Sleaze Bag Gospel Singer James Fortune Plead Guilty To Beating His Wife


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……James Fortune is a sleaze bag in every since of the word!  He has beat his wife, abused her son, gang rape a woman and had a bastard baby and still manages to get off without going to prison!  Most Gangster Rappers live more upstanding lives then this so called Gospel Singer!
Popular Grammy-nominated gospel recording artist, James Fortune, has pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife.He accepted a plea deal Tuesday to a third degree felony charge of assault – family violence. He was sentenced by Fort Bend District Judge Maggie Jaramillo to five years of probation plus five days in jail. He must also serve 175 hours of community service, complete a “batterer’s intervention” program and stay away from his wife.
Investigators say Fortune struck his wife with a wooden vanity stool, kicked her and threw her against a wall one night inside their Stafford home in October of 2014. In court, a prosecutor read a victim impact statement from Fortune’s wife in which she wrote, “I hope in all of this you get help. Serious help. Although this probation might be like a slap on the wrist, I hope you look at it as a moment to better yourself and change something within you for your future.”
Fortune had no comment as he walked out of court. His mother told Eyewitness News he is not guilty, but she would not elaborate on that claim.
It’s the second time Fortune has pleaded guilty after hurting a family member. In 2002 he took a plea deal for six years of probation after burning his four-year-old son in hot water. Investigators said Fortune said it was a form of discipline. The boy was burned over 40 percent of his body.
Prosecutors say Fortune’s wife agreed to the plea deal this time because she didn’t want to put their three kids through the stresses of trial and the possibility of testifying against him.

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  1. This Is no surprise…you know if he abused the child he was abusing the wife too. I am just glad that she got the strength to stand up to him finally. And the comment from his mother…shame on her!

  2. “Sleaze Bag” was the best you could come up with…..I can’t imagine the emotional and physical pain that this woman has suffered that we DON’T know about. SMH….And, he’ll be singing in somebody’s church next week for thousand of dollars…He “scold” a 4 year old child, beat his wife to the point of “breaking her Bones”…(whew), Stole Kirk Franklin style….this man….

  3. He needs his ass beat! The church still let his abusive ass up singing all over the people. Shame on the people who allowed this to continue.

  4. Sleeze Bag is right. That’s a shame because he really is gifted, so now I choose not to buy any more of his music, although I had already stopped, I won’t be buying anything in the future. I don’t know, I just think that when people sing about the love of Jesus, they should practice it first. I hope his wife heals, divorces him and finds love after this.
    James I guess you fooled me with that professional look and that testimony about how you were homeless.

  5. How unfortunate for Minister Fortune

  6. This story is old, isn’t it?

    • No it’s not old. The incident is from a year or so ago when he actually beat his wife (story made the rounds then). The pleading guilty and judgement is new (as in the past couple of days)

    • Messy,
      Do not start not ish cause I am in a good cussing your ass out mood! No heffa that damn story is not old you dumb ass whore. The nigga got arrested last year and his case just now went before the judge.
      Winch I am sure you know the criminal process with all those Boyz from the Hood in your family.
      Do not come for me on my damn blog! You will not win.
      Now if you do not like it leave and do not come back! You got?
      Sir William

      • GoodCatholicGirl

        Way to tell her, Sir William!
        It matters NOT when this happened, the point is that it HAS HAPPENED AT ALL. Sir William is doing something that NO ONE ELSE has dared to do: he is exposing the wolves leading the sheep and it NEEDS TO BE DONE. If these false prophets DO NOT WANT anyone to know they color of their drawers, they need to STOP SHOWING THEIR ASSES.
        Instead of trying to buck up on the messenger, buck up on the ones creating the message!

      • William,
        I sincerely asked a question because I recalled seeing this information before. Someone else answered me kindly and with respect. I have never disrespected you or your blog. Perhaps you are having a bad day that resulted in you cussing me out and calling me names. So, I forgive you.
        I have found that praying in tongues helps me to be calm in stressful situations. You should try it. Love you and God Bless You!

        • Messy,
          Number one address me by my proper title Elder or Sir!
          Now I say ester that he was arrested and just now has the case gone before the judge. He was out on bond all this time.
          Sir William

      • Catholic Girl
        Nobody asked for your two cents. Mind your own business. Go say some hail Mary’s or whatever it is that y’all do. Don’t come for me unless I send for you. And if you come at me wrong you will be sent back a different way.

    • Messy Mae!!!! Love it!!!

  7. And i actually think it’s more unfortunate for his WIFE and CHILDREN 🙂

  8. It’s clear he has serious problems if she don’t leave him this time then when her children are without a mother it’s on her… I don’t know why she didn’t have him arrested after he abuse her son it sound like she needs help too.

    • LOL, when do women ever leave abusive men??? Does #whyistayed sound familiar? Women are attracted to violent, aggressive men. When have you ever known a woman who was the victim of DV say that she wasn’t “in love” with her abusive boyfriend or husband? Typically women only leave those men when their instinct for immediate physical survival overrides there “love” for their abuser.
      Its the men who are nice and kind to women that get left and cheated on. I can virtually guarantee that she stays with him as is in female nature to do.

  9. Well I had the pleasure of meeting James Fortune at Tasha Cobbs The iLead Escape, and really got a chance to really see him. I think the incident that was done was horrible. But, we all make mistakes, make wrong decisions. We are all human. I am not a “naive” Christian, but I do believe he has confessed his sins, and he repented. We have to remember the thief on the cross next to Jesus. He ask Jesus to forgive him and remember him when He enters into paradise. We all fall, but what you do after determines your relationship with God. So what I am going to do (since his own wife showed mercy), is pray for him and hope through this he can help other men/women out that either causes the abuse or receives it. I can’t be a testimony if I have never fallen. In this season this is the time for him to spend with God and be a light in the midst of darkness. Let’s stop looking for the worse in people and pray that their lives can change to help bring more souls to the Kingdom of God.

