Checkout Shane Larkin Instagram Ans See If He Is To Close To One Of His Boys


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Dear Mr. Obnoxious 

My gaydar has been going off with them

They are definitely in a relationship, going to weddings together, on vacations, they go to dinner, I’ve seen them at a club in Miami together and there is definitely chemistry there

So one of my readers send this photos and feels that Shane Larkin might be a little to close to his friend.  We are not sure so we will let you all be the judge.


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  1. This is a stretch, but if so…good for them

  2. Leslie Faust Richardson

    He’s a grown man. If that’s the lifestyle he chooses that’s him. I don’t agree with any homosexuality lifestyle. He has to know GOD for himself. With the new SCOTUS ruling. He shouldn’t be ashamed of his lifestyle if he is a homosexual.

  3. #Iam45 who is Shane Larkin? I am so out of the loop!

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