Happy Thanksgiving 2015 From Obnoxious Media

 Happy Thanksgiving to all! In spite of the challenges of life we all have so much to be grateful for this year. 

In a spirit of gratitude from, 

Thee Sir WilliamGMcCrayIII

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  1. You lose more weight??? I want that blazer

  2. You’re going to hell.

  3. Thank you Sir William. Sharp outfit, the hat is fierce!!! Your pose reminds me of the James Hall CD cover.

  4. You’re looking good Sir William!

  5. Thanksgiving brings the savages out to purchase Christmas gifts risking life and limb. There is nothing Black about Friday. It should be called ignorant Friday.

  6. Thanksgiving was not created in 1621 when we see all of the peaceful pictures of Indians and Europeans dining together and giving thanks to God. Thanksgiving was created in 1637 by the Puritans that killed over 700 Pequot Indians.

    The Governor said let this be a day of thanks giving because all returned from war unharmed. Can’t nobody persecute you like a Christian.

    You need to know your history my good friend. I remember as a young boy looking at cowboy pictures and I thought John Wayne (a racist) was my hero. One day I had a little talk with my dad and I looked at him as a villain and prayed that the Indians killed him in all of his movies every since we had that talk.

    If Christians desire to keep this bloody tradition as a day of thanks giving and violent departmental shopping, then let them continue to take their ignorant asses down this road.

    • Here this queen David with her rants smh. Can’t wait until she finds a man

      • kc better known as “kitty cat” I traced you to a gay organization in South Carolina and you can come on out my good brother. It’s ok for you to be gay. You say that anyone that disagrees with you is gay while the entire time you are gay. Everyone knows that you are my good brother and I will be the first to respect you to heal thou self and be set free.

        It’s alright to come clean and admit to yourself that God made you that way and you are unique in your own way. Regardless of what your theology say you are as normal as any heterosexual . I urge you to stop the madness and acknowledge that you are gay and proud of it. If this gay bashing continues I will post your picture on this blog and let the readers decide if you are gay or not with your flamboyant clothes.

      • David u need some dick in your mouth. There is a guy out there that love old queens like u. Maybe one day ur old gay azz will get sone

  7. Sir William,
    (excuse me) but, Damn you look GREAT!
    Please share your transformation regiment.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to “one day” meeting you!
    Blessings to you and yours.

  8. I can’t believe Prince William hasn’t thanked anyone or even commented.

  9. This negro look like a male Jezebel! Quit blowing smoke up his behind because he likes it!

  10. Stereotypical gay clown. You are in serious need of mental help if you think that “outfit” looks good. You really look like a buffoon. A shuckin and jiving idiot

    • Will,

      Let me say this to you. Everyone knows I am a amazing dresser and look damn good. It is funny that you would actually come on my blog and try to insult me. However, thanks for confirming I am the bomb.
      Since you are such a hater why would you even want to read my blog and post a comment? You are interested in what I am doing because I am Sir William


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