesus in prayer. He’ll work it out.
    What ever sex you were born with. God had plans for that sex male or female.
    If you are confused take it to Jesus. Get away from anyone who is not living according to God’s Word including other people who have the same struggles that you’re having. The weak cannot help the weak. confused people cannot help the confused. If you are struggling with gay thoughts, FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT SEEK HELP FROM THE GAY COMMUNITY!!! Seek good counsel. Read your Bible. Go to church. “People Need the Lord”

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