Bishop Blake Thanks The Saints For Making The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) 108th Holy Convocation A Huge Success–Convocation Highlights–First Look At Who Is Running For The General Board–Brian Carn Gives Earl Carter Big Bucks Revealed–Time For Winbush And Willie Mae Rivers To Go!!!


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It is wonderful that the Presiding Bishop would take the time out to thank the Saints for supporting the 108th Holy Convocation in person or watching online at home.  The meeting was one of the best of his administration and we can look forward to 2016, which promises to be huge with the quadrennial election.

 Finally, home and rested from close to two weeks in St. Louis for the 108th Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC). Overall it was a great meeting with some amazing highlights with a COGIC son, Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, coming home to open the meeting to the Black Pope TD Jakes preaching Friday Night. Not to mention the hottest ticket and event of the week, COGIC Charities Banquet with Denzel Washington. Bishop Blake out did himself this time and it is nothing left to do, but have President Barack Obama and Oprah come to the convocation. In spite of all the recent chatter of a disgruntled former member of the church all was well in St. Louis.

There is nothing like the fellowship of the Saints! COGIC is one big family and like any family we have relatives we love and like more then others. However, the excitement of having moved the Convocation to St. Louis is gone now. The city has began to make improvements with the large revenue we bring and is now doing us just like Memphis. An average hotel room was close to $200 per night is just to expensive when you are apart of a 65,000 plus group coming into the city. No room should be a dime over $99 per night or we got to move again!  

 Well, we are one year out from our quadrennial elections and it is going to be on and popping. Now the word that my Obnoxious Street Committee has reported that the race for General Board is going to be a fight! Who will stay on and who will come off? The true test will be to see if the Saints keep Ted Thomas and Dr. Lawrence Wooten on or coveted General Board. The word is Darrell Hines and Michael Hill, former Youth Department President are going to run. Hines was a Spiritual Son to G. E. Patterson (he should have gotten his church and let his wife hold what they have in Milwaukee, but that is another story). Seems he will be a walk on to the board as the president of the Men’s Confrence (the largest voting group in the church) if he would stop calling his wife Pam co-pastor, which is a cardinal sin in COGIC. Michigan is going to be tough to beat and Micheal Hill, who I like to call the Jay-Z of the church due is swag, will come full force. Prince Bryant is said to make another attempt, but will really have to wow the people to make a difference from the last election. The question everyone wants to know is will someone challenge Bishop Blake? Roy L.H. Winbush should be emeritized at the April Call Meeting due to his age and failing health, that would make one open seat to make three total up for grabs.  Plus it is time for Mother Willie Mae Rivers to step down and let Dr. Barbra McCoo Lewis assist Bishop Blake in taking the church to the next level.

Bishop Martin Luther Johnson was elected to fill Bishop Floyd Perry’s seat on the judiciary board, which was a good choice. However, the Saints is going to have to take another look at the National Trusttee Board and follow some of these folks home. Seems if it is raining in your local church then why are you a National Trusttee? Charity starts at home! A resolution should hit the floor to put a cap on how many terms you can serve as a Trustee. The Church Of God In Christ is The Lord’s church a some think they one it and have to much so called power and your time is up. Should you be a Trustee and you lost your local church? Allow room for new people with new innovative ideas and not the same old business as usual.

 Tuesday night a so called preacher, who’s name is not even worthy of being mentioned on my platform was ejected from the Americans Center. It seems he attempted to film one of his horrific YouTube clips and COGIC security shut him down. Once he was asked to leave and escorted out of the building he attempted to continue, but St. Louis police told him he was on private property and had to leave at once. He was back Wednesday Night and he cannot make a move with police and security following him. Needless to say it is on and popping in St. Louis. According to my Obnoxious Street Committee he was ejected along with his wife everyday and was facing great financial difficulties until Brian Carn stepped in and gave him $3,000 dollars in cash and vowed to sew in to his ministry on a monthly basis until his issue with the church is resolved. Now this is most interesting that Brian would support a man that is trying to destroy the presiding bishop of an organization that supports his ministry greatly. It seems that all the COGIC pastors that are no longer inviting Earl Carter will now add his benefactor Brian Carn to the list. It is extremely ironic that Brian would support Earl, but yet still want COGIC church doors open to him.

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  1. I love how you have been sucking up to Bishop Blake and his group lately. I hope you know that your Elders license still will not be restored so hopefully you are getting paid under the table for all this love you are showing. lol

  2. William Dwight McKissic, Sr

    Is Carter going to also address Internet reports regarding Carn’s alleged for fornication?

  3. Are they certain that the $3,000 ‘given’ to Earl Carter from Brian Cairns was a gift and not a LOAN. If it indeed was a gift, then there are a lot of missing details the Street Committee needs to produce. Must be more to this ‘gift’ than meets the eye.Especially if doing so might jeopardize future financial streams.

  4. I’m in Michigan and was a member of Great Lakes Jurisdiction under Bishop C.L. Anderson and Bishop Walter Bogan, which is where Michael Hill is Bishop now. I haven’t heard anything about him running for the board, at least not yet. I also attended Bishop Hines church off and on when I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had mixed feelings about the ATMs at his church.

  5. Any news on a possible General Board Run from Bishop Stenneth Powell of NC??

  6. Carn may be giving him money so he won’t be exposed himself.

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