    • The devil “disguised” himself as an angel of light. So, what else was he suppose to do when meeting you for the first time but smile, and look nice… old are you 12. Please be clear. I’m not calling him the devil.

      • Now if he didn’t repent and accept his wrong doing then yes he is demon possessed. When you have read anywhere in the Bible that a person possessed repented? We are the ones who are demonizing this man when don’t help restore him. This is the reason to read your Word so you can have discernment. Even though you might not ever committed the act, by even thinking it you are just as guilty as if you have. His wife even had mercy on him. Why you think his sentence was light? Now if the victim pleaded in court for a light sentence, why are we up here on a blog saying where this man should go?

    • uh….i am not sure of your gender…however, if this were your mom, sister, daughter, or even you, you would have a different response. Miss me with the church slang and the “..Jesus loves us all..” <—- dont get me wrong because He does. But not one time have you mentioned anything about his battered wife (which was reported that this was NOT the first incident) or his children who WATCHED their father (from the incident report) pull their mother by her arms out of the bed and slam her against the wall, he then hit her with a vanity stool twice on her upper right thigh, then proceeded to kick her in the pelvis while yelling obscenities at her…no one is looking for the worse in this monster, hopefully the worse has been uncovered and now he can get the help that he needs. he's suicidal? he's had a restoration service? he's still being booked? you and his supporters are ridiculous. God does reward and provide grace AND he uncovers and punishes. While you are gathering sympathy for him, let's PAUSE AND THANK GOD THAT HE DIDN'T KILL HER THIS TIME. yall kill me.

      • Willie K. Johnson

        these bitches crazy to stay with big alien headed ass niggas like James “mis”Fortune.

      • Willie K. Johnson

        I don’t understand how

      • I’m a female. His wife is the reason he got a light sentence. So, where do we go from here? The victim obvious have the love of the Father to forgive him. She ain’t dumb or naive, but she looked at the fact that he is her children’s father, he is seeking help, and she took The Word of God seriously when she is trying to restore him. Are we restoring him? I never knew for a demon to apologize for its action, have you?

    • His wife showed mercy, now she needs to exit and leave him in the form of D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
      I would have left after he burned the child.

    • Demons in hell believe in Jesus and they are in the church they are wolves in sheep clothing and James fortune is a Demon. He burned the baby in 01/02 and now it comes out he beat his wife. He needs to held accountable by someone in the gospel community he is the devil point blank period. Its time for the church to stop sugar coating and sweeping things under the rug and deal with the problem. You make no sense when you say you believe he repented. You’re an idiot, repent means to turn away from sin, don’t do it anymore. That demon aint repented he has a history of abuse of women and children, where’s the repentance? Pick up a bible and read for understanding!!!! The holy ghost is a revealer and he has revealed this man to be a abuser!!!

    • “Looking for the worse in people?” Who went looking for the horror he committed? He burned his stepson in scalding water that created second and third degree burns! This child is scarred for LIFE and he goes back to singing immediately. His wife is beaten like a wild dog and he goes on tour? This seems appropriate to you? He sent this story out based on what he did. He beat that child’s mother and that story got sent out too. Confession and Repentance are real things; true enough. There is also real RESTORATION. Why do Christians skip that part of the equation? He has besmirched the name of Christ with his actions; Repeated actions. He should not be running around trying to minimize the impact of his behavior with a First Stone Concert Series! Misapplying the biblical text. We’re not sentencing him to death. There is a need to see what he’s done and decry it; in a spirit of meekness according to Galations 6th chapter. The church’s job is not to ignore what was done claiming a false forgiveness without a process of being made better. He needs to stop singing for a while and get a regular job or do some behind the scenes work in the industry while he gets some therapy and some accountability from a local ministry or church. While he is running from church to church “talking” his way through songs; there will be children, women, men and elders who have also been physically abused. What’s he gonna say to them? What is his ministry to them? He needs to find a seat and a men’s accountability group.

  10. The only way he can recover is to drop religion altogether…….that is whats making him off in the head, that’s exactly what Christianity was designed for, to stabilize, deceive and corrupt Black ppl in general and Black men in particular.

  11. I know J. Fortune is wrong on all levels but I believe he can get help…ONLY IF HE WANTS IT!!…. He has to recognize he has a problem and then do something about it….otherwise put down the microphone and leave the stage!

  12. Sir William, I know better than to come for you, after the way you gave it to Messy Mae! I clutched my pearls and gasped. Nearly spit out my Orange Pekoe tea!You are fast losing patience with stupidity, aren’t you? Please, don’t get so worked up that you stroke out. We need you to keep shing the light on the cockroaches!

  13. Women get off on being beat up and dominated. I can virtually guarantee that she stays with him! When have you ever known a man who abuses women to be without a wife, girlfriend or willing female sex partner? Yeah I’ve never known it to be the case either. It’s the kind, decent gentlemen who women avoid like the plague, unless he can benefit her in some way, preferably financially.

  14. He should have beat her ass if she stayed with him after he scalded and burned her child. Some women have a hard time seeing the signs when a man don’t want her. He should have been under the jail already.

  15. LOL @ this big alien headed ass nigga.

  16. He’s a human pile of garbage. I have zero respect for this miserable creature.

  17. U still praying in them tongues @ Messy Mae??

    • Every day, Enough.
      I also read 3 or 4 verses out of Proverbs. I used to be rude and obnoxious. I’m a changed woman.

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