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Popular Buckhead restaurant got points off for ‘slime’ and more.
Hal’s “The Steakhouse” on Old Ivy Road in Buckhead failed a recent health inspection. The restaurant scored 56 out of 100 (U) on its inspection February 29.
Any score below 70 is failing an not a place you want to eat unless you are going at your own risk.
Hal’s has been open in Buckhead for over 20 years.
Some observations from the report include food being stored in ice used for drinks, buildup of slime in the interior of the ice machine, and multiple food items found stored in the walk in cooler uncovered and subject to contamination.
Hal’s issued this statement to its Facebook page Tuesday:
“In respect to the health inspection that took place at Hal’s On Old Ivy we want to explain our side of the events that transpired. We had an inspection on February 29th and while we respect the job the health department has, we respectfully disagree with the results of the inspection. There were multiple discrepancies in the report and we have since filed an appeal of the report. Prior to this inspection we had never received or been given a “unsatisfactory” report. And the report just prior to this inspection we received a score of 100. Furthermore, the inspector came back on March 8th, to inspect our upstairs kitchen and we received a score of 100. Over the past 25 years we have built one of the top restaurants in Atlanta and we could never have accomplished this without having great guests every night along with the knowledge of how to prepare and serve top quality food. We look forward to having the opportunity to rectify this situation so we can continue on as the best steakhouse in Atlanta.”

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